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 Those are impressive figures!  1.6 million $10,000 watches every year (or 16 million $1,000 watches)?  The mind boggles.
And the iPod before that. It's all about ubiquitous computing that you don't even think of as computing (see iPhone).  It won't be a "watch" any more than the iPhone is a "phone."  I used my iPhone maybe 50-100 times a day and make about 3 phone calls a week.
Next year s/he can get a job assembling Apple products in China; small hands are a real asset.  Sorry, couldn't resist. There are some weird outbuildings in some of those pictures.  What's the empty round one for?  Is that the entrance to the underground auditorium?
Stakeholders also include bond holders and employees.  
 I doubt they are Ireland's biggest tax payer.  The story is factually true (that Apple pays more in taxes to the city of Cupertino than anyone else), but it's completely irrelevant every other part of the story or even that sentence.  I think the guys are AI are just running out of "interesting" ways to refer to our favorite fruit company, and they are getting a bit punchy as a result.
That's why it's a complaint about the violation of terms of use of the Web site, not a copyright complaint.  Apple has every right to disallow automated screen scraping of their Web properties, and others need to respect those rules.  Sometimes it takes a friendly letter from a lawyer to remind people of the rules.  As I said before this has almost nothing to do with the DMCA.
Read the full text of the letter that Apple sent do this guy (at http://www.apple-tracker.com/).  Although apparently the DMCA provides some guidance about how to do this, the complaint is strictly a standard "you have violate our terms of use of our web site, so stop" complaint.  They could (and would) have sent exactly the same letter even if the MDCA didn't exist.  This is no different from a hypothical case where put a robots.txt file on your site saying that Google...
Darker than what?  It looks very similar to the shades of blue used for the Safari and Mail icons, or the Weather, or the App Store, or Keynote.  If anything they should have made it a different shade of blue just to help it stand out.
If a company had $150B in cash and no earning would be a very weird beast. Also, it's not about past earnings it's about expected future earnings (and obviously everyone is entitled to their own "expectations").  So if there were a company with a boatload of money in the bank but zero expected earnings, there would be something seriously wrong.  That would mean that the core business had an on-going loss that exactly offset the massive investment earning from that cash....
New Posts  All Forums: