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Does no one read the articles before posting?  It specifically talks about the existing Art Lebedev keyboards.
I agree with that, but the graphic in this article and the overall thesis is misleading (not your thesis, the thesis of the article).  Look at what's highlighted on that chart.  The box surrounds the 5 $100 ranges between $500 and $1000.  The new pricing brings Apple into only the smallest and most expensive of those ranges (the $900-$1000 one) with a total of 4% of the market.  I mean it's a great move and all, but it's hardly a big part of the $63 billion core of this...
I seriously doubt that Apple is making a 10% return on that overseas money that they can't bring back to the US.  This is a case of picking the lessor of two "evils": borrowing money at a historically low interest rate or using overseas cash after paying a 30% tax.  Pretty easy choice.
It's only because the vast majority of the "ton" is overseas and would be subject to a 30% tax if used to buy shares, right?  Apple "only" has something like $20B in the US so they don't want to deplete that rainy day fund with the stock buyback.
LOL.  I don't know what the mvi part means, but obviously you are are a god among men.  Please write to the board asking them to appoint you in Cook's place.
 For good or ill, Apple's investment of billions of dollars in software and hardware has returned much, much more to it's investors than Tesla's "tens of millions" (which I expect is understated).  Part of the lesson is that it's expensive to develop products that are worth a lot more to consumers than the cost of manufacturing.  Tesla may figure out how to do that someday, but they haven't yet.
Exactly and it started with a captive audience of (at least) 10s of millions of gmail users.  Google+ is almost a big a flop as Ping (was that the name of Apple's music thing?).  
4 gig of RAM for the entry-level model of MBA is plenty for most people/most tasks.  But I agree that going to 8 gig for all but the lowest-price model would be an excellent move, and probably more noticable than the CPU speed bump.   I do hope we get some juicy MBA announcements in June.  I'm itching to get a new one.  My current 13" is working great for me, but I need more internal storage and wouldn't mind some new wow factor.
 Right, but it makes it MUCH easier to do manage your investment and schedule incremental buys when the share price isn't sky high.  Have $1000 invest and the share price is $560?  Guess you buy one share and stash the rest somewhere else.  With shares around $100 it's just easier to right-size your purchases and sales.  In the bad old days commissions were higher and it made sense to let the price go outrageously high; now that justification is basically gone.  And as...
 LOL.  Is that you, Steve Ballmer?
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