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You lost me. What are you referring to? Thanks.
I had the same reaction, but then I realized that the fault lies with the AI headline and not the analyst in this case. The analyst said (apparently) "the next iPhone WILL..." I don't know why the headline watered that down since it attributes the statement to Morgan Stanley. I wonder if it will be thinner by the .2mm that Corning was bragging about with their Gorilla Glass 2
Can't we just have one thread where we all make our pointless predictions about the name of the next phone and then come back in 6-9 months and eat crow or celebrate our genius? Personally, my money is on "not iPhone 6"
Two points: 1. the market cap isn't $3B. They have just under 270 million shares outstanding, valued currently at less than a buck a share. So call it a quarter billion dollars, give or take. That's down 80-90% from a year ago. Second, market cap is a function of profitability and financial health, not the other way around. Investors have been bailing out of Kodak as it becomes clear that this is not going to end well. The company hasn't been profitable for any of the...
You've got that wrong. Filing for bankruptcy means that you owe your creditors more than you can afford to pay back. If Kodak has patents that are worth money they have a moral obligation to make money off them before they ask a court to partially write off their debt obligations. Just because Kodak is going under doesn't mean that its shareholders and creditors shouldn't get the best deal they can.Except that Kodak is credited by many as inventing digital photography. ...
I had forgotten how ugly those original iBooks were (although at the time they compared favorably to the Wintel options of the day). That's one of the few classes of Macs I've never owned (my parents had one though).
Apple also has no plans to release an iPhone nano at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas in late January!
I recall the acquisition, but I don't recall it being discussed in terms of fuel cells. Is this speculation on your part or is there real connection between these topics?
And Ballmer, at a summit for tech luminaries, ridicules the idea of anything other than traditional batteries powering consumer devices. "Consumers love batteries and the feeling of security of knowing they can plug their computer into the wall every few hours using a transformer. No one wants to go days without plugging in."
You're absolutely right. The modern trade show is an outmoded vehicle for communicating. Why should a company spend literally 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars to put on a mini show at a trade show for a few days to interact with a few hundred people when that money could be better spent on other marketing and relationship-building efforts?
New Posts  All Forums: