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Samsung got "Samsunged"
This is true. Also impressive is that large touch panels were impossible to produce in large enough quantities to make it economically feasible, until the iPad broke that wall down.I was an iPad doubter at first. But I truly think that the "tablet market" was not an inevitability, at least not in the near future. I think if apple decided to not make an iPad, we wouldn't be here talking about tablets at all
It's not so much that it will change the way people think, it's that it will get people thinking the same things they were thinking before the iPad. This is exactly what the vision was for a tablet before the iPad came around. We will see if it does any better this time around.
  @ 0:34   http://www.comedycentral.com/video-clips/bbt43l/ralphie-may---date-night
I would bet against that...and have better odds of making money than investing in Facebook...
Well, the old saying never specified the age and handling of the turd
• that is correct. But it does not alter or invalidate my point• it doesn't matter if developing nations are irrelevant to sprint. There is still room to grow, regardless of who chooses to take advantage of it• the fact that generation change is slow only buttresses my point that the move to "saturation" will also be slowI'm not saying that they will have a positive effect on Sprint. I'm saying that the idea of saturation is flawed
This ignores several key factors*How long will the conversion from feature phones to smartphones will take. "almost completely" is a relative term. I think there will be plenty of people still converting by 2015, especially since I'm certain such a conversion takes longer in a down economy.*Global economy. Plenty of developing nations will be in the market for smartphones in the coming decades.*We still have a generation of people alive who use landlines. Some of them have...
Unlikely. That would require a complete change of their business model. Remember, Google makes money off of their users information. Apple makes money off of hardware sales. It would be different if Apple actually had the capability/interest in using this information for profit
I hate it when products don't live up to the expectations set by the commercials http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ziwz...e_gdata_player
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