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Perhaps that's why it starts with "Glass Age, Presented by Corning."  It's an informercial.
I hope the edited 30-second spots play up the relevant parts. A tag line about never touching your wallet again or worrying about credit card fraud, or something, would be nice.
"We spent half day with them in Cupertino and they're storytellers," Canavari said. Is that supposed to be ",and they're storytellers" or "and their storytellers"?
 The original San Francisco font was a gimmick font to (I'm assuming) show off that fact that the Mac was making anything possible.  Except for college kids printing party flyers on their ImageWriters (I speak from experience), it was never really used for anything--and wasn't expected to be. So, no, the glyphs of the two fonts share nothing in common. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Francisco_(1984_typeface)
Where's that option in Mac OS X?  Is that the "Use enhanced dictation" option?
Those are good points.  Remember much of the success of Windows was convincing people that all GUI interfaces are basically the same, so why not get the one that is a little cheaper.  In this case, if Windows Phone can be thought as "basically the same" as an iPhone, MS wins.  "We have a talking phone, Apple has a talking phone, ergo go with the fresh snarky Microsoft rather than stick-up-the-butt Apple."  (Wow, how times have changed when anyone can even imagine that MS...
"Microsoft on Friday released a short ad bashing lack of enhancing Siri when it released the latest iPhone 6 models, expectedly touting Windows Phone-based Cortana virtual assistant technology."   Is this even English?  I think it translates to:   "On Friday Microsoft released a short ad contending that Apple's Siri gained no new features with the release of the latest iPhone 6 models.  The ad touts the Cortana virtual assistant technology of Window Phone."
 I bet you could copy almost anyone's signature with a little practice, so therefore it's a waste of time collecting autographs.  People value having a "piece of history" or other physical connections to things/people they admire/desire.  Nothing wrong with that, even if your own (or my own) values differs. Just curious, what would your reaction be if someone started selling exact copies of that flag for $30 on eBay?
I have no idea if you have a point about Swift (the site gives no hint at how long it's been around), but saying that Apple shouldn't use the name San Francisco for its new font is like saying that Apple stole it's own name when it introduced the iMac.  
Looks like an impressive product.  Thanks for the review.  My wife is addicted to her iPhone and iPad, but only uses her (hand-me-down) MacBook Air when she has to use the school's Web site (thanks to crappy LMS software).  She just doesn't like "computers."  I could see this as a good option for her.  Personally I don't want need a keyboard for my iPad and want/need for MacBook for "real work."
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