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  If I had been a loyal JCP shopper for nearly 30 years and suffered through the lean years when people didn't get why I thought the JCP experience was just plain better and was long-term JCP stockholder and an active participant for a decade or so on JCPInsider and JCPNN, then I probably would consider myself "part of the JCP family."  Loyalty and a sense of community are not easily created or granted.   Nah, what I am I saying, of course I'm just a misguided fanatic nut...
  No.  People who stop shopping at a store because they start selling $30 items for $30 instead of $50 with a 40% off! coupon are dumb and stupid.   Frankly, I'd say that JCP screwed up this "transition back" with this ad.  Just start mailing people their beloved coupons again.  There is no need to apologize for not having had them for a year or so.  This just makes them look weak and desperate.   They even changed their logo and slogan again.  So JCP customers shouldn't...
"I need to figure out, for my enterprise customers, for my consumers, for my BB10 audience, what can I do that provides them a mobile computing experience in the form factor of a tablet, which goes beyond just the puristic tablet experience."   Uh, what?
The first part of this is correct and insightful.  That is, the reason Apple's price has fallen over the past year is because investors have realized that Apple's profits can't keep growing as they have.  There was a bit of an AAPL bubble as investors (apparently) assumed that Apple would keep growing at an increasing rate.   Having said that, everyone has already accepted the reality of a super successful Apple, making billions in profits (just not having those profits...
  My finance professor described stock buy-backs the same way a few years ago.  However, I think it is unprecedented to have over $100B+ in "cash" and growing.  Apple doesn't have any foreseeable need for more than $100B, so they are returning that money to shareholders.  It is absurd to characterize it as the above poster did however.   Back to the original question about what buying shares will do.  Apple has about 945 million shares outstanding, and plans to buy back...
Coincidentally that's exactly the current high bid on the Coffee with Tim Cook charity auction!  j/k
Mindboggling. Talk about blind date pressure. I don't care who you are, you're going to feel awkward sitting down to chat with a stranger knowing they paid half a million dollars or more just for the privilege of meeting you. It would be funny if the high bidder is Jony Ives. Better yet it's Tim Cook himself so he doesn't have to meet with someone.
Tim Cook will have to auction off another coffee chat to pay for this.
It's rising like AAPL stock price a year ago.  Once it stops climbing like crazy, everyone will be calling for his head and have a dozen ideas how to fix the problem.
I've always wondered this: does "R&D" (research and DEVELOPMENT) include all the software development costs? Or is it only the more abstract/skunkworks sorts of projects?
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