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Apple is dead. Or is it?
 As if viewing were the only thing we do with our files...
 Your response is irrelevant; we are talking about subscription-based software, not the ordinary offline Office suites (which we'd obviously prefer to pay for).
 Exactly right. The subscription-based model is absolutely useless considering that software is always licensed, not sold - and that editing/reading capabilities will no longer be there once the company is gone.
 Of course I mean consumers - unfortunately, there are loads of benighted people out there willing to pay big money for a time-limited subscription...
 Same here. That business model is ridiculous.
 The answer is no.
Who the hell is Cortana? Where does that name come from? Nerdland?
 Good article - but I cannot fail to praise the good ol' Apple Death Knell Counter - priceless!!! http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/death_knell
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