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What's so strange. Both are liberal democrats who supported obama.
bull if they want an iphone they would just change their carrier. All carriers are equally crappy.
Well, I can live an hour on their monthly salary.
They did that bid on November 12th.
I hate carbon fiber. Hope apple continues with their present materials.
Correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't your facts about 10 years old. Social Security spending is now more than defense spending. Unemployment/Welfare Spending is same as defense now. Combine medicare/medicade and that budget item well exceeds military. So not quite tracking your argument here. Every american wants a safety net, but take a look at that entitlement budget. It' spooky. At this rate defense spending will become 2% of budget in 20...
Ouch! Two words google! User interface.
You know Murdoch did endorse obama back in 08. He's not this flaming conservative they make him out to be. He's just a ver smart business man trying to make a dime.
I would agree not to trust any journalist .... Conservative or progressive. But I have to be honest. When I read the Times lately I feel like I'm being preached to and told how to live my life. With WSJ I feel like I'm getting some good information. Far from perfect .. Far from trust worthy. But I feel they are more concerned about personal freedom. As far as technical news I like nyt and WSJ equally.
It's a huge market ... Plenty of room for everybody
New Posts  All Forums: