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Do you know anything about Nortel's portfolio? They have a vast valuable contribution to technology and they are licensed and used in many products, including ones used by the group that purchased them and others. Are you suggesting that when they closed they shouldn't be able to sell/transfer these patents like any other closing business would with physical products/machinery?  I do agree with the judge not transferring the case to Texas, her reasoning seems sound.Now the...
Apples and oranges. The discriminating part is not what you sell, but not selling what you sell to specific people.
Ya, companies never claim different things afterwards once they realize they missed the boat or made bad/wrong decisions.   Whether there are ideas that Apple used or not I can't say either way but this idea that Apple just ripped off Xerox grows more legendary as time goes on.   For starters, the Lisa project actually started significantly before Apple visited Xerox.   I wonder how many people that just regurgitate that Apple just stole the GUI from Xerox have actually...
Great points by rogifan. We tend to read a lot of geek types online bemoaning the simplicity and lack of features of the iPad, but a huge segment of consumers buying tablets are "simple" content consumer types. 1) Surface commercials are absolutely awful. Maybe they thought that clickity click one would especially would appeal to younger audiences but it didn't show a single thing about the tablet and created a thought in consumer's mind: "hey that's cool and something I...
Be nice is chart included factory unlocked phones also.
Interesting that this is released the day of Apple's iPhone 5 release and probably isn't any different than all the other Chinese factories. I'm sure this article will spread across the Internet fast, since it's Apple bashing fodder, but how does Foxconn compare to other Chinese factories?
Although you are technically right, it is still taking aim at the iPad market.   The simple reason is there is a huge market of dumb, uninformed consumers who ignore facts like this. They will think: "I got a tablet for 1/3 the price of an iPad", ignoring all the differences.
I'm disappointed we didn't hear anything about even some rudimentary improvements to enable some type of multi-user restrictions.   Something as simple as a passcode locked folder where I can put my apps that I don't need the children or friends accessing.   (though single app mode helps, but a little too basic)
Whether a better one exists or not doesn't mean it isn't a mess.iTunes doesn't necessarily need to be broken into separate applications but that doesn't mean it can't be greatly improved and streamlined into distinct sections with better options for different media.Frankly video management in iTunes is horrible and extremely confusing for a lot of people.We have cool features like Home Sharing, AirPlay etc but organizing videos is limited at best.So I want to keep folders...
Read it the exact same way as you.
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