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 LOL.  Yeah I'm sure Tim Cook wants to go to jail for stock manipulation by flat out lying about early sales figures.
I wonder where TapTapTap is today.  He told us he was certain that the 5c was a flop and there was no way that 5 million were sold.
 The flaws are in steps 2 and 3.  First off, step 2 takes a ton of work and maybe you screw it up.  Then, more importantly, WTF leaves their phone behind when they go to the restroom?  Personally, I like to put my wallet, car keys, AND phone on the bar and leave them behind just to demonstrate my faith in humanity,
My kids know the 4-digit pin I use with my iPhone and my wife's pin.  How?  Because they are observant.  I could do the same thing with a colleague or a random dude on the subway.  Not consistently, but pretty easily.   That's why the fingerprint reader is more secure than a pin (or pattern swipe).   Could someone from the Impossible Mission team access my phone if I just use the fingerprint thing?  Probably.  Could my kids or office mates?  Probably not.  (But of...
 Poor Apple.
"As a result, though, the iPhone 5c is much heavier than its predecessor, weighing in at 43.8 grams, compared to 25.9 for the 5s."  Whoa, they should put a warning label on the 5c page.  Those extra 7.9 grams are a killer.  But in all seriousness, I'm surprised that it's almost a third heavier.
You know, if I wanted to "steal your fingerprint" (presumably so I could use it to hack into something else secured by your fingerprint) I wouldn't need to (somehow) extract the data from the chip I would... lift it off the device that has your fingerprint all over it.  Or from your mouse or keyboard or door handle etc. etc.
Nearly two hours after going on sale online in the US, the gold models are all showing as "October" and almost all of the grey and silver ones as "1-3 business days."
An hour and half after go-time and in general only the gold models are constrained (in the US).  Almost all of the gold size/carrier combinations are showing "October" as availability whereas if you're ok with silver or grey, almost all combinations are at "1-3 business days" with a few at "7-10 business days."   I wonder if they had equal numbers of all three colors available (I doubt it), since gold "sold out" almost instantly.  It's the new color so that makes some...
 Darn it: Shipment 1 Available to ship: 7- 10 business daysDelivers: Oct 8 - Oct 11 by Standard Shipping I wasted a minute fixing my phone number for my address and it cost me a week.  It said 1-3 days on one screen and 7-10 when I was done.
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