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Super rich people who can drop a million bucks and not notice it (if you're a billionaire your network is fluxuating by tens of millions of dollars a day, so why sweat a million bucks?) and a) either are big Apple (or computer history) fans and/or b) calculate that they can probably auction it off in the future for even more money (probably not a bad guess; the supply of these aren't going up).  This probably makes more sense financially than the coffee with Cook.  (Ok,...
I hope those iFixIt guys buy it and do one of their patented tear-downs and repairability ratings.
I assume they have some sort of counter/sequence/autonumber value associated with every sale.  It would be based on that, not by going back and looking at the logs.  Depending on how the sequence (to use the Oracle term for this) is set up, it might not be strictly correct, but close enough for this purpose.  (For example, if there is a central sequence then the servers around the world may pick up batches of to-be-used sequences every second or minute.)
  We will get right on that.  Thank you for your input.
  "Without white colored cars, the number of car thefts would be down overall for 2012."   "Without left handed people, the number of homicides would be down overall for 2012."   All equally useful probably true statements.
  I'm sure Apple has considered the latter.  And realized that the downside risk (to Apple) is much, much greater than the benefit.  One glitch in the system; one super hacker that figures out how to activate the kill switch and tens of millions of phone are bricked.  Youch.  THAT would be a story the media would LOVE.
That can't be true, is it?  My iPhone knows it's own serial number.  If I did some sort of low-level reset, it wouldn't?
  If I had been a loyal JCP shopper for nearly 30 years and suffered through the lean years when people didn't get why I thought the JCP experience was just plain better and was long-term JCP stockholder and an active participant for a decade or so on JCPInsider and JCPNN, then I probably would consider myself "part of the JCP family."  Loyalty and a sense of community are not easily created or granted.   Nah, what I am I saying, of course I'm just a misguided fanatic nut...
  No.  People who stop shopping at a store because they start selling $30 items for $30 instead of $50 with a 40% off! coupon are dumb and stupid.   Frankly, I'd say that JCP screwed up this "transition back" with this ad.  Just start mailing people their beloved coupons again.  There is no need to apologize for not having had them for a year or so.  This just makes them look weak and desperate.   They even changed their logo and slogan again.  So JCP customers shouldn't...
"I need to figure out, for my enterprise customers, for my consumers, for my BB10 audience, what can I do that provides them a mobile computing experience in the form factor of a tablet, which goes beyond just the puristic tablet experience."   Uh, what?
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