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With no sarcasm or offense intended, who is Ervin Jackson?
Heh.  Why not indeed.  I apologize for being the one person here who writes things that can be misintrepreted, and I'll strive to do better. I work in an IT department, and I wonder what the distribution of "what age did you start programming?" would be.  I expect the real superstars would tend to answer "early teens" but I'm sure there are exceptions.  Perhaps I was just reacting to what the definition of "good programmer" might be.  I expect original poster was using a...
Of course not.  They have to have a kicker. Sorry, couldn't resist.
Good points.  I don't know to what extent learning German is like learning Python.  They seem very different to me, but maybe there are similarities.  On the other hand, I think the pre-teens who are cranking out YouTube videos on complex topic (or any topics) are (for the most part) exceptional.
Oh you got me with data.  Since you started at 9 that clearly means the statement that "most good programmers start at 12" is 100% true.  Or maybe 100% false since you were only 9.  But wait, are you a "good programmer?" My point was that plenty of "good programmers" come to the game late.  And that not every 12 year old can be turned into a good programmer.
First, I doubt that "most good programmers" start at age 12.  And kids who are programming at age 12 are almost certainly on the very high end of the intellectual bell curve (who were also lucky enough to have the parental resources to explore their interests).  Throwing a microcontroller kit to your average 12 year old won't get you very far.
Right... no racism in Europe.  Congratulations.  Oh wait, has their ever been a person of color as the president or prime minister of a Western European country?
 Right because anyone giving preference to Harvard grad is clearly really thinking about race.  We all know that a Cal State Fullerton grad is just as smart and well-prepared as an ivy league grad.
Well sure if you change the rules of the game by adding in "because you feel more comfortable" then yes I'd qualify that as racist.  But if we get to change the wording, then I could say "if you hired 3 white people out of a pool of 3 and 3 based solely on their resume and nothing on their resume would suggest their races then you're not racist."  The answer is "it depends."
Frankly, I don't care if it would be considered "racist."  But I could also see plenty of reasons for hiring one or both of the minority candidates.  First off, experience is just one part of an applicant's resume.  If the experience white guys are mumbling boobs and the minorities are well-spoken, enthusiastic go-getters, I know who I'd choose.  And depending on the location of my store (for a retail job) or the nature of my customers, I might even give preferen.... uh...
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