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As these clowns continue to mess this up I'll continue to use my own solution.
Hahahahahahahah    Maybe it's the 8.8% unemployment rate plus 1 million illegal aliens, and the fact that NYC is loaded with criminals who are armed... oh, wait, they can't be armed, that's illegal. 
Yes, but Apple wants to charge them a licensing fee to do so - this forces them to actually pay - unlike with the previous cable, no-name companies would simply distribute without paying Apple. Fine. But let Apple eat the cost of this chip, it's not like it's a feature for us.
I can see why this would raise Apple's cost per cable/adapter - but why pass that cost on to us? They should eat it. I know ALL costs are passed on to the customer one way or another, but I mean in the cable itself. This high price gives cloners a huge incentive to find a way around this (if it's possible).
It was his own car. hahahahaha "That's what's so great about crack! You feel like you can do annnnnythinggggg!"
An iPod Touch, is still an iPod, and an iPod need to fit in your pocket. An 8 inch device is a tablet. This has the same resolution and dimensions as the iPad 1 and 2 and will run those apps.
Screw Draco, he doesn't even exist. 
Hope= not knowing where the puck is or where it's going.
I would imagine! Enjoy.
I'll most likely buying my next Mac from B&H considering those discounts on Apple Care. Awesome.
New Posts  All Forums: