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My question is do you get the same hottie every time you push the button (as the ads imply)?  I don't want to have to get to know a different attractive perky technician each time I call mayday.  But seriously I don't know how Amazon can offer that free live 24x7 (video) support.  Presumably you have to pay those folks more than the typical voice-in-India support person since they have to have more skills (and can't roll their eyes at stupid questions).
The new MacBook Pros make the Air-versus-Pro decision harder, and that's a good thing.  My last 3 MacBooks have been Airs, I expect my next will be a Pro--and I only add half a pound of weight.
Very well said; I agree 100%.  Also, I expect that if there were a 5SC--with all the 5S specs, the 5S price, in a 5C plastic case--it would be a huge seller.  Not everyone prefers metal+glass to colored plastic.
I wonder if the Ks will try to sue Apple like Carl Sagan did.  (For those too young to remember: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Inc._litigation#Libel_dispute_with_Carl_Sagan)
 Based on that statement, I "seriously doubt" you know what authority the Senior VP for Design has over product decisions.
 They got rid of coverflow?  I hadn't noticed because I never used it.  I thought it was generally considered unnecessary eye candy that demoed well was wasn't very user-friendly.  So I find it interesting that you suggest they got rid of it to demo better.  I am also surprised they got rid of it; it was a signature look across Apple devices.  Perhaps that one on of those "now that Steve's gone we can get rid of THAT" things.  Interesting.
I post this as someone who a) likes iOS 7 (for the most part), b) understands that people are more likely to complain than praise things, c) knows that people complain about change and new things, and d) knows that sentiment analysis is far far far from perfect.  Having said that, check out this nifty sentiment analysis tool that shows that (at the moment) the sentiment for iOS 7 (18 on a 100-point scale where 0 is bad and 100 is good) is lower than that of Congress (42)...
 I could display a 300x200 pixel picture on a HD TV, but I would not be "taking advantage" of the high definition capability.  Do you feel enlightened now?  
Maybe if you're really nice brlawyer will introduce you to "all his friends" since they universally hate it. /s
 Interesting assertion, but then how to you explain that a few weeks ago Apple modified the App Store so that developers can make older versions of their apps available indefinitely.  So if I'm running an older version of an app on my iOS 6 device, I can still upgrade to the latest iOS 6 version of the app even if the developer has moved on to only supporting iOS 7.  Why would Apple do that if they had "dropped support" for iOS 6?
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