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I appreciate the page-long reply; but my point was just to say that she looked TERRIBLE in that photo. Whatever she did in BlackRock doesn't help either, as I am not too fond of investment bankers. But I am glad you found better pictures of her.   As for my opening statement of "not being gay", it was just to make sure that people don't start assuming I have a different sexual preference than women.   Clear now? Because it's as simple as that.
 I am not gay, but at least they look better than any picture of that investment fund lady - she looks terrible and should get a new haircut.
 Absolutely agreed. See also my comment above.
 Of course people are being misled, particularly children. Moreover, why hasn't Apple, up to THIS DAY, enabled a search function by which we may exclude ANY app using IAPs? I do not even want to see them in my search results and couldn't care less about how many useless IAPs one may pay for in Candy Crush Saga.
I cannot find that option in my account...why?
Sure, just show someone wearing gigantic headphones and saying "I am a Mac"...I am sure it's gonna work.
Podcast app, definitely right up there with Microsoft BOB...
Are these maffiosi related to the holier-than-thou Rahm Emmanuel?
Whatever Google buys I will stop using - it's as simple as that.
 This brought me some fond memories from the good ol' 680x0 days, that's for sure ;)
New Posts  All Forums: