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Exacty the point I was trying to make - some people are just weird.
Just because I am not warm on the AW? Get a grip, please.
Isn't it because 10.10.3 has officially expanded support for 4K monitors with 60Hz now? In other words, have you tried using the Displays control panel directly? On a related note, I did not face any issues with JPEG - but installed the update anyway. 
BTW, this may be a terminology issue - but on MacRumors, "bans" were permanent by definition, whereas "suspensions" were time-limited. Why doesn't AI use a similar approach? Otherwise it can get confusing when you see someone labeled as "banned", just to show up again some time later. 
Pretty underwhelming number - seems like the "adrenaline rush" moment will not go too far.
Good points. But perhaps people should stop worrying so much and taking things so seriously when discussing in an online forum. See for example "Slurpy"'s rabid reactions against any of my posts...he seems like having a lot of chips on his shoulder, even when I write totally harmless messages; not to mention his misquoting of my posts, stating things that I've never said on AI...better yet, why not take some passion fruit juice? I heard it's excellent for calming the...
He is a widely respected Brazilian artist and the copycat issue is blatantly clear. Besides, this is exactly what trade dress is about: protection of expression of ideas that result in clear trade identities, not protection of ideas themselves.Apple should just pay and STFU.
Always glad to see the puritanical views. No, there is absolutely no problem with porn - most adults around the world enjoy it. Don't like it? Don't watch it. And keep your own holier-than-thou BULLSHIT to yourselves.
And who the heck is "Drake"? Another rapper?
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