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Except that they don't sell apps like iWork for the iPod touch. The iPad is a viable general purpose computer. The iPhone and touch are not.
+1 to everyone who has pointed out the article and headline are extremely misleading. The oddly dressed interviewer asks the monkey if he thinks the Windows 7 thing finds the middle ground between no choice on the Apple side and too much fragmentation on the Android side. Monkey then says Apple only provides one choice and then explains the the Microsoft approach is to have good standards and therefore the brand means something to users. There is no doubt that part...
Excellent point. In other words, the world would be a very different place without people who "think different."
I don't see how 99c an episode isn't a winner for the networks. Are those boxed sets of TV shows really bringing in that much money? But to be compelling to me it would have to be <99c for rentals and maybe 99c for purchase. Anything else and I just feel ripped off so I don't buy it.
Are you talking about the rumored next MBA or the current one? The current one has a full-sized screen and full-sized keyboard. No "netbook" compromises in those areas. Those are important. I've owned all the "mini" PowerBooks/MacBooks (PB 100, PB 2400) and over the long haul the cramped keyboards and small screens get annoying (at least for me). So if the next MBA compromises in those areas I probably won't be interested.
I'm in exactly the same boat. I've probably logged more hours on my first gen MBA than any other mac since I got out of college (for context it was my 11th mac; now up to #13). I have neck/back issues so I notice every pound when I'm lugging things around. I can't see myself going back to a larger laptop. On the other hand, while I'll likely get an iPad soon, iOS isn't a replacement for MacOS X for "real work." The only reason I might not snap up a new MBA when its...
What? AAPL has been one of hottest stocks of the decade and is expected to gain another 50% in the next couple of year. That's doesn't exactly put AAPL in the value/safe category. Excellent investment yes; conservative no.
Right, but presumably a big chunk is in MSFT stock. And the market tanked a few years ago. And he's given away billions of dollars. So some of his investments must have done spectacularly well to almost double his money during that 10 years with much of his portfolio flat or negative. Of course if he had invested a 1/3 of his money in AAPL he'd be well over $100B now.
Then don't try living in the DC area (or in SF, or NYC, or etc, etc).
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