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Actually that was real wood panelling in his 3D charts, make from trees he personally selected and were harvested by virgins.
Right. Apple is on the hook to give away lots of (well earned) shares of AAPL to employees and executives. If they didn't do a stock buy-back these would be created out of thin air (essentially printing money). With a buy-back they are essentially buying the shares they are giving away from sellers rather than taking them from all investors (through dilution).
My words exactly.
I would hope that all Apple has to do to get this tossed out is demonstrate that each of queries they pose to Siri in the various commercials gives a reasonable response. If they can't do that--that is, if they just made up scenarios that don't work--then they should be held accountable. Having said that, I'm certain they can demonstrate that or else it would have been front-page news the day after the commercial first aired. As to whether someone inferred that because...
Thanks for the clarification/correction. The original quote sounded a bit daft. Who gets excited about "nebulous ideas?"
"SHA is a method of increasing aperture ratio by applying approximately a 3 (micrometer) thick photo-definable acrylic resin layer to planarize the device and increase the vertical gap between the ITO pixel electrodes and signal lines," Annis explained--to the people who knew WTF he was talking about.There. I fixed it.
Every PR firm in the country should be releasing press releases right now (or better yet a few days ago) saying "We won't have any announcement until after the Apple event." Would that be considered stock manipulation since even if you have nothing to announce it's a true statement?
"JSC will now will start by executing code in LLInt and will only tier up to the old JIT after the code is proven hot," a change report on the new interpreter describes. "LLInt is written in a modified form of our macro assembly. This new macro assembly is compiled by an offline assembler (see offlineasm), which implements many modern conveniences such as a Turing-complete CPS-based macro language and direct access to relevant C++ type information (basically offsets of...
That's a good point. If Apple cared about iPhone apps on the iPad they would a) use the retina-quality images instead of pixel-doubling when in 2x mode and b) rotate the darn thing when in landscape mode. About the only time I use portrait mode on my iPad is when I need to use an iPhone only app. Apple must know this (not my personal experience, just that it iPhone app in an iPad experience rather sucks), but they choose not to address it.
I agree with you 100%. Apple needs to really get back to basics and figure out how they're going to become more than a niche player in the important tablet market. Oh wait... Having said that Apple will need (and I'm sure they will) be vigilant about pricing. It would be a tragedy if the Mac-Windows scenario played out again, where Apple had the lead and lost it to low-cost competitors and for many years the Mac OS was almost irrelevant as a software platform. If iOS...
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