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As long as no one tried to defend those enormous plugs they use in the UK, I'm happy. I feel like I'm plugging in a washing machine to charge in iPhone.
A magsafe 30-pin connector for the MacBook? But yeah, I don't see what problem that solves. Macs "need" USB ports and the Magsafe power connector is working well (now that all MacBooks use the same [expensive] power supply). Now a MacBook brick that was a small and light as the iPhone wall plug would be awesome, but is that feasible physically? Probably not yet.
Don't be sad yet. It's just speculation at this point as to who will be presenting. Personally, I'd be surprised if Jobs was entirely absent the stage.
This article (especially the headline) is oddly written. If I went to the car dealer and offered $3000 for used car and they said, no but but I'll take $4100 and I counter offered $4000, would I be "upping my bid by $1000 to close the deal?" Sure, but that's just called "negotiating" not "bidding against myself."
Do you mean "work work" or "usage?" My kids and wife use her iPad some number of hours each day. Some of that is Web browsing that they would do on a laptop if they didn't have the iPad, but much of it is for activities that wouldn't have been done or wouldn't have been done on a computer. Almost none of it is "work." Personally, I rarely use (or get to use) the iPad since the always-with-me iPhone plus MacBook Air combination better suits my needs.
Ironically the only series I've purchased from iTunes is Sons of Anarchy and I did miss the closed captioning after watching the other seasons on Netflix. That's a show with a lot of fast talking, slang, and mumbling, so I like to rematch it with the CC on. Obviously I'm not alone.
Right, but it's still an interesting logistical challenge. Presumably there are tens of thousands of devices already assembled that'll need the software loaded onto them. It would be cool to see how they do that (unless it's just thousands of kids getting paid pennies to do it manually).
Or just impeach that lone Federal Judge in East Texas who has single-handedly skewed the US patent system.
Wow. Just wow. Apple employs how many thousands of people in the US? Oh but they aren't union jobs, so they don't count maybe. If Apple could manufacture devices in the US affordably, they would. Maybe US workers are "unpatriotic" for not working for $1/hour (or whatever the Foxcomm folks make). Or maybe we should just stop name calling. This reminds me of Atlas Shrugged where the productive companies were criticized rather than celebrated.
Forget about the cost, it would just be a "bag of hurt" from a perception/politics angle. There are too many controversial organizations and Apple would either be tarred by associating with them or lamasted for cherry picking who was allowed in. Nice idea, but let the United Way deal with it.
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