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Is it just me? Why pay for on-line news subscriptions services?
Real world predictions for those who understand apple.   1. Apple will not steel the thunder of the iPhone launch by announcing both products this fall. So chances of 7" iPad this year is very remote. Next Spring odds go up. Please note that apple has never launched iPad and iPhone products at same event. Traditionally iPhone is summer/fall announcement. iPad is spring. Because of 4Q Christmas season, I believe the iPhone/iPod touch will be predominately a very late...
Competition brings innovation faster, so this is good. But there is a reason why, at least today, apple market cap is 424.34B and Microsoft is 251.30B. The reason is better products that people want to buy.
I have banned all Apple products until they build a Genius Bar in my home and staff it.
A colleague of mine told me that, but it looks like you are right, or at least it's not settled:Cocoa lookup in wikipedia. not saying its the best source. Cocoa classes begin with the acronym "NS" (standing either for the NeXT-Sun creation of OpenStep, or for the original proprietary term for the OpenStep framework, NeXTSTEP)
I agree, very interesting read. When programming objects I still see NS nomenclature that originated with NextStep. The NextStep prefix (NS) is used extensively on MacOS and even iOS programming. Such as NSStrings, NSDictionary, or NSUrl. The list is very long!
Not saying i believe this rumor, but you know if att/verizon continued to play hardball on a phone that can transfer from one network to another, I would do stuff like this to show them who is boss.
Wow! how stupid. They have this great brand name. Technology would allow them to integrate the services like they are currently doing. But now they want us to go to two different websites and have two different logins. This makes no sense!
This is what they are being coy about:When asked if users would be able to choose between the Metro UI and the desktop as the default bootup option, a Microsoft spokeswoman said that the company has nothing more to share at this time. But she advised keeping an eye out for the "Building Windows 8" blog and Microsoft's upcoming Build developers conference for "more to come."
What!? You are saying flash is running on iOS devices?
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