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  If I were a senior guy at Amazon or some other awesome Web property, I might well give Apple a call and offer my services.  But I'm not.  That doesn't mean I'm not qualified to evaluate their hodgepodge of developer Web tools and call them lacking (especially after they have been completely down for 5 DAYS now).  The Apple Web site is pretty darn nice.  The itunesconnect.apple.com by comparison sucks.  And the itunesconnect iPhone app is amateurish.  It's obvious that...
Maybe they'll finally hire some excellent Web developers to manage their developer site and online tools. It's always been embarrassing bad compared to all other Apple products and resources. Throw $20 million/year at it and make it a world-class operation.
"Apple currently has an exclusive agreement with Liquidmetal through early 2014"   "The agreement gives Apple "a perpetual, worldwide, fully-paid, exclusive license to commercial such intellectual property in the field of electronic products in exchange for a license fee.""   Is it 2014 or perpetual?
  And those 6 people are really influential, right?
  Very well said.  I might argue that Apple DID "[discuss] a deal with each publisher individually and kept the details of each agreement private" but the court ruled otherwise.
I suspect Moffett's analysis is simply faulty. We don't know what the Apple-Verizon agreement actually says, but I seriously doubt there's a scenario where VZ is writing a multi-billion dollar check to Apple for iPhones not ordered. There agreement almost certainly specifies what the effect of not meeting sales goals are that are less draconian (or Verizon would have been insane to agree to the deal).
  It would be interesting to see what happened.  Would Amazon go crying to DoJ about it?
Distributing, yes.  Creating/marketing books is (can be) very expensive.   It's funny that we talk about "books" are if they are a commodity product like wheat or oil.  Especially for books from established authors, every book is to some extent a monopoly unto itself.  It's not like someone would say "Oh, publisher X is selling the series finale Game of Thrones book for $25, but publisher Y is selling the next Twilight book for $23.99, guess I'll snap up that sparkly...
  Except that's not how markets work.  Prisoners' Dilemma and all that.  It's hard for collaborators/conspirators to avoid the temptation to compete and it's even harder to prevent outsiders from coming in an exploiting the opportunity created by artificially high prices.  (Except in heavily regulated markets with high barriers to entry, such as airlines.)   Also, I'm not saying that everyone (or even consumers) would be better off it Apple gets its way on all things.  I...
  What?  You're not excited about the likelihood that the iWatch will have HVAC capabilities?  I'm wondering how Apple will ensure that the climate control will cover one's entire body.   /s
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