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Interesting that the logo showed "50" instead of the Roman numeral L. Maybe Superbowl L would just blow too many minds, so they are dropping the pretentious X's, V's, and I's. Update: ah, no "L" for Superbowl 50, but it will be LI for 51. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/06/nfl-super-bowl-50-roman-numerals-l
 If they do this, I have no doubt they would include an adaptor (and probably charge $19 or even $29 for the thing).
Allowing the lightning connector to serve as a headphone jack is a neat trick for a tiny device that may not have room for 2 connectors.  It doesn't necessarily follow that larger devices like phones and tablets and laptops that do have room would dump the standard phone jack.   Apple sometimes takes bold leaps that other companies would dream of.  They often turn out to be excellent moves (such as dropping floppy disks, dropping optical drives, and changing to the...
I hope this has a $2 million boost to Apple employee morale, because I can't think of any other justification for spending corporate dollars for this.
What do we know about Instant Hotspot?  It sounds like "you can use your iPhone as your internet connection for you Mac or MacBook with no fuss-no muss (and no tethering plan!)."  Is that too good to be true (even though we probably all expected that that would be possible when the iPhone first arrived).
 First, how are you doing that?  I don't understand how you have "a special Apple ID that is not connected to any credit card and which family members can use for buying through AppStore" without all the devices associated with that ID. Second, you realize that that is well outside the terms and conditions you agreed to, right?  The new family thing Apple is offering is a good reasonable step in the right direction, but still won't support that.
 Exactly.  Our shared Pages is filling up with my kids' school work and my work-work.  Yes, one can "make it work" today by turning off all the new features of the last few iOS versions, but this Family thing will fix that. As to why it's tied to one credit card and whether that's reasonable, it's to prevent blatent piracy and is a reasonable compromise between supporting users and supporting developers/content providers.  Sucks if you have more than 4 kids, but they had...
Finally. I thought this was one of the highlights of the keynote, but I hadn't seen anyone mention it yet. This will be great for families like mine that have been sharing a single account for years across a number of devices. Now I can afford to give everyone their own personal Apple account without having buy multiple copies of apps and music. We were all get rather sick of random apps that other family members purchased showing up on our phones and iPads.
This isn't really on topic, but I haven't seen it mentioned in any other story here: where's the love for Family Sharing?   "On June 2, 2014, Apple introduced significant new features, including Family Sharing. Family Sharing allows up to six family members of a single Family to browse and access each other's iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases and share photos, a family calendar, and their locations. Family Sharing supports parental controls and also allows parents...
 How can you have a discussion about optionals without even mentioning if-let?  That's the standard method for using them.  I would except to see if-let throughout all well-written Swift code.  Much more so than forced unwrapping (the ! operator). Also a major reason for the optional variable addition is to deal with the fact that any and all existing object methods can return nil in place of a real object.  if-let gives us a much cleaner, more consistent way to address...
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