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Right.  In the overall scheme of things it's not a big deal.  In the same way that in the overall scheme of things it's no big deal if the bride falls on her face while walking down the aisle.  If you're inviting millions of people to tune into an event, you don't want anything distracting from that event.  And it's considered ironic and newsworthy when technical problems affect a technology company. Anyone willing to take my bet that the streaming will be rock solid this...
"It was a good paper."
Yep.  And the tax code specifically call out "professional football league" as a subcategory under 501(c)(6).:  The argument is that the NFL is like a chamber of commerce--just a way for business people to work together to improve their businesses overall.  On the face of it, it seems ridiculous that the NFL could be considered in any way "not for profit" and therefore exempt from certain taxes.  On the other hand, as soon as the revenue (from TV deals, from licensing,...
Quote: Apple is way, way past the "it would be worth more broken up and sold for cash than as an operating concern" days.  Your scenario makes no sense with a successful CEO currently at the helm.  "Oh yes, I want to raise the price of AAPL so I can buy up the shares at a premium and them install an inferior management team to run the company I just overpaid for!"  Genius.
Ok.  However I reserve the right to "I told you so" (not you, of course) when we eventually learn what actually happened though.  Fair enough?
 I think you and ascii stumbled onto the truth:  It's been way too long that we've been making and selling desktop computers.  Today we announce that Yosemite AKA ten point ten will be the last version of Mac OS.  And one more thing, we have just signed the paper to acquire Microsoft and we're shutting down Windows too.  Welcome to the true post-PC era.
Icahn has clearly never heard of (or at least hasn't learned) the Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.
Obviously the one thing that is unambiguously "way too long" is the line outside each Apple store when a new product debuts.   Therefore this is an announcement about closing all the Apple stores.   Or, in a double whammy, since it's been "way too long" since Apple rolled out a flop, they are going to intentionally introduce a dud product.  Introducing the $10,000 iPod Classic 10th Anniversary Edition that comes preloaded with everything that Bono ever said or sang,...
How so?  Unless they managing a pension fund and/or a union shop, how does this let a company screw employees?  Every company I've worked for has had an "employment at will" policy that gives them a world of flexibility to fire people or adjust salaries.  Bankruptcy is about creditors, not employees. As to whether it's a "big deal," the answer is pretty clear.  From this article http://articles.latimes.com/1992-01-13/news/mn-198_1_bankruptcy-court-judge: 'According to a...
I half expect to hear about this on the news tonight.  "Internet says Apple is operating a secret nuclear power plant in Arizona!"
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