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Heading out now to buy a macbook pro, my first mac. I know the rumors are there that the new chips are on their way but whatever, I'm on a time senestive table with a laptop thats about to die, I've waited as long as I can!
Hey sorry for all the questions but I just thought of this: For the work I do I run use programs that are built for all three OS's, OSX, Windows, and Linux. The boot camp feature in Leopard has me covered for Windows and OSX and I was just planning on keeping my old desktop as my linux machine however this idea occurred to me. Is it possible for me to install linux on an external hard drive, the one I posted about earlier, and set a Macbook Pro to boot off the...
Hey everyone, I'm completely new to the mac world but I'm buying a macbook pro later this week and wanted to ask this: If I were to yank the hard drive out of my current windows based laptop and put it in an external 2.5'' hard drive enclosure will the macbook pro be able to read it? I thought this might be an easy way to transfer all my music and files from my current laptop to my new one as well as setting me up with a nice portable hard drive as well. I'd...
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