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Yeah, I don't see those comments as "digs" against any person in particular.  If anything they are digs at themselves.  Personally I really liked the subtle touches like the stitched leather and torn pages, but a change in direction is fine too.  I don't think there was anything mean spirited about any of the presentation.
  This part of the article is kinda dumb.  Public speaking and socializing at two completely different things.  Personally, I'd much rather do a presentation in front of a crowd of strangers than make small talk for a couple hours with co-workers and their signficant others.  Now a crowd of thousands and an internet audience of millions, that's another kettle of fish, but it's still got nothing to with the "social get togethers."
  I hear what you're saying, but the good news is that every other router on the market is still available.  Apple doesn't need to make the best router for every one.  They are aiming for the person that wants to keep it simple.  Personally, my internet provider includes a wireless router, so I just use that.  It kinda sucks and falls over because of all the wires hanging out of it, but oh well.
  But these are available today with 10.8, so the battery claims are not based on 10.9 optimizations.  Must be black magic involved.
Simplest pricing ever.    The new MBAs are on the Apple Store now and for the first time in my memory there are no limitations between models. This is everything you need to know:   $1000 for the 11" with 4 gig memory and 128 gig flash storage 1.3GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 + $100 if you want the 13" (and longer battery life). + $100 if you want 8 gig memory instead of 4. + $200 if you want 256 gig flash storage or + $500 if you want 512 gig. + $150 if...
  Booya!  What do I win?    "Instead, Klug noted that, where there are two settings inside the files with the word "throttle" in them, these "refer purely to a retry interval throttle to prevent the phone from continually trying to reattach to an LTE network in the case of some error."
  There's no smoking gun here.  Wow, there are some carrier-specific configuration parameters in iOS and one of them is called, ominously enough, "Service Req Throttle" and another is called "Throttling Parameters".  So what?  Look at the value of the second parameter: failure_timer_5: 720.  Maybe just maybe this is related to the iPhone adjusting automatically to network failures?    You know if you listen to Strawberry Fields backwards if kinda sounds like someone...
Maybe Mr. Gascan can provide us a simple technological solution to cancer and war next.   If it were easy, Apple would have already done it (and Android would have copied it).
  Yep.  I see the same thing for my apps.  Rounded but without the gloss.   FYI (for non developers), when you submit an app to the AppStore you can either opt to have Apple add the gloss or not to your icon.  If you look on your device, you'll see that the vast majority of developers/companies opt out of the Apple-supplied gloss and either do their own version or do without.  If Apple turns off this gloss option it will have minimal impact on user experience.  Presumably...
  I doubt it.  Unless Apple support starts getting a bunch of calls related to this, I can't see why Apple would bother.  The percentage of AppleTV owners who will learn about this is probably in the single digits and a tiny fraction of them will try it out.  If this were an iPhone or iPad hack, Apple would be all over it, but not AppleTV.   On the other hand... if this clues Apple in to a more generic "exploitable" issue with iOS in general, then yeah they will fix it. ...
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