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 If you watch much Japanese anime you'd assume that all Japanese people are white.  It's kinda weird actually.
And no one believes Newtonian physics either, except the 99% of every day problems for which it is incredibly useful.  Same goes for Econ 101 (assuming that you're referring to Intro to Microeconomics and not Intro to Macro, which I'll agree is bunk).
Whatever Apple does in this area, if it's not controversial, they aren't trying hard enough. The original iTunes music store was controversial for quite a few years.
 If Apple is reporting $3 million a year in "lobbying" I can assure you that that money isn't going into politicians' pockets.  (The naive part of me says that's because Apple doesn't bribe politicians, while the cynical side says "if they do they wouldn't report that money anywhere.")  $2-$3 million a year is nothing, especially in DC.  Just to have a small staff in a nice DC office and some lawyers on retainer easily accounts for most of that.
 Coincidentally I noticed a Made in India "label" yesterday--on an iron manhole cover.  This boggles my mind.  They must weigh 50 pounds each and it's cost effective to bring them from India to the US?  Most of the cost must be in the shipping.  So if that makes sense, then shipping a battery that is worth 100 times more might very well make economic sense.
Sorry to interrupt this Steve Jobs chat, but can someone explain what this sentence in the review means?   "An official number for panel life expectancy is not published, but because it is a professional product, Sharp tells us lifetime is one step below tolerance for a 24/7 duty cycle."   Sounds like hand-waving mumbo jumbo to me.  "One step below tolerance" doesn't sound like a good thing.  How big a step?
A couple weeks ago I was poking around on my Apple TV, hiding apps/channels that I will never used and realized that there are separate apps for "Radio" and "iTunes Radio." Then I impressed my wife by showing that--through the Radio app--we could listen to our local NPR station. (It's not that impressive, it would be easier to just turn on an actual radio, but still.) My point is that the fact that Apple already has 2 completely different services with very similar...
Actually the only use I can see for this as a demo for what you can do with your Chromecast.  "Look we can all post photos to the TV!"  "Dude, I want to watch the game; I'll look at your stupid pictures on my own time online."
So if (through some miracle) you managed a company, you would do all of the following:1. pay your lowest-skilled employees (mailroom, janitorial, parking attendants, etc.) significantly more than minimum (and market) wages.2. prohibit all your employees from using labor-saving devices.  No vacuum cleaners for the cleaning crews; no computers for anyone, etc.3. be happy to be paying more to each employee and having more employees who are less productive. As a result, your...
Exactly.  And it's only for "consuming content."  If you want to create things of course you need a proper Windows device and MS Office.
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