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Gee, FBI Director James Comey, if you are sorry worried about people not being able to get access to your data if you get lost, maybe you could tell your spouse your PIN.  Or we could weaken the privacy of everyone.  Either way, I guess.  What a couple of maroons.
Doesn't it really depend on how much of the actual work Quantas would be doing?  Presumably the "guts" of the watch (the CPU/RAM/etc. in that plastic module) come from one source, the glass/sapphire comes from another, the battery from someone else, etc., etc.  Who is making the various bands?  Who is making the metal casing?  At the end of the day, I don't expect that this is going to require super-specialized processes to slap all the pieces together, nor do I think that...
That's cool.  I had no idea.  Thanks.
So it will say "Designed by Apple in California.  Assembled in Taiwan"?  Not exactly the same cache as "Swiss Made."
I hope those sunglasses aren't polarized or the Apple Watch will look like crap. Or they could take them off indoors, but that might be too much to ask.
True enough.  I was reacting to the speculation that this new iMac would be $3000 or even $5000.  That's insane.  The entry level 27" iMac today is $1800.  If Apple rolls out a new retina iMac, I expect it to come in around that same price and be a great value for dollar.  My point (which I didn't make very well, or at all) was that when Apple revises their Macs (desktop and laptop) they tend to reset the value proposition in a very positive way.  And unfortunately over...
 I agree completely.  Apple has a long history of, from time to time, resetting industry expectations with great specs and a surprisingly low price.  Then the rest of the industry comes out with a low priced (lower speced) alternative and throws around the idea of an "Apple tax."  I have a feeling the next iMac will be like this--incredible display and performance (latest and greatest WiFi, etc.) for a very reasonable price.
I seriously doubt that.  Only a tiny fraction of users even know that there is/was an option to revert to an earlier version.  
 Thank you very much for your informative post.  Would you mind explaining the logic behind why that demonstrates the exploit.  I think I get that the first part (from "x" through to "VULNERABLE'") should just set a variable x to a string and then the second part should simply use the bash shell to display the word hello.  But for some reason, some aspect of the characters in the middle (the happy and winky faces ;) ) cause the string setting to short circuit and instead...
How long until a troll includes this (e.g., "shellshock patch debacle") in their bulleted list of "disasters" that proves that Apple has lost its way?  Fortunately this story doesn't (yet) include nude celeb pics or an "in the name of science" alarming video, so maybe it will blow over.  "Could the bash shell on your Mac be exploited? Tune in at 11:00 to find out!"  I don't think so.  (Unfortunately I can imagine some station going with "In the wake of the recent iCloud...
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