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You will need to get rid of the ram that is in your macbook. I bought my at ram at crucial.com Good price and fast shipping.
a 15" MB would be perfect for my needs. I might just buy an external monitor for my actual MB that might be just perfect.
A little but not that much. Nothing pro that for sure. But I like to have a good sound when I listen to music. I also have all my albums on an hard drive, it's much easier to listen to my music that way.
ok, here is my setup: I will replace it with an imac 24 soon...I can't wait.
of course... I can take a picture of my mac book on my kitechen table... But you all know what my macbook look like. Maybe not my ketchen table though!
I don't really like wall paper, I never look at them anyway:
Look like yamaha NS10
is it a full size mouse or it's a small one?
I have on pluged on my airport exterme. I acces it wireless. All my music is on it. I have no poblems to listen to music or even watch video. Make sure you set itunes so it doesn't import all the songs on your computer. To make it accessible for both mac and windows make sure you format it in fat32. That's what I did with mine. It work well.
Macbook re great computers. I realy like mine. I don't think the new macbook will be much powerful. If you don't mind about the white look,I would buy it right now.
New Posts  All Forums: