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That's the point!  Newspapers generally don't waste time printing stories that are obvious.  If many suppliers hated working with Apple, the WSJ would have found them and printed THAT story.  Obviously the companies wouldn't publish press releases to that effect, but industry insiders would know the scuttlebutt.  Instead word on the street is that Apple is fair but really tough.  Unlike what GTAT is asserting.
I don't think you understand the meaning of the word "anonymously."  If most of Apple's suppliers felt as GTAT did, word would get out.  In fact, it appears that GTAT management simply isn't ready to play in the big leagues.  They remind me of a little leaguer complaining about a coach that makes them practice their fundamentals; at every higher level the players take that for granted and look at those complaints as childish.
I don't think you're reading this thread correctly.  Some of the posters are saying "what Rockstar is doing is just fine because they aren't a patent troll," some (like myself and Gatorguy) are saying "what Rockstar is doing is just fine because they are just doing what IP licensing firms do," and a minority are saying "anyone that sues over patents is bad."  So I don't know who you're referring to when you say "Sorry, haters, but YOU are the ones trying to change the...
Exactly.  If other vendors felt mistreated by Apple, they would jump at this chance to, anonymous, jump on the GTAT bandwagon.  And the press would love that story.  So in this case silence speak volumes.
I think those amateurs at GTAT have lost the war of public opinion and are just digging themselves into a deeper and deeper hole. "We were pushovers and go suckered into agreeing to terms were weren't competent to meet" isn't a great defense/excuse. I think that only works for college dropouts when their first venture fails.
Personally, I think the term "patent troll" is not a useful term, as evidenced by this discussion.  One person's IP licensing company is another person's patent troll; the only difference is which on side of the courtroom you're sitting.  If Google had done exactly what Apple and Co. did and formed Deathstar Consortium and sued Apple over some IP, most people here would be referring to Deathstar as a classic patent troll taking advantage of the bizarre legal climate of...
I wonder why this article doesn't refer to Rockstar as a patent troll since it's a non-practicing entity. AI loves that phrase in other articles about these types of organizations. It's a real puzzler what's different in this instance.
I hope you don't have an upper management position in real life. I wouldn't blame the soldiers for a disasterous battle plan, for not having the necessary training, and poor supervision.
Each of those boules is a 1.31 million caret gem. (A caret is a 1/5 of a gram.)
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