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I argue with friends all the time over whether it should be full OS X and iPhone OS. Although I still think Apple needs to open up more things on the iPad, they made the right choice with the OS. The problem is that people try to view the iPad as a computer where as Apple is clearly transitioning it more as an appliance. Similar to how the iMac was never meant to be a typical sit on the floor ever expandable PC, it was made to target a specific market. A huge...
You are still starting an app? Quicklook with Perian works so well.
I think the question about a lot of these patents is more whether these ideas/inventions are truly new and not just obvious extensions or progressions of previous ideas or old ideas applied to new areas. (I know its a fine line to have to draw.)But according to the article this sounds as simple as "I don't have some info (radio station, song, etc), I'll note it and when i have access to the information I'll look it up."Is this really different then a post it note to remind...
Yes but Enterprise Storage class isn't strictly defined. Since Apple's tech specs state this is a 7200RPM SATA, my guess ES to them could just mean the noise and temperature specs of the drives they are using. Generally ES drives spin faster and are packed denser, but we know its not the case here.
Forget grandma and light users, for 90% of the population of home users this is a smart idea who don't do ANY backup procedures. (OS X users that is.)Plug it in, turn on time machine on computer and done.Simply means its a 7200RPM SATA drive.
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