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 **** you, Samsung - the worse the better.
 Thank you. So don't blame Russia for any weapons provided to ethnic Russians currently under attack by the Kiev junta...just like you have always done with "friendly" groups all over the world, Al Qaeda included. And no, I am not Russian - way far from that.
 You're absolutely right from a practical standpoint - however, I was mainly referring to clear violations of WTO commitments as ruled by its DSB against the US (particularly for illegal subsidies, technical barriers to trade and so on against many large economies). The end result? Public international law ONLY works to the extent countries accept to apply it; the fact that Russia is now the main target only adds to such a hypocrisy.
 No, they do NOT. If in doubt, feel free to ask the 290 souls murdered by a direct shot of the USS Vincennes against Iran Air flight 655. Not to mention the countless illegal military interventions by the US, covert or not, against dozens of countries in the last 50 years. WMDs in Iraq? How ludicrous was that? Besides, has Russia directly launched a missile against the MH17? Where is the evidence/formal confirmation of guilt? And even if the stupid separatists did it; how...
 Nope. Just tiny speed bumps like the "new" MBPs.
 2) NSA does it for all of us already, so no need for Russia to ask.
 Yes, absolutely - too bad the McCarthyist idiots around here still think Russia is "communist" and the US are the "good", "moral high ground" guys. Hypocrisy and double standards just stink, everywhere.
 The US has lost countless cases before the WTO and nothing happens to them...WTO is the least of a country's concerns when it comes to respect of international law.
Given recent events, they are WAY more trustworthy than the US government, by a long shot. 
The fabled headless xMac is coming.
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