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Exactly.  I was overstating it by saying "within 10 years," but any form of electrical/software device is orders of magnitude less permanent than traditional art. But perhaps "permanent" in this context just means they won't rotate it out of their display in a few months or weeks.  Presumably it doesn't mean it will be literally on public display forever.
You must read really thick "romance novels."  Looks more like the thickness of a paperback epic or a stack of 3 romance novels.  (I used to work at a used book store as a kid.)
Where in this case being part of the "permanent collection" means being a serious pain in the butt for the person responsible for persistance and probably being 100% inaccessible within 10 years.
This is "cool" from a proof of concept perspective, but rather silly as is.  I can't see how there is a viable market for this product.  Now 5 (or 10 or 50) years from now I can imagine that everything one consumes can be coded and logged and be a big breakthrough for diet and fitness, but it's not going to be because everything is passing through a $500 cup or plate.
What does "5 times faster" mean for a communication app? Can I have a 5 minute phone all in 1 minute now? Frankly Apple can't complain much about a MS app not adhering to all the iOS style guidelines when iTunes didn't bend over backwards to be a "normal" Windows app.
Also the demos repeatedly showed Apps adapting to screen size changes on the fly.  The clear implication of that is that iOS will (eventually) support some sort of split screen mode (or Apple will introduce physical devices that grow and shrink).  The other clear message to developers is don't assume you know the screen sizes of future devices.
 You don't need to poke around in the code to learn that Apple is introducing this for iOS in the near future.  Check out the UI sessions from WWDC 2014 and there are lots and lots of lessons about how to deal with the fact that you'll have no idea about the size of your application.  For example there is a new method called willTransitionToSize: for view controllers.  And there are plenty of demos where the app is shown changing size from iPad size to narrower than iPhone...
I predict that Google will get into the wrist-wearable market with a free device that does nothing but collect data about your location and biometrics so that they improve the ads you exposed to online.  Ok, perhaps it will also tell time.  Or you can upgrade to a non-free version that will have a screen to actually show you ads.
Interesting that the logo showed "50" instead of the Roman numeral L. Maybe Superbowl L would just blow too many minds, so they are dropping the pretentious X's, V's, and I's. Update: ah, no "L" for Superbowl 50, but it will be LI for 51. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/06/nfl-super-bowl-50-roman-numerals-l
 If they do this, I have no doubt they would include an adaptor (and probably charge $19 or even $29 for the thing).
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