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I'm sorry that your Apple Watch functions poorly.  Perhaps you can still return it for a refund.  Or perhaps you're just speculating that that knob doesn't work well.  Funny because I would assume that a company that has eliminating moving parts from almost all it's products wouldn't add one without very carefully weighing the pros and cons.  But let's check back in a year or two and see if the second and third generations of the Apple Watch do away with the knob.  Then...
It does tell time (just at 5 minute intervals).  If I were into step counting and the Apple Watch weren't a thing, I can see myself spending $50 on one of these.  I would probably get the black or white model though (although the teal and blue ones are rather appealing).
 1. The knob is specifically to allow for user interaction without obscuring the screen.  Pretty clever in my book.2. The Apple Watch can be rotated 180 degrees to be worn on the right wrist. (To say nothing of the fact that one of the best things about the iPhone when it first came out was the playful touches that critics now lambast as unforgivable skeuomorphism.  The stitched "leather" and other simulated textures were very eye catching and appealing to technophobes who...
What?  You think it's a reference to the Land of Misfit Toys?  Maybe you're right, but that's odd.  But as you say, it's an odd name, period.
If I were buying a new iPhone this year, there is no way I would consider the 5c or 5s.  The former is crippled with 8 gig and the latter won't be able to do Apple Pay, so it's essentially obsolete.  On the other hand I might very well favor an "iPhone 6 minus" (all the good stuff with the 5s size).  I hope Apple offers that as an option next time around.  There is something to be said for portability/pocketability.
In retrospect, I think Apple would agree that the way they rolled this out was a mistake.  They got hooked on the idea that they could make the new album "the most owned album in the history of the world" (or whatever phrasing they used).  It would have been just as easy to put the album on iTunes with a price of zero and just tell people about it.  But they must have believed this "push" to 500 million people would be newsworthy.  Unfortunately it was for all the wrong...
Here's an exercise for the reader.  Right now from where you're sitting, grab your iPhone and turn it on.  How long did that take?  Probably a couple seconds since we use our phones almost continually.  Now time how long it takes to get your favorite credit card in hand.  It might be fairly quick, depending where you are, but I suspect for 98% of it, the iPhone was more convenient.
Thumbs down.  You're giving Apple too much credit.  The fact is that Apple's ecommerce capabilities do lag those of Amazon and a small number of other massively scaled site.  On the other hand, these things are very complex and I'm sure many of the problems were at the intersection of Apple and some third party.  And here we are half a day later and everything is (presumably) fine.
A hybrid watch like that is just silly.  All the bulk of a normal watch PLUS additional thickness to add the electronics?  No thanks.
Really?  Explain the watch ad for me.  How does that help Samsung sell their watches?  And the one about the screen size pretty much just tells anyone living under a rock that one of Samsung's perceived advantages just disappeared. Or maybe you just forgot the \s?
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