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 So let me get this straight. The BBC are dead to you because Clarkson got fired. Am I right? So you along with over one million people who signed a petition are all totally ok with a man staying in his job who verbally and racially attacked one of the producers of Top Gear, Oisin Tymon. Further he physically assaulted him and he had to go and receive hospital treatment. And you think this is ok? To quote something you said earlier...  "So because something is popular,...
A bit disappointed in Keynote for Mac OS X. They have taken away my favourite transition (perspective). All told I'm not hugely impressed with the new transitions particularly since Perspective has been dropped. Not sure why. For me Perspective was one of the best slide transitions and now it's gone. Annoying. I doubt it will be brought back and I doubt there is a way to get it back in there again.
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Perhaps he means terrible battery life on phones with larger displays?   A friend has moved from an iPhone 4S to a Samsung Galaxy SIII.    Hates it.   Why?   Primarily terrible battery life. Certain aspects of the phone he does not like either but fundamentally it is down to battery life. I think this is what Tim is alluding to. If you go for a bigger size Apple want to provide a top class screen in terms of quality and the downside of that is that it...
  I'm hoping that now they are pushing out the replacement codes, people like me who requested theirs around 18 hours ago will not have theirs pushed out shortly afterwards.   It's no big deal. I just hate the fact that you always have the doubt in your mind; did I enter the details correctly in the first place? Have I stuffed it up and it is not actually Apple's fault. Having thoughts of re-submitting but I will be patient and leave it until later tonight or first thing...
What company ever wants to see "slow" steady growth?Yeah 'cause fast steady growth is just terrible isn't it?
Maybe you should watch more SNL, you might just gain a sense of humour. TallestSkill is correct though. This thread is supposed to be about Apple's move into Alaska with a new cellular service provider. I'm happy that is the case as I am sure you are. However you decided to bring the politics in. The original poster just made a joke. We are good at making fun of our politicians in Ireland and you shouldn't have taken it so seriously. As you Americans would say... "Chill...
The collective IQ of the known universe has been reduced as a direct result of your two posts.
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