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  This is well outside the warranty" Why no class action here?  Perhaps because some tiny fraction of devices failing (well outside of warranty) isn't grounds for suing?  You think Apple intentionally designed the product so a small percentage of them would fair in a weird way to inconvenience their customers?  Perhaps some shady supplier said "psst, here are some defective screens (well ok they work fine now but in a few year...) why don't you use them to save a couple...
Sheeze guys.  You act like we'll never need more bandwidth.  Of course we're going to need these types of speeds within a few years.  If nothing else, this would allow one to drop landlines for everything and connect entirely over the air.  All TVs and computers in the house running off a single WiFi 5G router.  And 10 years after that, that will seem quaint.   And besides teleportation takes a LOT more bandwidth than HD movies.
Actually I'm pretty sure that that's exactly what the "non-discriminatory" part of FRAND means.
Five HUNDRED coins!  Wow, how incredibly generous.  Oh, that's 5 bucks?  Never mind.  At least the the coins themselves look awesome.  Oh, they aren't real coins?  This has disappointment written all over it.
  For the reason mentioned above: so there is no damage to the device, the dock, or the cable when the device is rotated/pivoted.  The other fellow mentioned the broken connectors at the Apple store, and I'd point to the potential damage every time you grab your phone off a dock.  You have to lift it straight up (or even worse upwards at the proper angle), rather than just grabbing it an old way.  Sure, not having a magnetic connector isn't the end of the world, but if...
You might want your doc to adjust your meds.  You aren't making much sense.
  Dude, think for a minute.  Obviously the original poster was referring to the addition of the volume control/skip button wiring.  I don't know if Apple invented that, but it's a defacto standard now.   Here's the relevant (really boring) Wikipedia entry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phone_connector_(audio) 
  Is it any more likely to break any other connector?  I had a mini-USB connector attached to a portable hard drive fail last week; it looks like it got bent breaking one or more of the wires inside.  Of course it cost less than $5 to get a replacement whereas a lightning cable will be much more expensive.   A magsafe-style connector would have been very appealing.  I'm sure Apple considered it/prototyped it, but it didn't make the cut for some reason.   Thank heavens...
  That's not necessarily true.  Support demand were completely stable and, as you say, assembly lines have to change, etc.  Then I would expect suppliers (of parts consumed by the assembly line) would see a surge in orders.  Just as an example, with numbers I'm making up.  Suppose Apple sells and assembles 10 million iPad minis a month, and it's going to take 1 month to transistion.  Then then need to make more than 10 million for a few months before the assembly line...
My sense is that the lock itself isn't internet enabled (or they would tout that), so I don't think it could do this.
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