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They are really going to compete against the "whole package" ... that means content and user experience. Content is the easy part ... if they figure out a way to sync and organize better than iTunes, that would be a good thing for everyone.
Competition is good ... and i hope both companies release something much better than Apple. But the track record of both companies does not bode well for them ... Alas. iTunes is not a great app by any means, yet apple has had virtually no pressure to make it better because frankly they have no competition.
Transparent aluminum is the ticket laddy!
I'm not tracking this ... are they saying high speed networking will be supplied through high volt power cables along with the power to supply computers? Or will the power wire have another wire attached to it somehow that handles the data?
Sounds to me like Steve Jobs needs to have a little talk with papa smurf.
Maybe the drug cartels are forcing the issue.
I agree with that, I'm not promoting stealing.
What I hear apple saying here is they want me to buy kindle books from now on.
Why would they choose a microsoft "paid" license instead of the superior free google android OS?
You give any security expert physical access to any computerized device and they can get any data out of it that they want.
New Posts  All Forums: