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  Actually, you're both wrong (kinda).   The fact is that for the first time Apple introduced a product line with no gimmicks and no restrictions related to what combinations of features are available.  You can get a MBA with any combination of the following: 11" or 13" 1.3GHz i5 or 1.7GHz i7 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB 4GB RAM or 8GB RAM   And the price difference is exactly the same no matter what combo you choose.  For example the 13" costs $100 more; the faster processor...
  Agreed.  At least one iOS development book uses a compass as an example of how to create images using the basic shapes and shadings available.  That's exactly what this icon looks like: a garish graphical "hello World!" demo.  "Create a circle with a really unsubtle color gradiant.  Overlay a brightly covered diamond shape... Ta da!  You've created your first icon!  Congratuations!  In Chapter 3 we'll discuss how to make it look like it's floating with some shadow...
I'll take that bet. I'm pretty sure Apple wins this one.
  Wow.  Excellent question.  That sounds more like a denial of service attack vulnerability when you put it like that. 
Most things that you can do with a "big computer" can be done with the big computer located elsewhere.  I suspect someone could turn a generic smartphone into a front end for this pretty easily.   This is a good example of how these kinds of vulnerabilities should be discovered, reported, and (presumably) fixed.  I'm surprised the Apple security guys didn't catch this sooner.  Or perhaps they did and how they are having a "we told you so" moment.
Agreed.   I'm all for innovative solutions, but I don't see how this is a solution to anything.
The 9 hour claim is based on 10.8, so unless the new Air ships with some custom version of 10.8, the improvements are all hardware related.  I expect more improvements with 10.9 though based on the keynote.  So it's win-win.
This seems as good a place as any to ask: why are there 2 microphones on the left side?  Noise cancellation?  It can't be for stereo input, right?
I wouldn't be surprised if Apple prices the MacPro aggressively, surprisingly low.  As others have pointed out, they can get great pricing and over the years Apple has has a number of computers that were priced well under spec-for-spec comparable PCs.  That is, I expect there will be an entry level model that will be reasonable as an uber-desktop.  And the real pros will have plenty of options to spec it out into the 5-figure range.   You'll notice that the Mac Pro...
  Obviously you are not a lawyer (I'm not either).  Based on those facts there is not enough information to know if a crime was committed, period.  When did the neighbor enter the property? (noon?  3am?  makes a difference).  Why did he enter?  (to return the tools he borrowed or to vandalize your car?)  Did you have reason to be afraid for your life or serious physical harm?  Do you live in a state with the "castle doctrine" or "stand your ground" laws?  Was he drunk? ...
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