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Reminds me of Photography 1 in HS.  My very first roll of film, after doing all that fiddly/chemically stuff, turned out to be completely unexposed because I had loaded the film into the camera wrong (or more accurately, never loaded the film at all since the sprockets didn't catch).  Those were the days.  None of this instant gratification that spoils us nowadays.   Hey, there's an idea for an app.  A photo app that won't show you the pictures until a day or a week...
But not because the name is a big lie?
Maybe some people still like to use film.  I wonder how you load the film.
  So if your boss told you "please turn in your work as a Word document, and a PDF, and a PDF paginated to legal sized paper, and also as a plain text doc" you'd say "I'd be happy to; I feel sorry for anyone who complains about this."?   Don't get me wrong, Apple did a great job moving us to the retina display.  The pixel doubling solution/hack was well done and well implemented.  The fact that the only thing developers had to do with submit new images and icons and...
Dude, you don't know WTF you are talking about.  To submit an app to the AppStore you have to include a large number of .png files for different icons and splashscreens for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4, iPhone+, retina and non-retina.  And every icon or image you include in your app has to have two versions (retina and regular).  Yes, iOS has a ton of support for vector graphics, but not for icons. 
99% of apps are already resolution independent.  It's only icons and custom images that aren't.
Actually it IS a great deal of extra work.  I support 5 apps, 4 of which are for iPhone and iPad.  The number of opening screen shots and icons that have to be created is significant (2 resolutions, 2 orientations, 3 device sizes, plus a few extra icons for the store).  No big deal for major developers who can just throw a little more work to their graphics people, but for independent developers who either do their own graphics or pay someone, it is a PITA.  I'd much...
Who do you imagine was in the smoke-filled room when "they" decided "the government needs money and Apple has, how about we sue Apple for collusion." 
This is not good for Apple (or justice).  Any time someone says "I believe ____" in a public way, they are going to be inclined to stick with that opinion and give extra credence to things that make them "correct" (even if they don't understand/admit that they are doing so).  People don't like to be wrong and especially don't like to admit they were wrong.  Bummer.
My wife took exception to the fact that the ad was "picking on Siri."
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