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Here's an exercise for the reader.  Right now from where you're sitting, grab your iPhone and turn it on.  How long did that take?  Probably a couple seconds since we use our phones almost continually.  Now time how long it takes to get your favorite credit card in hand.  It might be fairly quick, depending where you are, but I suspect for 98% of it, the iPhone was more convenient.
Thumbs down.  You're giving Apple too much credit.  The fact is that Apple's ecommerce capabilities do lag those of Amazon and a small number of other massively scaled site.  On the other hand, these things are very complex and I'm sure many of the problems were at the intersection of Apple and some third party.  And here we are half a day later and everything is (presumably) fine.
A hybrid watch like that is just silly.  All the bulk of a normal watch PLUS additional thickness to add the electronics?  No thanks.
Really?  Explain the watch ad for me.  How does that help Samsung sell their watches?  And the one about the screen size pretty much just tells anyone living under a rock that one of Samsung's perceived advantages just disappeared. Or maybe you just forgot the \s?
Does the watch ad even make sense? Are they making fun of their own watch? Were these ads created by interns?
Thank you.  Apple really does sweat the details.  Every gram matters I guess.
Actually 2 of the three models/styles using sapphire.  Only the Sport one doesn't.  Maybe that's the low-end one (I don't know), but on the Web site it's positioned as the "middle" model using aluminum instead of steel.  So I assume this was for technical reasons and not cost.
"Sapphire supporters like Margolis believed and hoped that Apple and GT Advanced may have secretly discovered some sort of breakthrough that would allow Apple to build entire iPhone displays, and even iPads, made of the material this year..."   Wow, entire iPads made of sapphire?  Now that would be cool, although a bit gimmicky like the grey post-Bondi-blue iMac where you easily see all the internals.
I'm sure you're right.  Now that the device is out in the open, there is going to be a huge rush to support it by companies across the tech/health/fitness spectrum.  I expect there will be some amazing, compelling apps announced and demoed at an event in "early 2015."
Agreed.  AAPL neither crashed nor skyrocketed.  I can't think of the last major Apple event where that was true.
New Posts  All Forums: