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But that's the evidence that He did intend that.  Without padding a wallet would be noticable.
Ah, I missed where you defined "dirt poor people who are looking to save pesos" as western world cheapskates.  And I was really just making fun of your colorful language in the light of being a "first world problem."
There are so many elements of this that make no sense to me.  What key costs $60 and would break if you sat on it?  Why put anything in your pockets "only when you're standing"?  What do you do with your keys if you, say, go to a movie? Obviously God intended us to carry wallets in our back pockets (or breast pocket when wearing a jacket) and keys in front pockets.  But yes we agree on where phones belong.  Maybe our critical, life-altering difference of opinion...
 I'm sure that's correct.  A "phablet" is at the base of the pyramid of need along side food, clothes, and shelter right?  That's why Sub-Saharan African (and the "global south" in general) is such a huge market for Apple products.
I think you missed the moral of "Goldilocks." 
I would argue that some people buy expensive watches as status symbols, but plenty more (maybe most) people buy them because they find them attractive/beautiful/elegant.  I was at a conference last week and noticed one guy's watch, and thought "wow, that's a cool looking watch, I wish I had that."  I expect it's a multi-thousand dollar watch, but that wasn't why I wanted it.  I guess I'm trying to say that plenty of people buy nice things because they are nice things and...
Aw, you changed your tune.  Last week you said less than 100 million would be a "failure."  You'll be able to declare victory no matter what happens now.
 False and maybe. The rumors that Apple would use sapphire for the iPhone 6 materialized perfectly.  They just turned out to be false. As to whether Apple is still working on such a solution, patent filings can't tell you that either.
I wish Tim had had your advise to rely on over the past few years, then the Apple product pipeline wouldn't be completely empty.  Because of course Apple is a one-product company and their entire strategy is "make more iPhones."  Too bad they aren't an innovative market leader that has shown time after time that they can create new products and new product categories that change the world and make nearly unimaginable profits.  Wait, what? But say I was to take your...
Right, but that's the point of ECats' perceptive observation.  Pocket watches were in pockets because they were too big and clunky to go anywhere else.  A clock in a pocket!  How revolutionary!  It was only when they got small enough to fit on the wrist that it became clear that the pocketwatch was just a transitional success.  Let's see whether we're carrying slabs of glass and metal in our pockets 10 years from now.
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