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  Interesting.  What's your source for this tidbit?
How has everyone missed the obvious: Apple is about to release a FLYING CAR!  
  Take a look at the screenshot on the left in the story.  Those little blue bars show all the instances of the selected phrase throughout the book.  For example, you can see at a glance that first character show appears in the beginning and the end of the book, but hardly at all in the middle.  On the other hand, the third from the bottom is much more significant showing up throughout the book.  I don't know that the X-ray name is a good one, but it does way beyond a...
Would you mind giving us a few sentences of context about caps and tantalum caps for those of us who aren't electrical engineers and have no idea what you're talking about?  If it's something that will effect this computer 20 years from now I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.
I suspect you were trying to be sarcastic, but in fact Cook IS a supply chain genius.  Apple wouldn't be nearly as successful today without Cook's skills supporting Jobs' strengths.  If there's a supply chain Hall of Fame, Cook is a shoo-in for election in his first year of eligibility.
$129 is an incredible price for a tablet.  I'm sure they did sell a ton of them.  I have no doubt they are losing money on every one, and hope to make up for it via sales of Kindle eBooks.  Bezos said pretty much exactly that.  Something to the effect that he doesn't think people should have to pay up front, they should pay for content.  If I weren't well invested in the iOS ecosystem (as a happy user, an AAPL shareholder, and an iOS developer), I would have bought one...
  If you want to use your phone like a speaker phone, put it in speaker phone mode.  If you are looking at the screen how can you hear the person on the call?  I agree with you that Apple could do something based on the proximity sensor, but I don't see this as a defect, and I've never been impacted by it.
I saw that ad last night while watching TV with my brother-in-law (who has an Android phone).  His reaction was "why are they acting like that's a big deal; phones have had that feature for years."  Is he right?  Do Samsung and HTC phones do this too?
But this gives me the opening to tell my first iOS maps story.  This past weekend I had to travel an hour (and across state lines) to a co-worker's house warming party.  I used the Map app on my iPhone 4s, and it compared favorably to my experience using a stand-alone GPS and was an improvement over the pre-iOS 6 Map app.  We got there on time without any confusion.  A collegue who was traveling a similar route got there late and complained about Google maps having them...
(Assuming this is even true)   Uh... no.  It will just increase Apple's incentive to move more business to other suppliers and AWAY from the plant in Texas.  Unless you think Samsung is passing the result of the price increases to the workers.  Yeah right.
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