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We have a winner.  This is only "news" in that if they had announced they weren't live streaming it would be news.
I love how AI always phrases these stories in such tautological ways.   "Apple's most popular computing devices, ..., could all be powered by the same ARM-based processors, if the company were to decide to make such a switch, according to a new report."   This formula can be used for anything.   "President Obama could invade North Korea, if he decided to do such a thing."   "Microsoft could abandon Office and Windows and focus exclusively on the Xbox platform, if...
You managed to mess up the one universal fact from all these rumors: the 3.2 billion dollars.  $3.5 billion is crazy talk.  /s If, on the off chance, Apple does value these two guys at billions of dollars, they will write a contract that somehow ties the money to performance (somehow).  I'm not worrying about the details because a) I'm not a corporate lawyer or strategist, b) Apple has a few of those and they know what they are doing, c) if Apple actually does acquire...
The Washington Post story about this focuses on Snapchat only getting one star out of 6, and then says "Nine companies received all six stars this year, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo."  The other 5 companies with 6/6 and not worthy of a mention (in the story or the teaser): Credo Mobile, Dropbox, Sonic.net, Twitter, and the most valuable company in the world.  One could say that they didn't call out Apple because it's not primarily an Internet company but...
 Exactly.  That's the use case that has affected me.  I was listening to a lecture on the Coursera app and I switched over to something else (email perhaps or Safari) and the audio of the lecture stopped.  That was unexpected and unfortunate.  And having Safari and Notes open at the same time would be handy too (with text drag and drop rather than the many step copy and paste, as you also said).
Yeah, it almost certainly means that.
 Currently user-specific data/saved games/settings are not stored "with the app" implying that to support multiple users you'd have to install multiple copies of the binaries.  All that stuff is stored in the iOS file system in app-specific locations, but not in the same folder as the app itself.  I don't think it's all that different from the way user settings are stored separately from the applications in OS X.  If Apple wanted to support this, they could give developers...
After Apple locks up Beats they can snap up Monster Cable.  These premium brands will really help Apple's image.  \s
I'm just impressed that, according to the headline, Android users fly in busses.
Your calendar seems to be running a couple months fast.  You might want to get that checked.
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