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Fair enough.  But you'll admit that "Mac OS X 10.10" i.e., "Mac OS 10 10 point 10" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
It's a nice tax-deferral strategy.
Also, for readers who haven't taken an accounting class, this article should not be read as suggesting that in the future $10 billion in cash will magically appear.  Apple has already received all the money they are going to get from current sales (hence their cash stockpile grows and grows).  This just means that in future quarters and years, Apple's reported revenue will be higher (as they recognized revenue for the cash they have already received).  As a practical...
Apparently it's going to be "Mac OS ten ten point ten."  Kinda weird, to say nothing of the fact that having 10.10 come after 10.9 is mathematically weird. But there is plenty of time for Apple to change the name.
Zombie breeding facilities.  You read it here first.  'Do no evil' my @$$.   (That's much more likely than that "Google Glass marketing platform" BS.)
 Actually, from a statistics perspective, if you do the random sampling correctly (or at least well), 800 people is a large enough sample size for low-stakes analyses like this.  The size of the population that you are trying to understand is irrelevant.  The confidence interval around an estimate (for example "92% of people do X") has nothing to do with the number of people in the population. Having said that, the conclusions from this study sound very fishy and I doubt...
I don't believe that figure is even close to being correct.  What percentage of iOS users has every used Pandora and what percentage would consider themselves "Pandora users" (on an on-going basis).  I expect there are millions of people who never tried Pandora and have tried iTunes Radio.  I'm in that camp.
 So many racist Apple fans.  It's sickening.  \s!  couldn't resist, sorry.
 And obviously the professionals who know a lot of about how to raise money for causes believe otherwise.  Something like this is used to combat donor fatigue and to bring new "whales" (they may or may not call them that) into the fold.  After someone spends a bazillion dollars on some snazzy item everyone knows that can hit them up for money for other things.   More importantly, everything for this effort is completely voluntary, so feel free to participate or set up a...
 Excellent point.  Those pictures seem to imply that only a small section of the screens work well, and that's clearly not the case.
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