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If you read the article you linked, Google in no way, shape, or form "quit China altogether."  and  I read that as Google relocated some servers as a symbolic or PR gesture that has no practical impact and didn't cost them a dime.  On the other hand, Apple relies on China for 90%? of it's manufacturing.  There is nothing comparable here.  It's hard for me to see any reasonable "Apple should have done what Google did" angle here.
That's a real stretch.  That makes as much sense as saying that since I pay federal incomes taxes that I have no moral high ground to complain about NSA spying.  And because I don't march into the Oval Office and insist that more be done about it I'm a toothless and gutless mouse.  You get that despite being a hugely successful company Apple has far less influence than a multinational like an energy company or a bank, right?  Apple needs China much more than China needs...
I agree with you that Siri has a long way to go, but it has never been stateless, and it can do exactly what you just described.  I just tried "What's the number of the local subway."  Siri: there are several local subway restaurants fairly close to you, tap the one you want.  I tapped one and it spoke the number.  Me: go ahead and call that number.  Siri: Call Subway at ...?  If I said yes, it would have called that number.  That's not "stateless."  Unless you mean...
 That's got to be one of the silliest comments in this thread.  Businesses have no say in what tools their potential customers might use to discover or locate them.  I don't care what business you run, don't be a fool to say "I don't want my business to appear on Apple's mapping apps."
People complaining about other people's use of computers are trolling.  I expect some people here (who of course I have never met and shouldn't give a darn) are probably discomforted by the fact that I have something like 23,000 emails (12,000 "unread") in my inbox.  Call me lazy, call me disorganized, call me messy or unfocused.  I say "it works for me, mind your own business."
In Apple's case it is about improving search results, but it is not about iAds.  That's a key difference between Google and Apple.  Unless we think that Tim is lying and hoping he doesn't get caught.
That's because they are two completely different things.  You realize that when you type something in the Safari address bar and hit enter that your data is sent out to the internet, right?  Unchecking that box in Safari just stops that at the keystroke level.  I don't know why anyone would turn that off in Safari for privacy reasons.  Unless you're in the habit of typing fragments of sensitive things into the Safari address bar and then clearing it out without hitting...
That's cool.  What's the URL?
"For our pro users, often they want to really focus on the center of the screen and not be distracted by bright menus and bright dock [sic], so we also introduced a dark mode." I think some (who inferred a "full-on dark theme") read too much into what was actually said and demoed.  He clearly promised a non-bright menu and a non-bright dock "so you can focus on the center of the screen."  In retrospect, it's clear that they were not planning on changing anything else and...
I just want to know why the Finder icon looks so childish and amateurish now.  I always thought the Picasso-esque face was the right balance of quirky and unassuming.  Now it looks garish and out of place.  I worry that instead of fixing it they'll replace it with something completely different, removing one of the few long-time Apple icon that hasn't been stolen/copied by everyone else.  (First world problems)
New Posts  All Forums: