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I hope you have millions of dollars invested in other things too.  Having a meaningful fraction one's money tied up in one particular asset is ... ill advised.
I assume you mean the 5C not the 5S.  And I think the reason it didn't meet sales expectations (but was far from a "failure") was the pricing, not the case design.  If Apple had cut the price of the 5C in half, they would have sold more than twice as many (and probably made less profit, even before factoring in that they would have sold few 5S models as well).
I'm pretty sure your/your son's behavior was exactly what Apple predicted and desired.
I currently have 13,395 unread emails in my Outlook mailbox at work.  But we're not allowed to connect our devices to the Exchange server any more so it's moot.
Remind me why I'm supposed to care about 7.1.  I'm not being sarcastic.  What noticable changes are expected?
I'm surprised that Apple stores don't have a solution for this already.  Either a physical pin entry terminal at the back of the store for use as needed, or via the Apple.com Web site using any of the MacBooks available.   Apropos of nothing, just yesterday I made a purchase from an Apple store with the assistance of a deaf employee.  We communicated via the MacBook Air that he carried around.  I think that's the first time I've engaged with a ear-impared salesperson at...
As I was watching that (and noting that it's resistive touch) I couldn't help thinking "Steve wouldn't have let them do this."  I just believe that Jobs would have taken this up the line to convince the big wigs that Ferrari that this was a bad choice, perhaps with some colorful language.
I'd expect AAPL to crater if Cook were to step down.  The only way Wall Street would respond favorable would be if Apple announced that some exciting known quantity CEO was being hired.  But to announce that Cook were leaving would set up a firestorm of theories about why Apple is failing.
Who the heck uses all these one-off IM solutions (and how do they convince their friends to bother)?
 Interesting point.  Why can't 2 brothers marry?  It's not like they are going to procreate and cause in-breeding birth defects...
New Posts  All Forums: