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  I agree with most of those complaints, but not number 2.  (And coming up with great solution to those challenges is hard or Apple would have done it already).   Very, very few apps run when they aren't the foremost app.  Most apps are completely dormant when not in the front and there is almost never a reason to kill one.  Whenever the foremost app needs memory, it asks the OS for some.  The OS decides whether it needs to steal it from one of the sleeping apps or not. ...
At least they aren't calling it jOBS now.
Good question.  Presumably that's just lawyer talk for "it would have been better for us if they had paid us royalties."  It would have neither helped nor irreparably harmed THX if Apple had, for example, had forward facing speakers.
I'm "hoarding" my money and avoiding taxes by not selling my AAPL shares. Perhaps I should be pressured to sell my shares and then repurchase them just so the IRA can get a piece of the action for my investment success (ok, would have been more successful if I had cashed out when it hit $700, but still).
Nice troll, but of course that exploit only exposed the iPhone's photos and contact list app.  Those aren't the reasons I use encryption on my devices.
This sounds like bad science fiction. Impressive work by those Germans.
 I agree with your completely, but check out these headlines from a financial site:   03:43 Judge cuts Apple award nearly in half MarketWatch 03:43 Apple loses bid for more damages from Samsung MarketWatch
  Or the new trial could result in a $2B judgement in Apple's favor.  It's a very expensive, long, drawn out game of legal roulette (apparently),
As opposed to those run of the mill EXPECTED surprises, right? Sorry, couldn't resist.
Only if your presentations are on YouTube.  This is rather an odd development.  We have Apple built-in AirPlay solution that works for any apps and then you'll have Google's solution for YouTube only?  I wish this was an Apple-led effort (although I can see why they wouldn't since they have little incentive to let other TVs compete with the Apple TV).
New Posts  All Forums: