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I recall the acquisition, but I don't recall it being discussed in terms of fuel cells. Is this speculation on your part or is there real connection between these topics?
And Ballmer, at a summit for tech luminaries, ridicules the idea of anything other than traditional batteries powering consumer devices. "Consumers love batteries and the feeling of security of knowing they can plug their computer into the wall every few hours using a transformer. No one wants to go days without plugging in."
You're absolutely right. The modern trade show is an outmoded vehicle for communicating. Why should a company spend literally 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars to put on a mini show at a trade show for a few days to interact with a few hundred people when that money could be better spent on other marketing and relationship-building efforts?
Good to know. Thanks. I don't know where I got the idea that it wouldn't be a US dollar transaction. At least of the articles said something like "when converted to US dollars" so I made a (bad) assumption. My point was that whether this was a $400MM deal or a $500MM is not all that interesting. It's a BIG deal in any case (at least on nominal dollars bigger than Apple's acquisition of NeXT). Assuming the 200 employee count is right, basically Apple just bought a...
Except that the transaction was done in New Israel Shekels, so there is no reason it would be a nice round amount in US$. Two billion shekels would be a little more than $500m, so it was probably between 1.6B 1.9B shekels. Who knows, who cares (except the Anobit investors of course). For Apple, $100M here or there hardly makes a difference. :-)
Some weird tall skinny rectangle with squiggles in it. I assumed it was the Chinese character for jerk or something to reinforce your point. I apologize for not recognizing it as sarcasm.
All we know about his "stance of philanthropy" is that he doesn't discuss it. I'd be willing to bet that he donated more money to charitable activities than anyone reading this. But we can only speculate. Whether he gave away $0 or $1B, all we know is that he didn't want to talk about it.
"After the campaign launched, Apple stock prices tripled within a year..." Post hoc ergo propter hoc.
Then we can buy it all over again like the Director's Cut of Lord of the Rings. But you're right. I wouldn't be surprised if when the paperback come out it doesn't have an "updated with additional material" sticker on it (and quietly fixed errata).
Further proof that someone is, in any case. Only on a site like this one would this be reported as interesting news. Imagine how this would play out on other topics. Entertainment Tonight teaser: "We interviewed ADELE and she declined to talk about her sex life! Tune in at 8:00 for more on this developing story!"
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