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Here's a case where "twice as long" equates to "marginally better (maybe)". For all the brouhaha about the Apple Watch having to be charged every day, this thing can only last two days. So the advantage is that you only have to take it off every other night? If you know anything about the power of habits, that's not a good thing. Obviously longer battery life (all other things equal) is better, but two days instead of one day isn't twice as good in this case.
I don't think you understand "Apple simplicity." Yes it makes sense to compete with Fitbit etc, but that's all this is. The Apple Watch is more than a fitness device and I fully expect that every feature included will be easier to use and access than the same feature on this black plastic thing. That's Apple simplicity.
Riiiiight. Jobs but 3rd party integration at the very top of his list of priority. If he were still with us he would have a field day explaining how MS still has no style and why a device is more than the sum of its features.This looks like a good device for fitness nerds, but it's about as elegant as a ... Something inelegant that does a lot of stuff (I'm metaphor challenged today apparently).
 Now that you mention it, "overcompensating" does come to mind.
Because if you are rich, you can't be ostracised and you don't feel criticism and you're otherwise invulnerable?
If he had come out as a cancer surviver or recovering alcoholic would you begrudge him supporting those causes? I don't know what work you do (obviously), but would you want your employer (or investors in your employer) to be debating what you do on your own time?
He plays a over-sexed womanizer in the Virgin commercials.  I assumed that persona was close to the truth.
Using that logic there is no downside to anything if you're worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
I disagree with 90% of what you posted today, but at face value, I agree with the words you wrote here.  I care about him alienating some Apple customers, but I don't think he has (on net).  Apple could lose some customers if he uses Apple to push a political agenda; I agree, but a) Apple's already been doing that to a small degree, and I haven't observed any impact and b) I don't expect Apple to ramp this up. So yes, in theory it's bad thing if a CEO does something...
So sell your shares if you predict that this will hurt AAPL.  Even better short the stock; you can make a killing. If he had "admitted" to having a black grandparent (I'm making this up) and therefore "offended" some redneck who doesn't like companies run by black people, would you have the same reaction?  First and foremost he's a private citizen.  If he does something to hurt Apple, he can be fired like anyone else. I expect Apple that, if anything, this will be a tiny...
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