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It would be awesome if the addition of a smart stylus could turn an iPad into a full-blown, high-end artistic input tablet.  Good ones currently cost many hundreds of dollars.
I thought it was clear from my wording that I was being sarcastic in the use of the word "perfect."  I was arguing that it's not obvious that minorities are underrepresented in senior coaching positions.  Four black coaches sounds like a tiny number until you realize that it's a tiny number in a really small pool--representing a pretty decent percentage.
No I didn't mean to imply that minorities can't do the mental aspect. Why wouldn't I compare the NFL coaching population to the US pop as a whole?  It's an awesome job that millions of people would love to have. If 12% of the programmers in the US were black, that would be a sign of healthy diversity, right?  So why not 12% of NFL head coaching positions? Having said that, I have no doubt that in 10 years and in 20 years more and more head coaches will be non-white.  Why?...
"Earvin" :-)
Playing football at the NFL level is something like 90% physical and 10% mental for most positions.  Coaching is 100% mental.  Why should we assume that a large number of head coaches would be black even in a completely "fair" system (whatever that might mean)?  Aren't there something like 3 black head coaches now (out of 30?).  That isn't far off from the US population as a whole.  How many head coaches are there that played in the NFL as players, I would guess it's...
Exactly.  The stats are objective, but the final call about how to assemble the best team would involve all sorts of subjective reasoning.  There are plenty of examples where a collection of superstars get beaten by a less "talented" team that plays better together.  But I expect that almost everyone here agrees that if you were assembling a team to win a championship you wouldn't care if all 5 were black (or all white or all Chinese). Of course the goal of a board of...
 That's what I assumed, but of course Jackson <> Johnson.
Even in an ideal world, hiring would be subjective.  If you had to select 5 people to form a basketball team, whom would you choose?  There's no objective right answer, and that's in a setting where we have an incredible amount of objective data.  And the first choice you made would influence your second choice and your third, etc.
With no sarcasm or offense intended, who is Ervin Jackson?
Heh.  Why not indeed.  I apologize for being the one person here who writes things that can be misintrepreted, and I'll strive to do better. I work in an IT department, and I wonder what the distribution of "what age did you start programming?" would be.  I expect the real superstars would tend to answer "early teens" but I'm sure there are exceptions.  Perhaps I was just reacting to what the definition of "good programmer" might be.  I expect original poster was using a...
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