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Or lovable game characters that kids can't get enough of.  That seems to be the major Japanese export of the last decade or so.
It would save a lot of time though.
What?  Are you making a joke or are you suggesting that you want a 10GB piano app on your iPad and expect that to sound better than a smaller app?
Agreed. "Readers have picked Indian prime Minister Narendra Modi as their preferred candidate." Uh, what?  Someone has been stuffing the ballot.  If the person of the year is somehow the embodiment of the biggest news stories of the year, there is no way Modi fits the bill--except in India of course.
The statement was "The continuous rise of the debt-to-GDP ratio after 2023 indicates that current policy is unsustainable" (http://www.publicdebt.treas.gov/fsreports/rpt/finrep/finrep13/citizenguide/fr_citizen_guide_where_we_are_headed.htm) You realize that 2023 is 9 years away, right?
 Why do those numbers differ so substantially from these:  http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-states/government-debt-to-gdp which are based on data from US Bureau of Public Debt (and show a ratio quickly approaching the all-time, post-WWII high? From the report you site (or a version of it), here is a more complete statement:"The primary deficit projections in Chart 5, along with those for interest rates and GDP, determine the debt-to-GDP ratio projections shown in...
 Yikes.  All that based on his photograph?
Agreed.  If anything the demographics of forum posters skews toward people who are likely to have quasi-adults living in their own basement (when you consider two of the larger segments are "people who have been Apple fans since the 1980s" and "people with money invested in AAPL").
Excellent point.  Too bad this didn't lead to any action against the people who were paying the bribes/kickbacks.
Right.  Even the housing bubble related part has no single culprit and has its roots in government government policy.  Politicians and policy makers wanted to encourage home ownership so they made lending money for mortgages less risky (to banks); individual actors realized that lowering and lowering the barriers to lending was personally profitable (people had strong incentives to look the other way, or even encourage, fraud); with housing prices going up, up, up, no one...
New Posts  All Forums: