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As a mere accessory, sure. Let's just hope it's not "highly recommended for optimal usage of the iPad"...
Never heard of this crap - so good riddance.
Great results - let's just hope that Apple doesn't become a one-trick pony: almost 65% of revenues coming from the iPhone only is, in my view, a worrying sign.
And...good riddance.
When is this baby being released?
No worries - I am aware that written exchanges can often lead to some misinterpretation, particularly in a forum where most if not all people love all things related to Apple; but as said before, I do not take such staff personally, and also sincerely appreciate your views here. In more "down to earth" words: I sincerely do not believe in the value proposition of the AWatch as it currently stands - as much as it seems like a nicely designed device, it just can't be equated...
Sorry Phil, but did you really want to have written that? Everyone knows me as a rabid Apple fan; a person who has only bought and used Apple products since at least 1989 (including the Apple // family). I love my Macs, iPhone and iPods. I enjoy the iTunes ecosystem and software as few people do here. I recognize Apple's design and customer care when compared to so much crap out there.But that does NOT mean I have to be happy with every announcement. I am first and...
In fact, it's a vaporware that is gonna end up costing a LOT to Apple - tks to Cook's limited, analyst-driven vision. Yet, what is most interesting is the fact that, after a couple of years, the USD 14,000 "Gold" model is gonna be just a nice useless souvenir to wrap your wrist; shall we melt it for gold afterwards?
Admit it, it's just pathetic. A watch is something you wear the whole day around your wrist, and it's supposed to be on and available without interruption - not just something you take out of a pocket to check the home screen.
Yes, it's a watch, for crying out loud - one that runs out of battery in less than 24 hours, a pathetic performance that will of course get worse as time goes by (no pun intended). At the very least Apple could have come up with some innovative/discreet solar recharging solution, but they didn't. My ceramic RADO requires a battery change every 5 years or so...case closed.
New Posts  All Forums: