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Let me clarify my point.  I think the idea is cool, but I think this implementation is lacking.  Being able to have the lens in one place while the controls and view screen are somewhere else (and connected wirelessly) is neat.  Presumably it'll be popular in the DIY porn/sexting market.  But as a stand-alone device, a lens-shaped cylinder isn't the best design.  Sure it clips onto a smart phone, but for off the phone use it's lacking.  And it's big and expensive.  If I...
 I thought about that (the fact that a lens+sensor without out the rest of the camera is slightly more "positionable" than a full camera), but I don't buy it.  A full-fledged camera that can be slaved to a smart phone easily is a cool idea, but I don't see how this product is going to succeed.  It's not that small and it's not at all cheap.
The high-end version is basically a $750 Cyber-shot RX100 II camera where the iPhone is the screen and all the controls.  Seems like an awkward tweener product.  It's not that much more compact/portable than the real camera and it's not that much cheaper and I give up the dedicated controls.  A $100 product that is smaller (and isn't as high quality, obviously) makes a lot more sense.
  Do you think that everyone from Apple is working from the same to-do list?  If someone is working on improving the visibility of UI elements that means no one is working on WiFi or keyboard input?  Besides, your list of complaints doesn't overlap at all with my pet peeves (unless your home button "freezing" is the same as my home button "lag" for double taps).  They keyboard works great for me, I hope any incremental improvements they make (and they will) won't degrade...
"If Apple were to sell more than 60 million "iWatch" units in the first year, it would be a number more than 4 times above the 14.8 million iPads Apple sold in that product's first 12 months."   Now that's analysis for you.  It's also 6 times 10 million and 30 times 2 million.  "If Apple were to sell 60 million units it would be 60 millions times the number of circular headquarters buildings they have in the works!"   On a substantive point, kids don't wear...
It's too bad no one has developed some sort of protection for phone scratches. Perhaps something like a "case."
The difference is, of couse, that Bill has nothing to prove.  Being the richest man in the world (or in the top 3, or whatever) and being a beloved, world-famous philanthropist will do that for ya.  Being the guy who comes in and make a company "more like Apple" isn't something he'd want to be associated with. 
Where I work I've been through a CEO transition and a CIO transition and both times during the months of finding someone new the relevant organization (the company, the IT unit) increasingly floundered.  Big new things were held up and people started putting off making tough calls about strategic changes.  "Let's wait and see what the new guy wants before we do something that may get un-done."     It MS doesn't announce a new CEO within 2 months they'll pay a huge...
Exactly.  "Apple, you can't do business with A, B, C, D, or E" ... "OMG, A, B, C, D, and E are 'banding together' to oppose this!"  Idiots.
Talk about a "first world problem."  If the prices were a LOT lower they might be popular with dorm dwellers, I suppose.
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