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It will be very interesting to see how this plays out. Will the METRO version of the tablet computers also have a desktop option. If this is true, then they continue the kitchen sink approach. But many are speculating that it is simply not possible and the tablets will have to dump desktop option. MS is mum on this point so far. But I think they will eventually have the "kitchen sink" approach but warn you about battery consumption when you move to desktop mode. The...
Oh I get it now. This is from PC WorldYou'll still be able to view content requiring plug-ins in Windows 8, but you'll have to switch to the old fashioned Windows desktop to see it. Users who prefer to remain in the touch-centric, Metro-style interface, however, will have a plug-in free (and presumably Flash-free) experience. Instead, the new touch-centric IE 10 will rely on HTML5 technologies for online video and other functions.You can still download and use flash, you...
What I have heard about windows 8 is that the desktop version and the mobile versions will be the same, but I must be missing something.
MS didn't jettison anything. The first website you go that has flash will ask you to download it. A VAST majority will click the button and then you will have flash on the browser.
As a Marketeer myself I'm always amazed that when dealing with computers, Units are the measurement standard. I have always been more interested in dollars sold. Dollars sold is a much fairer comparison. In all other business that I deal with the typical powerpoint slide is never or seldom units sold but almost always dollar sales. Yet IDC never supplies that info.
If they keep their vomit green color I will never go in.
It is doubtful to me that Apple would give phones away ... even for 2 year contract ... It cheapens their brand. They MAY sell to ATT/Verizon at a discount and let them give it away, but even that is doubtful as they protect their product brands even for promotions and giveaways. This sounds like very bad analysis to me. The "expected" statement in the article is certainly unsupported.
They don't build here, they assemble here .... big difference.
8 bil is not chump change. You would think they would want to play ball with apple.
I have one. I cannot open for example open keynote for iPad files on the iPad. I have to sync via iTunes. Keynot let's you open mobile me files and WebDAV accounts. dropbox is not WebDAV.
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