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I agree.  There has been such a long delay between any significant announcement and so much hype about this, silence on any dimension will be trumpeted as failure.  "Apple has no answer to the Surface 3" etc. The bigger venue and the extra building (!) point to this being very different from the usual roll-out.  I expect an emphasis on the whole Apple/iOS ecosystem.  iOS at home, iOS in the car, iOS for health.  Leaving the iPad out of that (or using last year's model)...
3 would be better.  And a quad-core Snapdragon processor with discrete GPU.
Undoubtedly, but only after Apple makes an announcement about how they will be using it--especially if they do a head-to-head comparison (either a demo or a slide saying 'x% stronger than...').
 What is being called out with the 110 label?  Does the documentation say "110: everything that isn't part of the invention" or perhaps "ignore the small insect that flew into view just as we created this diagram."
An homage to the NeXT cube maybe.  Needs to be about 3 times thicker though.
I was thinking exactly the same thing (except more destructively).  I wonder if there is case law on this.  There must be because RC planes and such have been around for decades.
You mean "don't save anything potentially sensitive or with any financial implications in the cloud?" This story is the modern equivalent of learning that 100 celebrities had their houses broken into on the same day.  That would cause people to wonder about their personal security habits and whether they should trust their security systems.  And then you would say "Don't store anything valuable in your house."
Good luck with that.  Even if he used only lower-case random letters, you'd still have to work through 2.4x10^35 combinations to try them all.  Lucky for you it would only take 1.2*10^35 tries to find the right one, on average.  You'd better get started if you want to finish before the sun runs out of energy.  (If you could try 1,000,000,000 passwords a second, it would take you 3,750,000,000,000,000,000 years.)
In my experience, that's not true.  WashingtonPost.com and NewYorkTimes.com are hardly mentioning the possible Apple connection in their stories.
Fortunately, you are wrong.   The mass general public who know next to nothing about these matters will neither hear nor remember Apple's iCloud was "hacked."
New Posts  All Forums: