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Who do you imagine was in the smoke-filled room when "they" decided "the government needs money and Apple has, how about we sue Apple for collusion." 
This is not good for Apple (or justice).  Any time someone says "I believe ____" in a public way, they are going to be inclined to stick with that opinion and give extra credence to things that make them "correct" (even if they don't understand/admit that they are doing so).  People don't like to be wrong and especially don't like to admit they were wrong.  Bummer.
My wife took exception to the fact that the ad was "picking on Siri."
This can't be right.  Everyone knows that Apple doesn't have any new products in the pipeline and that their only hope is to release iPhones in different shapes and sizes and at a lower price to stay alive. /s
  Because the app let's you express an interest (more than an interest, apparently) in someone with less risk of embarrassing rejection.  I don't know why it needs to be an app though.  I'm surprised Facebook doesn't just implement this option (a new version of "poke" maybe).   It would be ironic if the disappearance is based on the Words With Friends people complaining about this app ripping off their name (ironic, since they ripped off Scrabble--badly but successfully).
You know what's scary?  There are lots of people out there who read "uniquely Google approach" and don't cringe at the implications.  I love the fact that Microsoft is running those Scroogled ads now.  I hope they keep that up.  
  Well said.  I think there's also an element of "you guys worry to much about the day to day stock price; we're not about stock price; we're about being a great company making great products."  I for one, would rather Apple focus on making great product than telling great stories to excite investors.  And I'm one of those investors who has lost a lot of money on my AAPL investment in the past year.  Fortunately, I'm still way ahead overall.  The fact is, the Apple...
  You could be right (about it being a design that wasn't as robust as it could have been).  Oh well.  If it's not that button that fails in 2 years, it would be something else that fails in 3 year.  And someone could point to a design improvement that would have mitigated THAT problem.  And so on.  These are not artificial hearts we're talking about here.  They are consumer devices with a 1 (or 2) year warranty.  Hopefully Apple improves (or has improved) the design in...
  This is well outside the warranty" Why no class action here?  Perhaps because some tiny fraction of devices failing (well outside of warranty) isn't grounds for suing?  You think Apple intentionally designed the product so a small percentage of them would fair in a weird way to inconvenience their customers?  Perhaps some shady supplier said "psst, here are some defective screens (well ok they work fine now but in a few year...) why don't you use them to save a couple...
Sheeze guys.  You act like we'll never need more bandwidth.  Of course we're going to need these types of speeds within a few years.  If nothing else, this would allow one to drop landlines for everything and connect entirely over the air.  All TVs and computers in the house running off a single WiFi 5G router.  And 10 years after that, that will seem quaint.   And besides teleportation takes a LOT more bandwidth than HD movies.
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