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 Glad to have been a part of it?  Did you just out yourself as a time traveler? ;-)
The ring comment could just be a more basic, man-on-the-street joke.  If you mention sapphire to a normal human they will think of the precious stone and jewelry.  He could just as well have said necklace or tiara.   When I hear iRing, I wince, thinking of the ocular equivalent of a ear ring or nose ring.
I love how the headlines for these articles aways include "may."  When I read them, I always add the implied "or it might not!"  AI does this even when they attribute this to someone.  Maybe for a change of pace they could try "[source]: Apple will [do something]" as the headline.  Otherwise virtually any headline is true.  "Apple may go bankrupt in 2016!"  "Apple may buy Disney!"
 You are reading way too much into a specific financial term.  "Net worth" is not a judgement, it's a specific measure.  If own a million dollar home, but owe $900,000 on it and have $100,000 in credit card debt (and no other assets or debts), my net worth is zero.  Am I "worthless?"  Would a "financial person" say I have no worth?  Of course not.  And nothing about this definition involves "taking" or "giving." And when people say Apple is the most valuable company in the...
Last week I saw an ad showing people watching movies (with a emphasis on Pixar movies) and doing other stuff on their tablets with some inspiring words and imagery.  I thought "oh look it's that new Apple ad."  So I was surprised and disappointed when the tag line at the end was Google Play.  Google has definitely stolen a page from the Apple playbook on this one.   Update: here's a link to a story that includes the ad. ...
I'm impressed that it's apparently still in place and functioning as a wall.
This is the interesting/relevant part of the opinion: "In addition, Apple has access to a dispute resolution mechanism which has and will be in place to ensure that the Monitor does not exceed the bounds of the Injunction." I wonder what that mechanism is and why Apple hasn't used it.
Or Amazon can buy Tesla.  Seems like a match made in heaven.
That's a lot of money for a couple of very niche products, especially the carbon monoxide thing.   Remember, Apple didn't buy Creative or buy a phone maker to debut the iPod or iPhone.
Good thing it's still under warranty.  You should get that fixed.  Especially if it used to work for you and then stopped working.
New Posts  All Forums: