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What's the "over-under" on how many days until the following story appears here: "YSL CEO not bound for Apple afterall."   I can't see why a CEO would go work for Apple as head of retail or any other role.  Obviously anything is possible, but I'd bet money on this conjecture being wrong.
  It's not a hardware question, it's a user experience and system decision issue.  iOS completely abstracts the concept of file management.  So without some seriously cool voodoo it would be challenging for Apple allow a user to plug in and remove memory cards and have them "just work."  Obviously they could add a card reader to add some very basic file input output (reading photos from a camera; saving docs to a card).  But that would like the floppy drive on the iMac:...
Different cards with different pin locations?   Like with all patents this is a patent for "a method of..."  There can be other methods of course.  I doubt Apple is going to the trouble/expense of patenting this if there's nothing new here.
Apple wasn't kidding when during the original iPad roll-out they said "there is no wrong way to hold it."  Unlike the new Surface, for example, that more or less forces users to use landscape mode, the iPad is super flexible.  I just pick mine up and use it.  Sometimes it's even "upside down" but who cares.    That's the take-home message from this.  iPad users tend to use both orientations.
  Actually, you're both wrong (kinda).   The fact is that for the first time Apple introduced a product line with no gimmicks and no restrictions related to what combinations of features are available.  You can get a MBA with any combination of the following: 11" or 13" 1.3GHz i5 or 1.7GHz i7 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB 4GB RAM or 8GB RAM   And the price difference is exactly the same no matter what combo you choose.  For example the 13" costs $100 more; the faster processor...
  Agreed.  At least one iOS development book uses a compass as an example of how to create images using the basic shapes and shadings available.  That's exactly what this icon looks like: a garish graphical "hello World!" demo.  "Create a circle with a really unsubtle color gradiant.  Overlay a brightly covered diamond shape... Ta da!  You've created your first icon!  Congratuations!  In Chapter 3 we'll discuss how to make it look like it's floating with some shadow...
I'll take that bet. I'm pretty sure Apple wins this one.
  Wow.  Excellent question.  That sounds more like a denial of service attack vulnerability when you put it like that. 
Most things that you can do with a "big computer" can be done with the big computer located elsewhere.  I suspect someone could turn a generic smartphone into a front end for this pretty easily.   This is a good example of how these kinds of vulnerabilities should be discovered, reported, and (presumably) fixed.  I'm surprised the Apple security guys didn't catch this sooner.  Or perhaps they did and how they are having a "we told you so" moment.
Agreed.   I'm all for innovative solutions, but I don't see how this is a solution to anything.
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