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 I don't think it signals that at all.  It signals that WalMart wants a piece of the early-adopter action and the only way to get that is to discount.  Who else in their right mind would buy from WalMart rather than an Apple Store or online? And what exactly do you expect to learn early tomorrow?
I love that first diagram.  Without it (and it's numeric labels) how could anyone hope to explain the concept of placing one sheet over material on top of another.  Now it's crystal clear that the A-PLANE goes on top of the A-PLANE.
I've read so many trolls mocking the lack of "innovation" evident in yesterday's announcement that I just had to speak up.  If you think innovation is the goal and not a means, you don't get it.  Apple is not interested in making the most innovative products; its goals is to make products that people connect with and appreciate for their functionality--that give people joy to own and use.  It takes innovation to deliver on that, but if they can do it "just" by focusing on...
 No to the lightning for 4c question.  http://www.apple.com/iphone/compare/
Are all those pics from the same store?  I don't understand why the ones from the outside show an opaque roof and the one on the inside shows a glass roof.  Are there two (huge) rooms?   Edit.  Ah, I followed the link to the additional pictures.  There are two rooms.  The outer one has glass walls but a normal roof and the back room has glass ceiling and non-glass walls.  I didn't get that when we saw the pictures of the other store like this (in France?).
So wouldn't you consider this "high end" as a camera?  Yes it's not DSLR quality, but it's at the very high end of the "not a DSLR" range.  $750 (retail/Amazon price) for a camera is pretty high end -- except for professionals.
Let me clarify my point.  I think the idea is cool, but I think this implementation is lacking.  Being able to have the lens in one place while the controls and view screen are somewhere else (and connected wirelessly) is neat.  Presumably it'll be popular in the DIY porn/sexting market.  But as a stand-alone device, a lens-shaped cylinder isn't the best design.  Sure it clips onto a smart phone, but for off the phone use it's lacking.  And it's big and expensive.  If I...
 I thought about that (the fact that a lens+sensor without out the rest of the camera is slightly more "positionable" than a full camera), but I don't buy it.  A full-fledged camera that can be slaved to a smart phone easily is a cool idea, but I don't see how this product is going to succeed.  It's not that small and it's not at all cheap.
The high-end version is basically a $750 Cyber-shot RX100 II camera where the iPhone is the screen and all the controls.  Seems like an awkward tweener product.  It's not that much more compact/portable than the real camera and it's not that much cheaper and I give up the dedicated controls.  A $100 product that is smaller (and isn't as high quality, obviously) makes a lot more sense.
  Do you think that everyone from Apple is working from the same to-do list?  If someone is working on improving the visibility of UI elements that means no one is working on WiFi or keyboard input?  Besides, your list of complaints doesn't overlap at all with my pet peeves (unless your home button "freezing" is the same as my home button "lag" for double taps).  They keyboard works great for me, I hope any incremental improvements they make (and they will) won't degrade...
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