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Good points, Marvin. However, I must emphasize the absurdity of that price even if gold weight calculations are correct and fluctuations are taken into account. Indeed, price comes from two main factors: cost of production AND scarcity (artificial or natural) which are then tempered (upwards or downwards) by demand.But in this case we see a device being launched without any stated limited production numbers nor clear gold weight values. So it's hard to jump into that...
If true, that is simply scandalous - in fact, I am not aware of ANY Apple device comprising such a criminal profit margin - not even the IIfx or the 20th Anniversary Mac did that. So no; I still cannot believe the gold one contains only 1k worth of gold.
If what you say is true weight-wise, that is even more shocking and absurd than initially perceived - I would expect at least 80% of the gold edition price to be, well, based on the international value of gold.So no, I cannot believe the gold edition has only 800 bucks worth of gold.
I can tell you my ceramic RADO looks way better than the AW, while requiring a battery change only once every five years...it doesn't take a Swiss to know the obvious.
At least his Downward Spiral album was good - now let's just hope the name Beats disappear from the Apple universe.
The filthy rich buy Audemars Piguet and above for watches, not Apple.
I've never claimed to be a shareholder - show me a single post where I state that.
I love Apple IIs/Macs and have only used them for 25 years now - I also like my iPhone/iPad a lot, as they are the best phones/tablets in the world - finally, I have converted more than 25 people to Macs (and counting)...probably a LOT more than some of the people here, and all that without even caring to own a single Apple share.That doesn't mean I need to agree with everything Apple does, and particularly not under Cook's uninspired watch (no pun intended).
AMEX is one of the least accepted cards in the world - most people, rich or otherwise, have MCs and Visas instead.
Don't take my 300-minute remark literally, please - my point is that for such a price a LOT more should be provided in terms of "elite" service.
New Posts  All Forums: