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 This reply obviously "won" this thread.  I will be surprised now if the exclusively hidden banners are anything other than the 2 banners already displayed plus some words to the left and right (such as "OS X Yosemite").
Neither makes any sense.  What was the author thinking? 1. swollen and distended; congested 2. (of style or language) pompous and high-flown; bombastic  1. not clear or transparent because of stirred-up sediment or the like; clouded; opaque; obscured: the turbid waters near the waterfall. 2. thick or dense, as smoke or clouds. 3. confused; muddled; disturbed.  Unless it's a pun poking fun at the pompous language of the sentence itself.
His facts are straighter than yours. http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/story/_/id/11003237/former-microsoft-executive-steve-ballmer-submits-winning-bid-buy-clippers-according-sources Check out this bit about the losing bidder:  "Geffen's group also included Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Oprah Winfrey, as well as Guggenheim executives Todd Boehly and Mark Walter, Steve Jobs' widow Laurene Jobs, Steve Wynn's ex-wife Elaine Wynn, and Beats by Dre co-founder Jimmy Iovine." I...
Interesting coincidence that our friend Steve Ballmer just submitted a $2 billion for the LA Clippers.  Not a great year to be a Clippers fan (if there are any).
I don't think "written off" means what you think it does.
Have you tried the new ones?  The old ones hurt my ears after being in my ears any amount of time; I can wear the new ones for hours comfortably and they sound fine.
Agreed.  This isn't Ballmer we're talking about.  Apple just raised expectations intentionally.  Interesting times.
I put the likelihood of "head gestures" being any part of the solution being between negliable and zero.  First, the ridicule-to-value ratio would be astronomical.  Second, what's the point of a device on your wrist if you control the thing with your head?  I could do the same thing with my iPhone in my pocket plus these magic head-gesture earbuds.
Save the Cheerleader, Save the World
We have a winner.  This is only "news" in that if they had announced they weren't live streaming it would be news.
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