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Good news. It's always felt odd that we had no control over that calendar alert sound.
Agreed. It's like the Developer Tools that have been distributed with OS X discs as optional installs. Don't waste disk space or confuse users with stuff they will likely never need, but make their readily available.
I agree. This isn't even a rumor, it's a fact. Just a boring fact: no one who really knows what, if anything, Apple has planned for NFC payment is talking. I doubt the local news will be running with this story tonight.
Wow. Remind me never to invest in a company that listens to your advice. Innovation bad. Business as usual good.
Time to update the various "who is suing whom" diagrams to toss eBay in the mix. WTG eBay! And how long before Apple gets involved? http://gizmodo.com/5656913/whos-suin...obile-industry http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology...patent-lawsuit
As is often the case, the headline of this article is a bit sensational and misleading while the facts of the case are interesting but not very controversial. He was not just some teenager selling "kits" for the iPhone 4. He was somehow getting his hands on official Apple-branded parts illicitly from China and making money off that. That's pretty blatant and indefensible. There isn't a corporation in the world that wouldn't go ballistic if I got branded parts from the...
Who would listen to an "Apple salesman" regarding an enterprise storage solution? Maybe they get their catering guidance from the barrista at Starbucks too.
Note the generic use of the term "app store." Hmm.
Although technically it's in McLean, the key fact is that it's in the Tyson Corner's mall. Tyson's Corners is probably THE shopping destination in the Washington, DC region (or at least on the Virginia side. The capital region is known for it's very high rate of college graduates (and advanced degree holders) and income levels. So forget "McLean" and think Northern Virginia or US Capital Region.
Apple is already licensing the patent (implicitly validating it), so Apple should just make this go away by paying the 0.575% out of the30% they collect. It's pocket change in the big scheme of things.
New Posts  All Forums: