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Best news of the day by far - she should actually decline every single role, ever; what a terrible "actress".
"Substantial public interest" = "We want to make more money off SJ's celebrity status"
That doesn't sound very real or sane to me...perhaps I am missing the sarcasm tag.
I agree with some of the comments here - Yosemite has, by far, been one of the most stable OS X releases ever...absolutely nothing to report apart from the Wi-Fi issue (in my wife's MBP) that was fixed under x.x.1. Everything is working pretty smoothly here.   On the other hand, the latest Safari update (now pulled by Apple) seems to have screwed up badly stability-wise; hopefully they will relaunch it ASAP.
Mark Sugarloaf finally shows his true colors - a bastard, privacy-intruding moron who profits from people's lives and still pretends he's doing "no evil". I am so glad I got rid of my Bookface account a year ago. Now go **** yourself you ass-faced clown.
Absolutely terrible - it would have been better to just launch the movie without any such "teaser"...
The most probable reason for her ubiquitous presence in Hollywood is her religious background - and no, I am not joking.
You are missing the sarcasm tag - she was PARTICULARLY terrible in all those new Star Wars movies...over-acting, boring, incompetent. Even Ashton Kutcher would do better.
Hell no - probably the worst actress ever. Who would she play anyway? John Sculley? 
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