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Yes, that would only remove it on you iPod Touch. You would have to sign up for a family plan or another single plan. Sorry.
YOu need to authorize your computer with his iTunes account.
Should my mac sync with mobileme every time it updates something if its set to automatic? About how long after the update (say a calender event change) should it sync with MobileMe? Because even though mine is set to automatic, I have to manually sync it.... My iPod Touch syncs fine though. Thanks, Brandon
No no no, thats not what I said, its AT&T thats "raping" the customer. Apple made the phone, its cheap, now AT&T jack up the plans, thats were they get screwed. Not by Apple.
You caught that before I edited it <.< What I really meant was that its mostly AT&T thats causing issues with the new plans and all there crap, Apple hasnt done anything wrong, with this iPhone... yet.
Hmm good point. Never thought about that...
Im ready to fork over my cash for the update Apple, lets go! >.<
I don't know if its out for purchase yet... I'm ready to buy it to >.<
Yes, you will lose the playlists and songs on the iPod when you Sync it with the new computer.
Already have one. But I want the camera, and the option to get a plan if I so please later on down the road. And I forgot about the SIP app thats out if you jailbreak it. That way I could use it over my home network. And then I could find a free SMS program, and there are plenty to choose from, and bam. Full iPhone, without a AT&T plan.
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