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Agreed.  Frankly it would have been a PR nightmare for Apple if Time had selected Cook (while mentioning all the other runners-up).
Any data to back this up?  The media are basically click-whores.  If there were any infected people within 1000 miles of the US they would be back to scare mongering. But suppose your media conspiracy is true.  What's the theory behind it?  Who did it help to get people anxious about disease before the election?  Was it a (very subtle) way to suppress the minority vote somehow?  Or was it a failed attempt to get people to support the Democrat's healthcare agenda?
If it bleeds it leads.  Who cares if more people die from the flu (and almost anything else you can think of, at least in the US).
Well, Bezos and Facebook guy were each Person of the Year once, so being the CEO of a successful, disruptive tech company is sufficient (ok they were also the founder, and Cook isn't).  But of course the real reason he made the short list this year was his "coming out."  Gay marriage was a fairly big story this year, so Time could have linked those things together to make the case.  But Ebola has been a biggest story by far, so this makes more sense.
Agreed.  But AI characterizing this as Cook being "spurned" is absurd.  Oftentimes the person of the year is news-making tyrant (e.g., Hitler and Stalin (twice)).  It's not a popularity contest.
I'm not second guessing Apple's decision (much), but to say "We would have to make a whole new product," Cook said. "The engineering work to do that would be massive. The number of people who wanted it is very small." is disingenious at best. Massive? There are Kickstarter projects more complicated than this. The real answer is that this is a niche product with a limited life (iPhones will have this much capacity soon), so Apple doesn't want to "lose focus" by...
I suspect that every Hollywood project is "troubled" (to some degree) until the premiere.  It's just a very chaotic, rough and tumble, high-risk business.  Of the projects that reach the stage that this one is at, I bet less than half make it into theaters.
Depends on what you use your iPhone for and what your risk tolerance is.  If your iPhone is your professional lifeline and you can't afford to be off-line for a few hours, you'd be nuts (or just foolishly risk-tolerant) if you updated your iPhone in the middle of your workday just because it's available.
"classic comedy Dumb and Dumber" Must. resist. gag reflex.
 So go into System settings and turn off auto-update?  Or did they remove that option (I can't check until I get home)?
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