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I'm surprised no one has called about the very strong wording on the page.  "Live video from our special event will be right here.  And so will a whole lot more."   This flat out promises that Apple.com will be serving up more than just video from the event.  So not only will we be wowed by the products being rolled out, but apparently the ways it's presented on Apple.com will also be remarkable.  (And hype worthy.)   Either the folks at Apple have gone insane, or...
Right, but there is NFW that Apple is strategically leaking these details in advance of the big reveal.  The worst thing that can happen is if the story on Tuesday is "Apple delivered on only x% of the things that were expected."
 Sorry, but that makes no sense. If you're going to be grabbing your phone to complete the transaction the convenience of the wrist-based part evaporates.Oh we'll we're learn soon enough.
Fingerprint or PIN tapped onto the surface of the watch presumably.  Although the former seems to invite a new type of strongarm robbery.
Right, but his point is that if Apple makes the entry-level model more attractive (by giving it a very reasonable 32gb) then people are more-likely to choose that option rather than the next model up.  His "higher margin" language is faulty, but his logic is sound.  Except that Apple also has to worry about bargain basement buyers switching away from the iPhone.  So the baseline specs have to keep moving up at some pace.
I agree.  There has been such a long delay between any significant announcement and so much hype about this, silence on any dimension will be trumpeted as failure.  "Apple has no answer to the Surface 3" etc. The bigger venue and the extra building (!) point to this being very different from the usual roll-out.  I expect an emphasis on the whole Apple/iOS ecosystem.  iOS at home, iOS in the car, iOS for health.  Leaving the iPad out of that (or using last year's model)...
3 would be better.  And a quad-core Snapdragon processor with discrete GPU.
Undoubtedly, but only after Apple makes an announcement about how they will be using it--especially if they do a head-to-head comparison (either a demo or a slide saying 'x% stronger than...').
 What is being called out with the 110 label?  Does the documentation say "110: everything that isn't part of the invention" or perhaps "ignore the small insect that flew into view just as we created this diagram."
An homage to the NeXT cube maybe.  Needs to be about 3 times thicker though.
New Posts  All Forums: