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I heard on NPR today that Microsoft is reportedly in negotiations to acquire Minecraft for $2b.  Nothing to do with Apple, since Apple doesn't have a Games division, but I couldn't help thinking how much cooler it would be if Apple got them instead (and pretty much left it alone).  Minecraft is an amazing platform and brand and would be an asset for any company that treated it right.
If Steve were still hear Apple would be getting 30% of the payment amount, not some fraction of the nickel-and-dime swipe fees. \s
I'm sorry we couldn't meet your needs.  Is there anything else we can help you with?
Seriously?  I suggest you visit Apple.com.  There are a TON of beautiful pages describing the new watches and plenty of additional information about the various iPhones.
Clearly this "announcement" is what caused AAPL to drop after the initial iPhone 6 and Apple Watch surge. \s
I'm in the same boat you are, somewhat.  I take my watch off in the shower, but keep it on while sleeping.  I like being able to check the time without squinting at a bedside clock.  So I would prefer not having to take it off at night, but oh well.  I expect I'll be a somewhat late adopter.  Maybe by the second version they'll have better charging options (not that I know the details of the current one of course).
Yes.  Developers will be getting the details "later this year."
Oh well. I have a junk drawer full of old iPods in case anyone wants one. (Except that I'm a packrat and never get rid of things, so I'm not actually giving them away.)
I wouldn't be surprised of you can't rotate the orientation, but I don't expect it will be a problem either way.  I'm a leftie and a watch wearer, and it seems easy enough to reach over the top of the face to interact with the knob (assuming it turns easily and doesn't require 2 fingers).
Feel free to short AAPL if you really believe that.  Check back in in 3-6 months and let us know how that worked out for you.
New Posts  All Forums: