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That's because they are two completely different things.  You realize that when you type something in the Safari address bar and hit enter that your data is sent out to the internet, right?  Unchecking that box in Safari just stops that at the keystroke level.  I don't know why anyone would turn that off in Safari for privacy reasons.  Unless you're in the habit of typing fragments of sensitive things into the Safari address bar and then clearing it out without hitting...
That's cool.  What's the URL?
"For our pro users, often they want to really focus on the center of the screen and not be distracted by bright menus and bright dock [sic], so we also introduced a dark mode." I think some (who inferred a "full-on dark theme") read too much into what was actually said and demoed.  He clearly promised a non-bright menu and a non-bright dock "so you can focus on the center of the screen."  In retrospect, it's clear that they were not planning on changing anything else and...
I just want to know why the Finder icon looks so childish and amateurish now.  I always thought the Picasso-esque face was the right balance of quirky and unassuming.  Now it looks garish and out of place.  I worry that instead of fixing it they'll replace it with something completely different, removing one of the few long-time Apple icon that hasn't been stolen/copied by everyone else.  (First world problems)
Given all the problems the NFL is facing (almost all of its own making), who says the NFL deserves respect?  On one hand it's the "no fun league" because of silly rules that just annoy the players and fan, and on the other it's great at ducking responsibility for covering up head injury data for years and trying to sweep criminal misconduct of players under the rug to protect its own brand.  So yeah, showing "disrespect" for wearing the wrong brand of headphones at...
This is flat out ridiculous.  I'm not a 49ers fan or a Colin Kaepernick fan (or hater), but so say that wearing pink Beats headphones is "selfish" and shows a lack of respect for his employer is nuts.  First, his employer is the 49ers, not the NFL.  Second, if my company--with my input--decided that we could no longer wear a particular brand of [something] at work and the penalty for noncompliance was $5, I might very well pay that price.  Would that be me showing a lack...
Wow.  So in your mind, Apple has finally rolled out a true Apple TV.  Fascinating.  They are just being very secretive and subtle about it?
I should have done a little "research."  It appears that Bose products are discounted even less than Apple products.  So whether you buy from the Apple Store or Amazon or Best Buy or whether, you're likely to pay the exact same price.  So I obviously there is no "idiocy" in buying Bose products at the Apple Store (not that you can now) instead of somewhere else.
I was referring to the online store, as was this article.  How's your self-imposed week-long ban treating you?
I never cease to be amazed at the foolishness of many consumers.  It is trivially easy to find other vendors selling the same products that the Apple online store sells for less.  You could be right that Bose loses "millions of dollars in sales" as a result of this, but that's a measure of the idiocy of the buying public.
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