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I bet people will develop apps for you to do that.
iDisk gone. So how do we get large un-emailable non-apple files like powerpoint presentations into keynote for iPad/iPhone? My understanding of Documents in the the Cloud is only apple files will use the feature. iPad for keynote currently can access ppt files on iDisk. I wonder how they will handle non-apple files now that you can't store data directly in the cloud view a cloud disk?
Denny craine can beat steve jobs any day.
Those articles really don't answer the question for me. If this file is resident on a phone, then according to your article links apple is in violation of it's own security policy because it would be very easy for me to grab your phone and see where you have been. I can get your personal info and i can get your geo log. Apples security policies that you are linking to clearly state that there is no way for anyone to link personal information to the geo tracking. So do you...
Since the authors of the article do not think the data is being transmitted to apple I doubt that they are tracking for ad purposes. I can believe it is for testing purposes.
I agree with you, I tend to believe this was an oversite and not malicious on Apples part, however, can you give me the reasons Apple gave. And can you tell me what happened last year, I can find no credible reference?
Can you tell me where apple disclosed that they are gathering real time location data and storing it on the phone?
This is not true based on all the reports I've read.
This should concern us all. It is negligence on Apples part for failing to inform users that their location is being tracked and logged. It is also bad that they are not securely storing that information. This needs to be explained by Apple ASAP.
They are hiring Denny Crane and the price line "Negotiator" to litigate ... go dog!
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