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 Heh.  What's a CD?
Remember, this was part of a design conference. Perhaps the idea was to see how designs changed in a relatively short period of time. Of course now with the Web, Wikipedia, and search engines this idea of a physical time capsule seems quaint.
I have no doubt that Apple could have built the capacity so that there would be no back log at this point in the product cycle.  And then 6 months from now they would have to scale back when demand falls back to normal levels and assembly lines would be sitting idle.  I expect they've got this well under control.
I don't see why it would be.  Reviewing apps and providing bandwidth isn't all that expensive.  I wonder how the numbers compare to YouTube for example.  It's not obvious to me that the ad revenue divided by the server/bandwidth cost for YouTube should be higher than the 30% Apple "cut" divided by iTunes App Store overhead.
 Thanks for that summary.  I hadn't understood it that way.  This whole sapphire thing is very intriguing.  Of all the components that Apple doesn't make, I wonder why this made the cut.  It's especially interesting given Apple's history with Corning.
I thought Apple just had a partnership with some firm to manufacture these sapphire crystal whatever-they-are. This article implies that it will be an Apple owned and operated facility. Is that the case?
Look at the very top of any of the official legal documents from this case.  It's points out that it's Apple Inc versus Samsung, Ltd. "a Korean company," Samsung America incorporated in the US, and some third version.  Therefore it's perfectly reasonable to make comments about Samsung Korea (the first defendant).
Or how about the atheletes leave their phones in their pockets and experience the once-in-a-lifetime moment first-hand?  This experience of recording everything and basically watching life in real-time through a little screen is bizarre.
Right, but you can't buy every competitor's loyalty by giving them a stupid phone.  Nike pays its people millions so it makes sense that they try not be caught dead wearing something else.  This is entirely different.
I suspect you are not 40-something or older.  Those of us who lived through the DOS -> Mac OS -> Windows history in the late 80s/early 90s scoff at your summary from a 21st century perspective.  There were no other exemplars to steal from when Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 were in full blown copy-Apple mode.  (Ok maybe they also stole a thing of two from the Amiga, but I wouldn't know.)
New Posts  All Forums: