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Come on, man - look at the picture; even for that "model" it looks terribly bulky; no comparison with my RADO or any other quality watch for that matter..."terrible design" is the nicest one may put it.
I must say, Mr Cook is trying REALLY hard to sell that thing - but no matter how many magazine covers and how many models, it still looks terribly bulky and ugly on anyone with a normal or smaller wrist; what a ridiculous design by Jony Ive.   New Mac Pros and TB Displays, please?
Probably better than Isaacson's crap - but it does have a "let's milk this a little more" feeling to it, I must say.
I am a longtime Apple fan that simply sees no point in the fabled AWatch (just like the stupid Beats purchase and so on) - moreover, I hate everything remotely related to Samsung, its copycats or even Android in general - so your point is not exactly clear to me.
Indeed. And if it flops like we anticipate, this will be the beginning of the Michael Spindler era at Apple, Take Two.
Exactly right - "battery saving mode" is another name for "we have failed to achieve the desired breakthrough"; can't remotely imagine SJ settling with such a kludgy compromise.Still bulky, still fugly, still battery-weak and quickly obsolete, no matter how many Vogue covers they pay for.What about focusing on Macs again, Apple?
Best comment of this thread by far.
Let's just hope it's not only about the fugly and underwhelming AWatch - instead, let it be about a revamped nMP as well. 
AWatch, iPod Hi-Fi and Zune - now that's a trifecta.
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