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That doesn't make any sense.  If one coded an algorithm in Xcode using C, Objective-C, or Swift the compiled code would be identical.  Ergo, Swift has the performance of C, period.
I hope Christian Laettner has a long-tenured career at Apple.  He's clearly been doing great things since leaving Duke.  Just kidding with the lame basketball reference, but guys like this will help Apple stay great.  Thanks for the interesting article.
Exactly.  I replaced my daughter's iPod touch when we thought she had lost it on vacation.  Months later we found it in the car.  (The "good news" is that when she broke the screen on the new one, we had a ready backup.)
It's never too soon for a good joke.  And besides there were almost no Americans on board flight whatever-it-was so it's just an intellectual puzzler.
 Oh THAT.  Yeah, I have never used that.  You're right.  Thanks for the clarification.
And what makes a browser "venerable?"  The Safari of today is closer to today's Chrome and Firefox than it is to Safari of 5 years ago.  Now if you want to call iTunes "venerable" I can agree with you.  Although even then "long in the tooth" is more apt than a word that means "worthy of respect as a result of great age, wisdom, remarkable achievements, or similar qualities."
 What?  What was "useless" about it?  I use it every day and found it very straightforward.  I haven't used it yet--just read about it here, but I don't see how the scroll left-right thing is a big improvement.  But then I tend to have 6-8 tabs per window and 2 or 3 windows.  Maybe you keep dozens of tabs open?
It certainly makes sense to give users the option to require a passcode to power down.  Seems like a trivially easy addition to make (with it off by default). On the other hand, I have no doubt that thieves would get around this with a easy, low-tech solution (like tossing stolen phones in a RF-opaque container until the battery dies).
 Wow. If you think the demise of the desktop PC is something that should never happen and needs to be prevented, you're lost in the 1980s or something.  I expect that 5-10 years from now it's very possible that most household will have no desktop PCs and no laptops and they will be more productive and connected and happy than they are now.  Technology advances and yesterday's keynote convinced me (and many others here) that Apple really gets it.  They introduced dozens of...
Obviously Photo for Mac is a complete overhaul/replacement of iPhoto. 
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