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4 gig of RAM for the entry-level model of MBA is plenty for most people/most tasks.  But I agree that going to 8 gig for all but the lowest-price model would be an excellent move, and probably more noticable than the CPU speed bump.   I do hope we get some juicy MBA announcements in June.  I'm itching to get a new one.  My current 13" is working great for me, but I need more internal storage and wouldn't mind some new wow factor.
 Right, but it makes it MUCH easier to do manage your investment and schedule incremental buys when the share price isn't sky high.  Have $1000 invest and the share price is $560?  Guess you buy one share and stash the rest somewhere else.  With shares around $100 it's just easier to right-size your purchases and sales.  In the bad old days commissions were higher and it made sense to let the price go outrageously high; now that justification is basically gone.  And as...
 LOL.  Is that you, Steve Ballmer?
 First, the two pictures are a lousy way to compare the two designs given that the quality of the images isn't comparable.  Second, the one that purports to be the "real" one isn't accurate (the ball is too large and the color is wrong).  Third, "Swiss clock" isn't a company.  Fourth, the Swiss clock industry (that has nothing to do with this issue at all) is doing just fine.
 There's a place for digital and a place for analog.  For "roughly what time is it" at a glace a good old fashioned clock face is more efficient.  When I'm looking to see if I'm going to catch my train every day, looking at my analog watch (which, no joke is a licensed Swiss Rail watch with the red-ball second hand) provides me better information than the digital time. I'm glad that Apple made good with licensing the design from the Swiss Rail folks (although the specific...
I was wondering the same thing. Any article with the following phrase must be a joke: "making the appearance of a mythical creature clearly the more reasonable explanation"
Am I the only one who still infers "MacBook Air" whenever they see Air in a headline.  Got my hopes up for a MBA refresh at the WWDC.  I need an excuse to buy a new laptop...
Agreed.  I hope/assume she'll really hit the ground running when she finally starts.
"few marques cater to the same financial strata of consumers as Hyundai, who have long been known to strive for affordability"   Yeah, right, "few" car companies compete for that niche market of "affordable" cars.  In reality Huyndai is competing directly with the everyone else for the core of the market.
How so?  The phone has to get powered on again at some point and then the kill switch takes effect, no?
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