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"none of them are the company's chief executive officer"   Basic grammar, people.  (I know that "none is" sounds weird, but what can you do.  Think of is as "not one" then you'll get it right.)
Exactly.  I assume it's because all the good names are taken, so now everyone resorts to leaving out random vowels.
  Me, I'm kinda scared of heights and I'm not a big fan of bugs.  But whatever keeps you up at night, I guess.  If it gets really bad you could seek professional help.
"sees Apple's momentum returning in the second half of 2013"   I think someone doesn't understand the concept of "momentum."
There should be some sort of limit to how long you can wait before filing an infringement claim.  Everyone has known that the iPhone (and AT&T's network at least) has this ability for, what, 5 years, and they bring the case now?  "Case dismissed for reason of tacit consent after extended disinclination to make a claim."  (I just made that up, but I give permission for any judges out there to use it.)
Is it three or eight?  And what's a "colorway?"
But he was right.  The point he was referring to made no sense.  And "stuff and nonsense" is hardly beyond the pale in a rough and tumble forum like this.  It wasn't even ad hominem.  
Pixar wouldn't have been Pixar without Jobs (or Lasseter or a number of others).  To imply he was just an investor reveals your ignorance on this topic.
  Agreed.  I expect a lot of number of people in the Google development organization are reading about this and rolling their eyes (or more likely saying "this is @#$%").  A billion dollars to unify a few different communication standards into one app?  That borders on insanity.
  Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner.  This is exactly right.   A brand consultant's job is to do the best he or she can do with that 0.1% (for many classes of product it's a much, much higher figure).  Is the iPhone naming convention the best possible system that anyone could dream up?  Almost certainly not.  Whew, glad we settled that.
New Posts  All Forums: