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It is not common for companies to move to to other exchanges, but it happens more than you think. Some companies feel one or other exchange will get them a better return. $18.50 was a good buy
I wonder if apple will move over the NYSE? or another exchange? I sure would after this.
Ha Ha ... I like that.
Windows OS is not open.
if nokia remains relevant this may be true, but that is a big if. all indications is that Nokia market share will crash and burn. But if they get the microsoft OS on their future cheap and smart phones, this is possible, but not likely.
wow i just wish my apple products were professional grade like RIM.
the appleTV netflix app is just amazing.
I'll buy the upgrade that has 23 magnets.
First the iTunes is the best app in its class, so i'm not really knocking it, i just expect more from apple because they have risen the bar on OS and apps. The biggest complaint I have is the lack of wireless connectivity between iTunes and devices you sync to it. The second big problem is that I find the organizational tools poorly done. I don't like what happens to the actual physical files on disk when I affect something in iTunes. I don't like how hard it is to use...
No i just mean better user experience. Microsoft can't get by with that especially in europe.
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