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It's not lossless music, I'd bet my right nut on it, but will a beer suffice? Streaming and AirPlay to all devices, just not the AppleTV would be nice.
Even if storage wasn't an issue these "audio philes" would still tell you they can hear the difference on the single mono speaker on iDevices.
This is hardly hacking OS X at all. This is all standard filter/mimetype cups stuff any printer manufacturer could and does add to OS X. You could add corrupt files and this WILL NOT screw up OS X. I'm curious if its only people that didn't have a previous 10.6.5 beta installed that needed these steps. The correct files should still exist if you had the beta installed and no extra steps should be needed.
You can go hear them without installing here: http://gizmodo.com/5662382/the-new-iphone-sms-ringtones
I find all the new ones are just too long to use for SMS alerts though.
My god these patents sound awfully vague and obvious. If iTunes Coverflow is a violation, clearing holding playing cards fanned in your hand is a pre-cursor to this. Is it really any different?
This is a bit disappointing since I have a networked Postscript printer that worked flawlessly from the Print Magic HD app. Why should I have to share it through my computer which isn't always on. Hopefully the Print APIs will allows these apps to update and fill in the gap.
This isn't a flaw, it's a feature. Testing has show it improves WiFi reception. http://www.anandtech.com/show/3794/t...one-4-review/2
Very odd, same thing happened to me. I suppose the backgrounder app in Cydia is doing this too to help Apple push phones too, because under the right apps it struggles also. Sometimes it's just as simple as the device hardware limits are true. Even setting a limit on apps isn't good enough. Obviously the resources between "Calculator" and "TomTom" are going to be dramatically different and joe phone users isn't going to understand what and why the situation changes as to...
In this case I find that hard to believe. Tethering for the iPhone came late to the game but eventually the older models got it too, so no forced hardware upgrade.My guess is more people would be willing to upgrade to newer phones than newer iPads at this point since the performance level with the current one is relatively good for most people, so wouldn't seem very smart feature for Apple to use to try to force hardware upgrades.Even though I disagree with some of Apple's...
New Posts  All Forums: