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Maybe AI can be convinced to do a hand's on review.  I have concerns about how well it works with Apple's (ingenious) auto-save/versioning.  For example, I find myself having documents open on my MacBook in various states of un-saved-ness for literally months.  What would get synced to my other devices, and what would happen if I had a copy of the same document open on two different Macs? And it's not obvious if the two biggest data collections I manage (iTunes and iPhoto)...
 At least in my experience, your URL brings up a search of all Michaels.  Jobs doesn't look much like Michael Keaton (who was surprisingly great as Batman in my opinion), Michael Buble, or Michael Landon.  On the other hand, he doesn't look anything like any of these pictures either: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Fassbender
That Transporter Sync looks like an interesting option at $99 +BYO USB drive.  However it doesn't seem to offer much beyond what I get my with (more expensive) Time Capsule.  Unless I could convince an out of town family member to host a second one to radically improve my disaster recovery strategy.  Hmm.  Thanks for sharing the link.
If he's an A-list actor, that's a very long list.
I give this guy a thumbs up for his work and his approach.  Based on my reading of this (especially the fact that earlier versions of OS X didn't have the flaw), it probably won't be that hard for Apple to fix it.  If Apple reaches out to this guy in early January and says a patch won't be released until Feb 1 then I expect he'll hold off on his big reveal.  If he doesn't then he might deserve to be called mean names.  Until then, he's done us all a favor by finding a flaw...
 That statement makes as much sense as Han Solo's bragging about doing the Kessell Run in 12 parsecs.  Personally my AAPL investment is up about 150%.
Jony is (again) taking this "flat" design aethetic way too far.  And that thing is too boxy to be reasonably called a wand.  \s
Apparently, you don't understand much about patent law.  Just because someone has invented a mouse trap doesn't mean that you can't invent and patent a new way to catch mice.  Obviously Apple and Patent Office believe that what Apple has invented differs in meaningful ways from the Wiimote.  For example, someone had a patent on using a ball and two rollers to serve as a computer mouse; there have been numerous improvements and advancements on that original idea.  I'm sure...
I was wondering that myself.  Why does Apple need even more money overseas?  Maybe they just figured 1.1% was just too good to pass up.
USAA is featuring Apple Pay on their home page now.  I don't have an iPhone 6, so I can't try it out.
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