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Glad I don't like in Illinois.  In my state they ask a similar question but there is no suggestion that they verify it.  Moreover, we actually get an income tax deduction based on the inferred amount that we spent on sales tax (and I believe if you have document that you spent more than expected, you can claim that higher amount).
Pretty clever on Microsoft's part.  They can book the revenue from selling a tablet and also earn a profit by selling the MacBook Air's on eBay.  I don't know what the consumer gets out of it, but that's not MS's problem.
I know plenty of iPhone users and I have never heard them complain about water damage.  Having said that, I don't doubt that iPhones do get damaged when they go through the wash or drop into the toilet.  But I wouldn't expect Apple to pick up the tab for repairing such things.  But yes, I think most of us would welcome more water-resistant devices.
It doesn't.  But if the various authorities who could bring legal action believe that justice has been served, then it's appropriate that they wouldn't take any further action.
That's absurd.  A few thousands dollars seems like appropriate compensation for employees who might have been recruited if these companies didn't have (perhaps informal) agreements to not do that.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars per person--who can't prove that they were personally affected--is nuts.  The settlement might be on the low side--Apple and others should feel some pain and be discouraged from going down this path again--but it's not off by a factor of 100.
 But you're missing the point.  Most posters here are interested in Apple (this isn't eCommerceInsider, after all), so their/our reaction to this Amazon stuff is mostly about how it will effect Apple.  There's nothing wrong with that.  This is just another Android phone with Amazon's marketing muscle behind it.
Does that Mayday button actually work as advertised?  Every time I see the ad, I wonder how many cheerful, attractive, knowledgable people Amazon has standing by to appear on their users' screen at a moment's notice.  In theory it's an amazing idea: a virtual Apple Genius Bar, but I can't get myself to believe it.  And how do they handle the inevitable prank calls/junk calls/morons that must be a significant percentage of the total number of calls?  "I'm sorry you can't...
In a surprise appearance at the Cannes Lions festival, rapper Kanye West said a collaboration between fellow performer Jay Z and Samsung last year played into Apple's decision to introduce Dark Mode in iOS 10.10 for cultural credibility.
Exactly.  I was overstating it by saying "within 10 years," but any form of electrical/software device is orders of magnitude less permanent than traditional art. But perhaps "permanent" in this context just means they won't rotate it out of their display in a few months or weeks.  Presumably it doesn't mean it will be literally on public display forever.
You must read really thick "romance novels."  Looks more like the thickness of a paperback epic or a stack of 3 romance novels.  (I used to work at a used book store as a kid.)
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