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Only if your presentations are on YouTube.  This is rather an odd development.  We have Apple built-in AirPlay solution that works for any apps and then you'll have Google's solution for YouTube only?  I wish this was an Apple-led effort (although I can see why they wouldn't since they have little incentive to let other TVs compete with the Apple TV).
So sell your shares and invest in a company that isn't a joke with a delusional CEO.  I expect we'll survive your dumping your vast holdings onto the market.
And thus begins Talkgate!  Now Apple will have to issue a press release (perhaps approved by the British Royal Court of Something, just to be on the safe side) clarifying that within the walls of 1 Infinite Loop, yes "sometimes we use our words" to communicate about unannounced products.
You said it.  Same look, same intonation, same phrasing.  Someone should do a side-by-side video of this and one of the Apple iPad or MacBook videos.
In other news, the FBI reports a sharp uptick in the kidnapping and torture of Apple board members, especially during travel in South Korea.
I'm impressed.  There are around 400 stores worldwide and you know the state of every one of them.  Do you monitor all the stores as a hobby?  Or perhaps you just full facts out of thin air to sound authoritative?
  Good points.  We could very well see a surge in Windows tablets provided by business to their employees.  I don't think that will necessarily hurt iPad sales though.  Locked down tablets for work; personal iPad for home. 
$2.5B has to be wrong, right?   Even at $50/person (for some mix of apps), $2.5B a year implies 50 million people buying Office.   Both of those numbers seem on the high side.  Excel and Word are the big draws.  People might want PowerPoint, but it's such a basic app, I can't see people paying more than $10 for it.   And if these are native apps, you're not getting one sale per device or even one sale per person; you're getting on sale per family.  For my Macs I...
  I agree with your other points.  Getting my voicemail, photos, and contacts wouldn't concern me (much); getting into my mail and apps would be a BFD.   But your assertion that 11 tries (without having seen the phone being unlocked) gives one "fairly good odds" is nonsense.  .999^11 = .989.  Ok, the fact that 1.1 times out of a hundred a random dude could guess your pin before it's disabled is higher than you'd like.  But 1 in a 100 a very long, long shot by most...
This is likely only a basic risk-mitigation strategy.  Samsung is 100% dependent on Android, so it makes sense to invest in a fall-back.  But I expect this will be as relevant as all the talk about BeOS back in the day.  Or as someone else just said, this could be the OS for the basic free phones.   Poor Microsoft trying to be number 3 in the mobile OS might have some competition.
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