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 The mere fact that there could be new retina iMacs and Mac Pros makes this tentative scenario WAY MORE eventful than the more-than-boring iPhone 6 announcements.
 If that is the reason they should stick to 512MB, then.
 Because it would obviously play against their goal to promote both models - not to mention that they've never disclosed RAM in any iPhone-related advertisement.
Yes, I meant the Plus; even more reason to be pessimistic (since the smaller iP6 would be the only phone worth considering for me).
Ironically, Safari just had to reload this very page when I switched to the link above...in any case, I am not confident that the iP6 will have 2GB...will believe it when I see it.
I have an iPhone 5 as well as an iPad Air and BOTH have the same problem. But pray tell: why would it be ANY different (if not actually worse) with the iPhone 6? Or do you think Safari will miraculously use GPU RAM now?
 Yet they care a LOT when Safari keeps reloading their tabs for no apparent reason.
 Currently, 1GB of RAM DOES impact user experience across the board; particularly when using Safari, whose always-reloading behavior when visiting even basic websites is completely unacceptable. Unless the "geniuses" in this forum still want us to believe that this is NOT due to insufficient RAM, of course...
 Of course it needs more RAM - I am tired of seeing Safari reloading EVERY SINGLE open tab whenever I use it. Unless we are supposed to install this again: http://tidbits.com/article/837
 My feelings exactly. And not even a health/fitness accessory in my opinion.
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