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Glad to see that idiocy is a global phenomenon.
The fact that the US of A even accepts the idea of a "secret court" tells a lot about the state of the so-called "democracy" in that country.
Irrelevant, since there is whole wide world and consumer market outside the US market - such decisions concern only US citizens at most; everyone else would still be spied on through mass data collection and local US courts couldn't care less.
Indeed. Seems like "sleeping with the enemy" will win in the end and you won't even know what "backdoors" are created.
Yep - who the effk cares about "Kanye" West? 
Is it time for PowerPC yet?
If they ordered the 780M model, that order should be honored, full stop. Getting a cheap 5K is, at most, an option to be left at the discretion of the customer.
Apologies, no racist slur intended - thought this was a run-of-the-mill expression whenever talking about lower quality products; and had no idea whether this has anything to do with Hispanic quality prejudices. In any case, you get my point: it's about Apple giving you something you not only have not asked for; but also worse in the end.
Very few people wanted the free U2 album - and I was not one of them, thankfully.
"and amidst unknown levels of consumer demand" = euphemism for FAILURE.
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