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 Let's take these points in order, shall we... 1. BS.  There is zero evidence that the iPhone 6 was "supposed" to use sapphire.2. BS.  There is zero evidence that the Apple Watch was "supposed" to come out this year nor that anything about the sapphire supply chain has impacted its schedule.3. If this deal cost "hundreds of millions" then I'm in the wrong line of work.  If Tim Cook pays his people $100s of millions of dollars on paperwork for a $0.5B deal, then he should...
 Imagine what the court papers would look like if sog35 or brlawyer ever file for divorce (not from either other; as far as I know they aren't married to each other--or at all for that matter).  Grounds for divorce:1. the car she bought turned out to be a lemon2. one time she forgot to lock the house when she went to work3. we posted fliers for a block party and way more people than we expected showed up and some people didn't get enough to eat; she was responsible for...
 I agree that it's weird, but there is precedent.  The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) spun off Coca-Cola Enterprises (NYSE: CCE) as a independent corporation.
That was one of the weirder episodes in the Apple soap opera.  Darn that Tim Cook for his horrible judgement.  /s
I get that you're upset that you personally bet on the wrong horse when you bought GTAT stock, but you're coming across like a crazy person.  Apple hasn't lost anything yet.  The company they are in business with has gone to court to restructure their debts.  That could (probably will) impact Apple negatively, but there is no reason to believe that Apple will lose $500M.  And doubling that figure to account makes even less sense. Let this play and we'll see what's what....
 I want my iPhone to be "durable enough" and no stronger.  Durability comes at a cost of some combination of weight, size, cost, battery life, etc.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.  Did Apple err on the side of lighter/thinner this time?  Not based on the evidence presented so far.  In that case, there is nothing for Apple to "fix."
Who's saying anything about liquidation of assets?  And why would "the workers" be ahead of anyone?  If a company stops operating, the workers just lose their jobs.  Unless there is a pension plan (or union contracts?) the workers aren't really part of the discussion.
But only because Dremel cutting disc contain either diamond or silicone carbide, right?  You can never scratch something of hardness X with something with a lower hardness, isn't that true?  So if sapphire is #3 on the list, then it's can't be scratched by anything that isn't diamond or SC.  Or it more complicated than that?
With all due respect, you're just making stuff up based on a poor understanding of the law.  Bankruptcy is a process whereby the courts help arrange a fair deal for the affected parties when the company is unable to fulfill all it's obligations.  Starting the process in no way, shape, or form means that all contracts are null and void.  They aren't filing for anarchy. Unless you are significant shareholder or they personally owe you money, I suggest you don't worry about...
EBay isn't spinning off PayPal because it's a loser.  If anything EBay recognizes that the EBay brand and business model are holding back PayPal. If Meg is responsible for the original acquisition that's goes in her Plus column.  
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