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Just saw this concerning Iron Maiden's upcoming release formats:   "High res audio (24-bit Mastered for ITunes and non-Mastered for iTunes)"   Does this mean the iTMS is finally going to sell hi-res audio? Otherwise I don't get the point of having a 24-bit "Mastered for iTunes"...   What do you guys think?
Indeed. How the tables turn, unfortunately.
Sorry, but my decision to leave MacRumors had nothing to do with being an "nuisance poster" - the point I am trying to make is the following: - I do not agree with Cook's most recent decisions concerning the AWatch, divident distribution, Beats purchase as well as his pathetic handling of recent launches as far as the supply chain is concerned; - However, I am always excited to hear about new Macs (regardless of the fact that such news are seldom seen these days), OS X and...
Just asking politely - is the act of criticizing Apple or some of its policies/management decisions now a reason for banning/suspension?   As a longtime Apple customer, I am not at all happy with some or most of Mr Cook's decisions - now are we to understand that AI requires a conformist/apologetic view all over the place?   Thanks for clarifying.
None. Count me out as well, especially if it comes with "Dre", "Drake" and similar company. Ah yes, and it's US-only - so irrelevant for most of Apple's market anyway.
 No need to. They are the crème de la crème, sorry, the crappiest of all crappy "music" (if one may term it as such), thanks to the wonderful Beats acquisition by Cook et al. What is next? Notorious B.I.G.? Lady Gaga and friends? Or is it Carly Rae Jepsen (or whatever the feck she is called)? So it is that plus "Ping Plus"...excellent. "Dre" couldn't be happier. Where is SJ when we need him? The beginning of the following clip says it...
Apple only "lumps" them together when they are not substantial enough to brag about...even more evidence that the AW is an abysmal failure, chinese dogs wearing Edition watches and all.
Sarcasm of course - although judging from some of the benighted reactions here, people are trying really hard to defend such a ridiculous attitude (particularly bearing in mind that a dog has absolutely no use for an AWatch, or any watch for that matter).
Glad to see that idiocy is a global phenomenon.
The fact that the US of A even accepts the idea of a "secret court" tells a lot about the state of the so-called "democracy" in that country.
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