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Sorry to interrupt this Steve Jobs chat, but can someone explain what this sentence in the review means?   "An official number for panel life expectancy is not published, but because it is a professional product, Sharp tells us lifetime is one step below tolerance for a 24/7 duty cycle."   Sounds like hand-waving mumbo jumbo to me.  "One step below tolerance" doesn't sound like a good thing.  How big a step?
A couple weeks ago I was poking around on my Apple TV, hiding apps/channels that I will never used and realized that there are separate apps for "Radio" and "iTunes Radio." Then I impressed my wife by showing that--through the Radio app--we could listen to our local NPR station. (It's not that impressive, it would be easier to just turn on an actual radio, but still.) My point is that the fact that Apple already has 2 completely different services with very similar...
Actually the only use I can see for this as a demo for what you can do with your Chromecast.  "Look we can all post photos to the TV!"  "Dude, I want to watch the game; I'll look at your stupid pictures on my own time online."
So if (through some miracle) you managed a company, you would do all of the following:1. pay your lowest-skilled employees (mailroom, janitorial, parking attendants, etc.) significantly more than minimum (and market) wages.2. prohibit all your employees from using labor-saving devices.  No vacuum cleaners for the cleaning crews; no computers for anyone, etc.3. be happy to be paying more to each employee and having more employees who are less productive. As a result, your...
Exactly.  And it's only for "consuming content."  If you want to create things of course you need a proper Windows device and MS Office.
This is the first thread I've ever seen on AI where the first dozen or so posts were positive about whatever rumor or reports was presented in the article.  Where are the Christian Bale haters?
Now we have something that we agree on :)
Just change all the numbers to 50 to make it easy on us.  50 employees, founded 50 years ago, sold the first Apple 50 years ago.  Much easier.  Especially if there's going to be a test on this.
Exactly.  Remember this is back in the annals of time when every smart phone had both a physical keyboard and a stylus and could not be operated without using one of the other. Also, this comment was made when the iPhone came out, well before the iPad.  It's the iPad that proved that "fingers only, no exceptions" is too limiting--for some use cases.
It would be awesome if the addition of a smart stylus could turn an iPad into a full-blown, high-end artistic input tablet.  Good ones currently cost many hundreds of dollars.
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