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Never mind.
Good point.  Unlikely, IMO, but certainly possible.
What else could it mean?  Today it's impossible to pay anything other than $99 for an Apple TV (and recently you'd get $25 back in the form of iTunes credit).  I expect that won't be the case when the Apple Store reopens this afternoon.
There are lots of models.  CBS has (recently?) started streaming it's shows for free on their site immediately after they air on the West coast.  With embedded ads.  My pet peeve with all these streaming w/ ads platforms is that the ads are so limited you are exposed to the same ads over and over and over.  OTA TV ads are a pleasure by contrast (except for that new Android ad with the horrible "music"/noise).
"Don't be evil" apparently means "don't bother trying to prevent your services from being a hotbed of piracy."  Maybe they can buy up 4chan and bittorrent.
I know that that was just an example and you aren't suggesting that "Apple TV for the car" is a thing, but I'd put that on my "evidence that Apple has jumped the shark top 10 list."  AAA would love that.
Just because it will be cross platform doesn't mean Apple didn't have a (significant) hand in it.  But we'll learn more in a few hours.  If Apple tosses up a slide with HBO, CBS, and a who's who of other media companies and says "we were able to ..." then that'll be evidence enough for me. The "starting at $99" thing has me convinced that Apple TV will be featured today (I was skeptical before).  And these CBS and HBO announcements are probably not a coincidence.  But...
Something that isn't flat, unlike every Apple multi-touch device.  I'm pretty sure that that isn't a hidden message in the event promo.
I'm jumping on the bandwagon that "It’s been way too long" refers to how long Apple has considered the Apple TV a "hobby."  Unlike the other scenarios, that's actually be a long time by any measure.
Yikes.  A few scenes like that and many of us Apple fans will be wishing they hadn't made this movie.
New Posts  All Forums: