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I don't have a PS3, so I can't say with finality, but I'm pretty sure it won't work. While iTunes music is DRM-free, video is still "protected". The DRM system is Apple-proprietary, so it would need to be played using iTunes, or an Apple device.
I use MS Office at work because I have little choice. It's good for short, quick tasks, but doesn't work well for large or formal projects, and has a lot of nasty quirks. I had come to think of Word especially as "a relic of the 80's". I recently completed a project that produced two massive documents (2400+ pages together) using a lot of automation; Excel, Word, XML/XSLT, and C# code together in a hot mess. It mostly worked, but there was a lot of stuff that just...
Sorry, I didn't have this issue and hadn't heard any reports of it persisting more than a day or two. If it's still there after a week, take it back to the store; I would think they could exchange it.
There is already an app for that by Dragon. It's not tightly integrated into the OS, but you can dictate into the phone, and then easily paste into email or whatever target app you want. It works on my wife's 2-year-old iPhone 3G.
I have not had any proplem in normal usage, so I voted "no issues". At home at at work (North of Seattle), I can't make the bars drop no matter what I do. Interestingly, last weekend I was outside of Skykomish, WA, on the edge of coverage, where service was already very spotty. I still had "full bars"! Holding the phone comfortably, I don't usually touch the gap, but even if I touched it with my finger, I'd only get a slight drop. I would have to literally cup the...
Since we've seen the news of limited white iPhone supplies, does anyone know if they are on display in the Apple stores? I plan to get the iPhone 4, but on the fence about the color. I think I'll have to see one in my own hands before making the choice. I'd like to get my order in sooner rather than later, but I'd rather avoid the madhouse if they don't even have any. \
I'm withholding final judgment (and making a purchase) until I see one in my own hands. In pictures, it looks more "glassy" than the black, and has a depth to it, but the screen and front-facing camera/sensors break up the monolithic face. I think I'm about 60% likely to go for black.
Re: Image stabilization...Almost certainly, these are neither laser-based nor spinning disks, but MEMS gyros. These use a vibrating structure like a tuning fork, but at a microscopic scale, built on a chip. This is the same type generally used for other consumer applications, including DSLRs with optical image stabilization. It will be interesting to see if Apple's video recorder (or a 3rd party app) will be able to make use of it for stabilization. I think this would...
Didn't Apple do something like this to some third-party apps that had implementations of Cut & Paste before announcing the new features? The evasiveness of the reasons makes me think that Apple has a similar function in the pipe. Many people have asked for a more informative lock screen. Such a feature would not need to be in the beta builds that are released to developers - presuming there are no changes to the notification system. If there are changes to...
I'll be trying it out when I get home! Hopefully my Mini/9400M can handle HL2. Leaving that unfinished was among my very few regrets when I unplugged my PC.
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