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Well sure if you change the rules of the game by adding in "because you feel more comfortable" then yes I'd qualify that as racist.  But if we get to change the wording, then I could say "if you hired 3 white people out of a pool of 3 and 3 based solely on their resume and nothing on their resume would suggest their races then you're not racist."  The answer is "it depends."
Frankly, I don't care if it would be considered "racist."  But I could also see plenty of reasons for hiring one or both of the minority candidates.  First off, experience is just one part of an applicant's resume.  If the experience white guys are mumbling boobs and the minorities are well-spoken, enthusiastic go-getters, I know who I'd choose.  And depending on the location of my store (for a retail job) or the nature of my customers, I might even give preferen.... uh...
Ick.  Anyone who has to refer to "dog whistles" loses my interest fast.  "It's not what you actually said that I disagree with, it's what I infer you meant based on my interpretation of the subtle clues in your text--you can't fool me."  Meh.
Can't I just use Jesse Jackson's own assertion?  According to his speech there are "ZERO" minorities in the "C-suite" of major corporations. If that's not credible (which of course it isn't), I could spend a few minutes (or seconds) searching for evidence of "number of minorities executives at fortune 500 companies (or executives at similarly large government or non-profit enterprises)" but I'll leave that as a exercise for the reader.
I agree with your, and that was my point.  Lack of diversity on corporate boards is a symptom of lack of diversity at other levels of society.  African Americans are less likely to complete HS, less likely to attend college, less likely to graduate from college, less likely to major in the sciences, etc.  So why is it a surprise that tech companies don't have large number of African American developers, middle managers, and executives? This is like arguing that the Nobel...
I have to call BS on that.  At most companies anyone with a felony record never gets past the HR screening, so your assertion is clearly factually untrue.
How many boards can Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice serve on?   The fact is the there just isn't a huge pool of top-notch executive level African Americans to draw from.
Respectfully, comments about selling more Macs while PCs sales drop off, are not necessarily evidence that Apple cares about market share.  It's just a statement about relative success in selling products people like.  Obviously market share is going to be correlated to sales numbers and more sales is better then fewer sales, but that doesn't mean that market share is a goal.  For example, I doubt Apple cares about their share of the "phone market" or even the...
What a horrible intro to this article.  "...adding color to recent indications of a shift in Apple's living room go-to-market strategy from an integrated television set to a standalone set-top box."   Really?  Where is there any evidence of actual shift in Apple's strategy.  Point to any hint from Apple that they ever intended to produce an actual TV set.  The only thing that's shifted is the guesswork about what Apple should be or is doing.
I expect more people think of it this way: I'm currently paying $xx/month for my smart phone plan.  I have options like this:1. I can keep my current phone, pay zero dollars and keep paying $xx/month.2. I can buy a new phone for $99 out of pocket and keep paying $xx/month.3. I can buy a more expensive new phone for $199 out of pocket and keep paying $xx/month.etc. Using that logic (and it's not invalid), the choice is between $99 and $199.  The total cost of the data plan...
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