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Frankly I think they (Apple and Amazon) are both wrong.  App Store is pretty generic (even if Apple did popularize the use of the term "app" is was around in nerdy circles for years before the iPhone, etc.), so they were silly for trying to trademark it.  The lawyers in my company would refer to even try to trademark a descriptive term like that because of the high likelihood of losing.  So Apple never should have tried to trademark it.  On the other hand, as others have...
Talk about a generic trademark how about "1-click" owned by our friends at the South American river company.  (Yes they patented AND trademarked that "non-obvious" "invention.")
  Right-click > Save Page As... > Page Source.   Not exactly the same, but sufficient?
Hey, who are you to say that you're the worst at adapting to change :-)   Thanks for the Readling List explanation.  Maybe I'll try it.  I rarely use bookmarks, I usually just leave the page open in another tab (sometimes for weeks at a time).  Sounds like the reading list would be a better solution.
Not happy with the new tabs or the combined URL/search box either.  One nice thing about the old, orderly every-tab-the-same-size layout was the ability to close, say, three of 5 tabs with three clicks (without a mouse move).  Now you have to hunt for the (invisible) close boxes.  Just inelegant.  Maybe, perhaps, I'll get used to the combined address/search box, but I'm pretty old school and would have preferred to keep them distinct.   And I still don't know what...
  According to page 20 of http://movies.apple.com/media/us/osx/2012/server/docs/OSXServer_Product_Overview.pdf it's not command line any more. 
Right, but Charlituna was just saying that download size isn't part of the pricing equation.  And your post supports that: XCode is huge and it's free.
Thanks.  That's what I thought, and I figured it was worth calling that out for people like me who never seriously considered buying the server software before.  Now it's almost too good to be true.  
How is ARD different from the remote connect option that's already part of OS X?  Is that what's needed to create new remote sessions rather than just hijacking the current session (which REALLY freaks my kids out).
Was it always just $20?  OS X Server looks like a great deal now, even if you just use it for the Time Machine feature.  My kids and I have 4 Macs in active use and two of them aren't backed up regularly.  I can just pay $20 for this, turn on the Time Machine server option, point the other three Macs to the one acting as the server and I'm covered.  That's a lot cheaper than buying some networked backup appliance.   Am I missing something?
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