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The presence or absence of a canal (i.e., a large man-made ditch) doesn't determine continental connectedness (any more than a bridge would).
Personally after using a wireless Apple trackpad for a few years, I would be extremely unlikely to go back to using a mouse.
Come on AI, why do you insist on inserting an erroneous comma in "Apple Inc.?"
 Of course there are, because there are 800% more White people in America than Blacks (roughly).
The more I think about this the more I'm convinced that Verizon is doing the most reasonable thing. When IExcept that when the grandfathered plans were first sold was before 3G and well before LTE.  Even with throttling it's faster than EDGE, so how are they being penalized?  Show me where in my grandfathered AT&T contract it says that they have to provide me X mbps or whatever.  You can't expect Red Lobster to serve you 1,000 shrimp an hour even if you pay for an "all you...
The more I think about this the more I'm convinced that Verizon is doing the most reasonable thing. When, and only when, the network throughput is constrained (the network is incapable of meeting the demands of all current consumers), something has to give. If you think about three classes of consumers, would you choose to share the "pain" equally or favor some classes over others. Class one are consumers who haven't used much data (during the current month or some time...
What's your point?  The original poster was asking for/expecting changes to the OS with the rollout of the new phone that would convince him to stay with the iPhone.
I don't understand your point.  Everything about iOS8 was announced earlier this summer at the WWDC.  Lots of interesting and powerful stuff built in that will allow developers to make great new apps (and update existing apps).  No new hardware required to take advantage of that.  If the next iPhone has hardware features you like, then feel free to upgrade to new hardware.  To get new OS features just wait for the free update option to appear in a month or two.
"AppleInsider was first to discover that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted Apple..."   I'm pretty sure that reading an official announcement isn't really grounds for being the "first to discover" anything.  Maybe the next story will say "AppleInsider was the first to discover that the New York Times reported that.."   In any case, sounds pretty cool.  I hope Apple commercializes this soon.
 I find it bizarre that this thread is all about having to listen to people talk on the phone.  You (not you, thompr, the general you) realize that 99% of what people use their cell phones for is for internet access, right?  This issue isn't about whether people can talk on the phone, it's whether they can use their phones as they normally use them--as internet devices.  Many airplanes for many years have in seat phones that you could use to talk to people with just a...
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