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That's right.  If you aren't paying money to the federal government that you earned overseas then you are clearly "receiving" welfare.  If the IRS or other agency believes that Apple isn't "paying their taxes" I'm sure they have a way to let Apple know.  Apple isn't being very good at keeping this "tax evasion" secret after all.
  Terrific contribution to this discussion.  I encourage everyone to read this short essay before posting on this topic.  It's very informative and somewhat surprising.
If shareholders want to force management to change AAPLs cash-management approach, they have two direct ways of doing so: through a vote to that effect or by replacing the BOD.  Going to court is a stupid, counter-productive way to go about it.  I hope the suit get tossed out quickly.   I'm a long-term AAPL shareholder (since the return of SJ) and I'm sure that a larger proportion of my net assets are tied up in AAPL than Einhorn's.  I'm not happy about the recent...
  Yep.  As soon as I turned 40 I went from being able to read the microprinting on US currency to not being able to read a newspaper comfortably without reading glasses.  It was almost that abrupt.  My eyes must have had a 40-year warranty.  iPhone EZ Reader edition?
It's an interesting question.  My guess is that for most people (In the US at least--what do I know about how people behave in Asia or whatnot), the phone app is NOT the most important aspect of the device.  Personally, I'm like the guy you quoted.  Most days I don't use my iPhone as a phone at all.  I'm in hours of meetings a day and exchange hundreds of emails, so I'm no hermit.  It's just that the mobile phone aspect is not all that important.  Obviously you're on the...
You raise the $64,000 question: were Apple to do this (and I doubt they will) would it be better to introduce a new logical screen size (between that of the iPhone and the iPad (all iPads have the same logical screen size) or just "make the pixels bigger" on the iPhone 5.  I would expect that most users would prefer the former (more usable pixels), but it would be a PITA for developers and it wouldn't help with the "too small to read without reading glasses" crowd (of...
The only ad that could have made an immediate difference on share price would have been the unveiling of some awesome new product.   Samsung, on the other hand, still has a long way to go before their brand name evokes warm, fuzzy feelings with American consumers, so they invested a big chunk of change being cutesy with some actors who are relevant to twenty-somethings.  Apple doesn't need to invest in that type of advertising any more because pretty much everyone already...
There could be a way to cause (a little) mayhem by delivering this File:/// string to someone (perhaps using JavaScript or convincing someone to copy and paste text including this). What's the over-under on how long until Apple fixes this? 3 weeks?
Apple would never have submitted a patent application with a picture that bad if SJ were still running the show /s
Maybe iOS users are more likely to surf at home using an iPhone or iPad whereas Android people are more likely to hop on a laptop (which makes sense since the iPad is the dominant tablet).
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