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Is that considered a logical argument?  "Due to a change in the law in 1964 you can't do A, B, of C, therefore courts are saying that you can't do D."  I wonder what other restrictions the Court will discover/invent.
 And a photographer who doesn't want to take pictures at a gay wedding should have that right in 2014.  I wonder if the NRA could sue a Web design firm that refuses to take their business for political reasons.
 Exactly.  There are plenty of other bakers would be delighted to have the business.
 Agreed.  Would a photographer or wedding cake baker be forced to take on KKK members, anti-abortion protesters, or Tea Party activists if they didn't want to?  Freedom allows people to make unpopular (and even rude and stupid) decisions. Let's say this bill had been signed into law.  And some restaurant chain said "we refuse to serve gay people."  A) That would be about as effective as saying "we refuse to serve people carrying concealed guns" or "we refuse to serve...
 Huh.  Let me try again then.  It's possible that I misunderstanding the vulnerability (which is why I asked for clarification of your assertions in the first place). I thought the bug only allowed sites to impersonate other secured sites.  Is it really that case that nothing that was sent via Safari to a secure site was actually encrypted at all?
Let me parse what you're saying (the highlighted part, especially) and you please tell me if you agree. Data was compromised in the sense that there was a security gap that could have been exploited, but not necessarily in the sense that someone actually did exploit it.  This is no different from if we learned that due to a configuration error (now fixed) it would have been possible for a person to intercept your cell phone calls yesterday.  So if and only if someone was...
Obviously your memory is playing tricks on you.  Apple (and no sane company) never said that.
  And... it's fixed. You can breathe again.  Obviously 10.9.2 was more than "around the corner."  It was just about to go out when this bug was discovered.  So they had to back up a few steps and combine them (and test them).  Four days in the overall scheme of things is entirely reasonable. And I'd be willing to bet good money that no one wasted a second saying "should this trivial change to the retail site that we've been working on for a little while be rescheduled...
I hope the Apple execs didn't spend more than a few minutes on this issue. "Someone wants us to join a petition against this AZ law that has everyone up at arms? Yeah, ok. Now let's get back to the product roadmap."
LTE+WiFi sounds clever, but only makes sense if you have an unlimited data plan.  It'll stick with "slow" unboosted (but "free") WiFi when I'm at home thanks.
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