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I'd buy the plastic version for $100 less.
Why would anyone get product A when product B is better and "just $100 more" is asked a lot.  The answer is "because for some people the 'better' part isn't worth $100."  A guy I work with got a green 5c and asked me why I spent more to get the 5s.  My wife, who got a 5c to replace her 4 asked the same question.  My answer of "faster processor and better camera and fingerprint thingie" struck them as somewhat lame.  Metal versus plastic was completely irrelevant.  For...
 If Apple puts a computer on our wrists it will be as much a "watch" as the iPhone is a "phone"--that is hardly at all.  I make about 2 calls a week on my iPhone and I take it everywhere.  The selling point for what we're calling an iWatch will NOT be telling time.  Sure it will tell time because some of us do wear watches and this would replace that, but it's more about ubiquitous computing that does compelling things. It could just be a Siri extension.  Leave your iPhone...
 How can a CEO stay on the job after a decade of poor performance?  Support from the founder. What evidence is there that Ballmer was a poor CEO?  Take a look at the 10-year stock performance of MSFT, AAPL, GOOG, ORCL, IBM.  Which one of those 5 went nowhere in 10 years?  If all your competitors in various sectors managed impressive returns and your company did not, perhaps the leadership is to blame? Ballmer managed to keep MSFT's de facto monopoly profits coming in, but...
"Ballmer shocked the tech world some weeks ago by announcing that he will leave Microsoft within the next year..."   Shouldn't that be "The tech world was shocked that the Microsoft board finally showed Ballmer the door after years of tolerating his complete denial of, and inability to lead in, the so-called 'post-PC' world."
Oh, I do hope they vote yes. Will the vote be covered live on all our favorite sites?
 Samsung: taste the rainbow.
This could have intersting long-term implications.  The judge is right that court orders are only powerful because compliance is so high.  It's like having speed limits posted but no speed traps and no traffic cops and yet almost everyone obeys the speed limit.  Courts request information (and issue other kinds of orders) all the time and they expect that everyone will do their best to comply.  They simply don't have the resources to enforce their orders, so voluntary...
Just an observation: 4 of the people in this thread posting that the sky is falling because Apple QC has really dropped off each have a couple dozen posts.  One almost think there is a coordinated effort to spread FUD about Apple for popular forums.  Then media outlets can say that there is widespread dissatisfaction and cause for alarm.  I wonder who would have an incentive to do something like that.
 Exactly.  The genius of the iPad ecosystem (at least from the developers' perspective) is that there is only one logical screen size.  Yes the retina iPad uses higher resolution images and vector drawings and fonts are drawn at twice the resolution, but developers don't have to do anything to account for that.  I imagine that the same isn't true on the Andriod side and tablet makers can make up whatever screen sizes they want and just hope developers support it.
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