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What really make this realistic is that the camera lens is bigger than the home button on the front. Yea, I'm sure that will happen.
If you see anyone use an iPad they grip it toward the bottom, or they lay it on their lap. Either way the speaker will be blocked. Right handed people will grap the ipad with the left hand right where that speaker is and use the right hand for the touching. No way the speaker is going there unless apple engineering has gone completely insane.
Yea right Apple will put the speaker on back where no one can hear it ... right where many people grap the ipad. Doesn't take a genius to find out this is bull.
who cares about unit sales. tell us the dollar sales. If companies ship computers that are the equivalent of turds, why do we care how many they ship.
This is the dude that says apple will make TV sets ... right?
I love ATT ... is that because I drink the coolaid?
Doesn't matter if it's unusual. You have pissed off new york senators and agency heads not liking the apple/att exclusive ... so you can kiss those deals good buy within 2-5 years.
The FTC will have something to say about that. This is why you will only see something like this on a rumor site.
Cool feature ... but too many downsides to hope for next year model. 1. Cost ... Portable projector low end are $300. 2. Battery ... it's a very bright lamp 3. Form factor. How they going to squeeze it all in there.
Great points, and by the way i love that link. However, I would call a 73% to 97% range pathetic for any meaningful conclusions. On your point of representative sample ... isn't the point of this type of logic not to be representative, but totally random? I guess the answer to this question is how you define the population, which the article does not mention.
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