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No Photoshop required.  Any developer could create an "app" (a stub of an app, no functionality required) called TextEdit or Preview with those icons and have them appear on their home screen with about 10 minutes' effort.  That proves absolutely nothing.   Having said that, why would Apple create a third text editor/word processor for iOS when they already provide Notes and Pages?  Makes zero sense.   Whoever whipped this up should have included Terminal and Finder...
I buy a ton of stuff from Amazon since their prices are usually the best, but I don't do Prime and I never pay for shipping (I notice they changed the free-shipping minimum from $25 to $35 over the holidays).  I expect that Amazon hates customers like me.
Good suggestion.  Here are some headline possibilities:Missing jet may have been downed by faulty iPhone battery.Apple's Find iPhone fails to find MH370.20 Freescale engineers on doomed flight. (This last one was an actually story)
 No.  It's about the best user experience.  95% of users have control of their own devices and would opt for the 15-minute window approach.  If the default were to require a password every time, it would be very annoying for anyone making purchases.  And a large percentage of users never look at preferences and wouldn't know/remember that they have the option for the 15-minute window.  This would easily make a top 10 list of annoying iPhone behaviors--if the default were...
I'm not seeing that on my iPhone.  It looks like the text is centered in the rectangular part of the "button" and then the arrow is tacked onto the left side.  Looks like the correct choice to me.
What's impossible?  A larger phone with more storage (e.g., 32 gig compared to 16) at the same price with the same margin?  I should have been more clear: at more or less the same margin that Apple has made on their iPhones (as opposed to the margin on an iPhone rolling off the current assembly line that's already taking advantage of dropping component prices). There have been times, over the years, when Apple rolls out a model that is priced very competitively.  The...
Sounds like you got lucky twice then.  AAPL was only at $700 for a few days.  Well done.
Ouch.  On the other hand selling some of my shares when it hit $700 would have been a nice move.  Of course then I'd be kicking myself if it were over $1000 today (which was what plenty of people were predicting).
Perhaps or perhaps not.  Good thing I wasn't giving a lecture.
Sorry for offending you somehow.  I wasn't implying anything.  I just said I hope that you don't have all your eggs in one AAPL basket (and you just confirmed that you don't).  I have no idea why you decided to tell us that you have over half a million dollars invested in Apple.  Maybe you shouldn't have mentioned it if it wasn't fair game to comment on.
New Posts  All Forums: