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Agreed.  I hope/assume she'll really hit the ground running when she finally starts.
"few marques cater to the same financial strata of consumers as Hyundai, who have long been known to strive for affordability"   Yeah, right, "few" car companies compete for that niche market of "affordable" cars.  In reality Huyndai is competing directly with the everyone else for the core of the market.
How so?  The phone has to get powered on again at some point and then the kill switch takes effect, no?
The causality goes the other way.  By selling iPhone clones Samsung's brand increased in value.  Without stealing pages from the Apple playbook, Samsung wouldn't have the cache it's starting to have.
Pixar is one of the greatest companies of the modern era.  I look forward to reading this book.
I agree that that's what appears to be happening, but it should be an easy point for Apple to address when they make their own case.  If a car company invented some clever new anti-lock brake technology and a competitor started using it, it doesn't really matter if the inventing company uses it.  If it wasn't valuable why did the competitor include it in their design?  If it wasn't valuable, why didn't they remove it as soon as someone alleged infringement?  Frankly, I...
 Very well said.  An iPod without iTunes would have been a flop.  The iPhone and iPad sell each other.  Whatever Apple rolls out that is supposed to strap to our wrists (and it won't primarily be a watch), will fit into this ecosystem in a great way (or they simply won't release it).  Apple is not going to stick an old iPhone into a watch, stick a low price on it, and toss it into the market.  It might sell, but it wouldn't fit their corporate vision.
Of course his testimony is a "rehash" of what he said before.  It's a different jury that hasn't heard anything about this.  If a Broadway play opens to rave reviews do you criticize the performers for putting on the same show the next night?
Throwing billions at start up companies is not "innovating."
New Posts  All Forums: