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+1. Am already using it in all my browsers. The less Google we have, the better.
Yep; nice but it's a bit too much for a painted piece of rag.
See question above; I was considering buying a retina iMac, but then the idea of getting a nMP with D500s came up - the main question is: how functional is a nMP with the 2011 iMac in target display mode as monitor?   Tks for your insight.
Exactly - just LET ME DO A SEARCH THAT EXCLUDES IAP crap, the scourge of the app world. "Get" it, Apple? You want an easy, intuitive word for IAP bullshit? Just use "CRAP".
Just because I have a different opinion about the Apple Watch? Grow up, please; I have converted more than 25 people to Apple devices over the last five years, and have only used Apple products in my household since 1995. That doesn't mean I have to like everything they launch - I am a Mac guy, and couldn't care a bit whether or not we have a new "wearable" fad by Apple; likewise for their absolutely idiotic "Beats by Dre" acquisition. 
Nope, I stick with my RADO; one battery change in what, five years?
Yep, "endless" until that tiny battery runs out after just a few hours in your wrist. Then you won't even be able to check what time it is; ain't that great for a watch?
Same here - wtf is that now?
Uhh, no they won't. It will be a fabulous flop actually.
Of course I am - as if the Mac Pro had the same target segment, mass appeal and sales expectations; with such a flawed logic, I take it YOU are not a lawyer, right?
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