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Or instead of signing up for the square roundtable for exclusive access to this missive, we can read it in its entirety above (or skip over it as I did). WTF is that cartoon supposed to represent?
Or swapping out your Web browser and bringing up a very productive spreadsheet when "a boss" walks in the room.  Or perhaps only pointy-haired bosses a la Dilbert.
Just so you know, I also wrote a letter.  I'll be debuting a new Web site featuring this letter any day now.  Stay tuned.  Feel free to let the WSJ know.
The first ad is a great rebuttal to the "a tablet with a keyboard and MS Office can't be productive" BS.  If writing memos that require all the crap features hidden in an idiotic "ribbon" interface is "being productive" then we can use less productivity.  Now pardon me while I scuba dive to my next surgical consult on the top of a windmill.
 Agreed.  I received a kindle touch for Christmas and (horrible, horrible interface notwithstanding) it's a better size and weight for reading books on my commute than my iPad mini or my full-sized iPad.  And the fact that it's cheap plastic (and cheap) makes it better for just throwing in my bag.  The lighter and more rugged the iPad mini becomes the more likely I am to ditch my kindle.  And switching from my mini to my full sized iPad just makes me think "nice screen,...
Really?  I'm not doubting the "get nasty" part, just the "returning" part.  If you buy something and get it dirty aren't you pretty much SOL?
My question is do you get the same hottie every time you push the button (as the ads imply)?  I don't want to have to get to know a different attractive perky technician each time I call mayday.  But seriously I don't know how Amazon can offer that free live 24x7 (video) support.  Presumably you have to pay those folks more than the typical voice-in-India support person since they have to have more skills (and can't roll their eyes at stupid questions).
The new MacBook Pros make the Air-versus-Pro decision harder, and that's a good thing.  My last 3 MacBooks have been Airs, I expect my next will be a Pro--and I only add half a pound of weight.
Very well said; I agree 100%.  Also, I expect that if there were a 5SC--with all the 5S specs, the 5S price, in a 5C plastic case--it would be a huge seller.  Not everyone prefers metal+glass to colored plastic.
I wonder if the Ks will try to sue Apple like Carl Sagan did.  (For those too young to remember: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Inc._litigation#Libel_dispute_with_Carl_Sagan)
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