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 The fabled headless xMac is finally coming (sarcasm optional).
 Couldn't care less about the overhyped iWatch, specially as I have a great RADO already - let's see what the iPhone 6 brings.
I wanted to install a new 1TB SSD (to replace my 128GB one) but don't feel like disassembling the whole thing (i.e., through all iFixIt steps); just taking the screen off and moving one or two parts - so my question is: is it any easier when you ALREADY have a SSD? For instance, in this case would it just be a matter of moving the DVD drive and replacing the SSD? Or am I talking nonsense here?   Thanks.
 I love how these idiots ALWAYS say that the latest version is the only one compatible with whatever latest OS X version you may have. I remember buying Parallels 5 or 6 just to see it replaced a few months later by another "necessary" update. It's actually amazing to see people still supporting them; just go with VirtualBox and be done with it.
 Sad to say, the usual benighted US citizen still thinks that his country's laws automatically apply to the rest of the world. Apple, Google and Microsoft WILL shut up and comply with that Brazilian judge's order without further comments - it's just a matter of excluding that app from the BR stores, which require a billing address in Brazil just like anywhere else. Similar exclusions have happened all over the world for all kinds of infringement, so this will just be...
 Good reason NOT to use it, then.
 Indeed. It seems like Cook, the world's best COO and nothing else, is openly crazy about doing everything he can to enable a certain "minority" agenda within Apple (just the opposite of what SJ has always done) - in the meantime, little to no innovation is given to the public. That movie was actually good to watch - however, Mr Lee continues to be the ridiculous racist he has always been; the only difference is that he is on a side where he can say whatever he wants and...
 Exactly. Not to mention that crap continues to be crap, even when it's bought by Apple.
 Well, if I did I would probably be in the same place as he is right now. Which doesn't change my opinion in the slightest - he had a loving wife and kids; NOTHING in this world justifies taking your own life like that, particularly when so many people love, care about and depend on you.  After all, suicide is the ultimate act of selfishness and cowardice - you get away from this world without even caring about those left behind.  So please spare me from your condescending...
Exactly my point. "Latinos" is just a racist way to describe those who are not of "anglo-saxon" stock, whatever this nonsense may mean.
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