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Is that right?  Ok, show me on Apple site where they explain this in more detail.
Again, I'm not in favor of the lawsuit, but if they win they would fix Apple "sloth" and cause them to be more forthcoming.  Are you really arguing that Apple shouldn't include "3GB of storage is reserved for the operating system and other non-user-removable files; this figure subject to change with future OS changes." in their half page of footnotes?   Would it be so hard to include it in this doozy of a footnote?  
Agreed.  I expect a big part of it is because the "__bibyte" ones just sound silly.  But yes, someone screwed up way back when by applying the metric prefixes to the close-but-not-close-enough 1024 values.
I'm not defending the lawsuit.  But do I think they have a point and that Apple should be more forthright?  Yes. The fact that everyone else is as bad a Apple (or usually much worse) doesn't change the point.
That's what I thought.  But all you get is "actual formatted capacity less" in a footnote.
If GM or Toyota sold a car with a 12 gallon gas tank (and also sold a more expensive model with a 20 gallon tank and made this a big part of their feature list) but you could only put 9.5 gallons of gas in it, that would be misleading, no? Forget the hyperbole of the lawsuit and whether their return policy (or other defense) will protect them in this case.  Shouldn't Apple (and all device makers) be more forthcoming about how much consumer-usable storage is available on...
LOL.  Pointing out that Apple doesn't actually CYA as one would expect is hardly making a complete fool of myself.  I fully expected the small print to say something like "Not all of the storage on the device is available for applications, music, etc." but it doesn't.  "Actual formatted capacity less" is hardly revealing.  That's the exactly language used by hard drive makers to point out that a small portion of the storage capacity is used for low-level directory...
Before you jump in with "Apple makes it very clear that some of the 16GB is used for the OS on their Web site" you might want to check the site. I assumed I would be able to find some clear language that would cover Apple, but the closest thing I could find was this: "1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less." on the Technical Specs page. Or "How much storage is right for you? iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus come in three storage sizes: 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB....
Are you being sarcastic?  I don't remember any examples of Cook doing this. update:  perhaps you're referring to this:  http://fortune.com/2013/06/22/tim-cooks-bonus-is-now-tied-to-the-performance-of-apples-shares/ It's an impressive/honorable change to his compensation, but it's hardly a "rejection" of bonuses and extra stock.
 If you're a supervisor I expect you say things like "No raise for you this year, since you came to work a half hour late one day back in August (sure it was the first day of the mass transit strike, but so what?).  I admit that you were more productive than ever before, but I just can't overlook this critical error.  And I fully expect you to fail next year too when your new Apple Watch only brings in half a billion dollars in revenue.  And if somehow that watch thing is...
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