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I disagree completely.  Apple has had a relationship with Bono and U2 for many years.  I doubt the new guy played much of a role in this decision at all.  And the auto-push thing was more of a technical or iOS expectations issue than anything else.  It wasn't about the choice of music.  I expect that nothing about the Beats acquisition played any role in how U2-free-album-gate played out.  And if Apple were to get a "do over" I expect the only change they would make would...
You would think that a company that makes industrial equipment would have plenty of connections with companies that use such equipment and therefore would easily find someone to partner with. And if they were out of their league trying to go it alone, that's their own fault. Fortunately this seems like a nuisance rather than disaster for Apple. The only blowback for Apple investors hit people who ignored Tim Cook's advice (and assumed they could read the Apple supply...
On the other hand Tim Cook would advise against making investment decisions based on what you think you know about Apple's supply chain. In theory this could be a result of someone else's screw up rather than unexpected demand. (But I agree with you that it's probably a positive sign.)
Congratulations on owning 10,000 shares of AAPL. You must represent the "1%" of our little commentator community.
Correction, there was a time when this "problem" was more limited.  Unless you remember a time when you could buy an iPhone with no apps at all.  I think that was called an iPod, and even that had a timer and a game you couldn't delete.
Apple has had a major music presence ever since iTunes debuted.  The annual month-long free concert thing being one obvious example.  There was nothing about the U2 promotion that related to Beats.  If they wanted to do a tie-in they would have.  It was clearly an effort to keep the iTunes brand front of mind.
Can you remind me of such an app?  Was it Google Maps? I agree with those who say there should be a way to delete (most of) the default apps (and an easy way to re-download them).  Especially in this case, if the rumor correct.  Having an app on your device that you cannot use at all without paying a subscription would be very bad form.  Frankly I would be flabbergasted if Apple did this.  An alternative would be merging iTunes radio into the Beats app and having the Beats...
Chillax.  Yes, many IAP apps are crap, but then so are many non-free apps and free apps with no IAPs.  Plenty of the apps I use regularly are free IAP apps and to the best of my recollection I have made a grand total of 1 IAP.  In other words, in my experience plenty of these apps are good, useful apps that don't "require" any payment.  But I get why it's better to downplay the "free" part.
Moreover, "Get" has the advantage of parallelism with "Open" whereas "Free" did not (i.e., now they are both verbs).  This is an improvement.
They didn't patent "a pager" they patented a number of solutions that allowed them to make (at the time) a state of the art pager.  Like Steve said when Apple rolled out the iPhone, it was/is protected by hundreds of patents.  I'm sure plenty of them apply well beyond smart phones.  So to take your silly pencil/typewriter example, it's like if a pencil maker patented a new way to apply paint to wood and a typewriter company used the same trick in its new factory.  Yes, the...
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