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I use this one to do quick ROM backups, if you have any questions that the thread I posted doesn't answer feel free to ask and I will walk you through it.However for more in depth backups this is the must have program, Titanium Backup it's defiantly a very powerful app.What phone do you have?
Just tell me when your jogging in my neighborhood, I need a new watch, mmmmoooowwwhhhoooooaaahhhaahhhaahh.
What, the Apple Watch, not even close.
Noooo daddy, please, just give me 5 more minutes with the petition nutjob and then I promise I'll brush my teeth and go straight to bed.
Yeah I know, I just like replying to people who say, why would you want anything else. You know me, I can't help myself, I'm like a super nerd built from parts of lesser nerds.
Really, I have the best backup system that I have ever seen for any phone. When my phone is plugged in into it's dock I have a desktop application that auto backups up the entire system onto a ROM, puts a date in front of it and then uploads it to the cloud and puts a copy onto my NAS drive. Takes about 5 minutes to do. In case of total system failure I can simply flash the backup ROM back to the phone, phone broken, no problem, I just grab my backup from my cabinet and...
SD Card, removable battery, DLNA, Miracast,HDMI out supports 1080p for all apps including desktop, unhindered NFC (you can use wireless speakers), full multitasking (your not limited to only a select number of apps that are allowed to run in the background), wireless charging, higher resolution, file manager(my home NAS is mounted as a local drive so every app can save on it without having to do use a client), better communication between apps(for instance, if OneDrive is...
Right ................ well, except maybe for the CPU, camera, NFC, display, design, hmmmm, you know what, nevermind, they discuss everything except that which is not beneficial to the marketing of new hardware like memory size. Wait, I'm sorry, that's not right, Apple did discuss and listed the memory size of the iPhone when it went from 512mb to 1GB.I'm just teasing you and really don't mean anything behind it. I am however very interested in some of the literature...
I honestly thought his post was a joke, wow, just amazes me what people do with their time sometimes.
HeHe fair enough, first I didn't want to post a puff piece on the operation of the pen, brutal honesty man, all tech has it's problems though, my iPad frustrates me all the time to the point where I want to throw it out the window, why Apple, why can't I run more then one music app at a funky time. That being said though the pen back button problem he had in the beginning has been fixed about 2 updates ago, it really does work now, honestly What would frustrate you, he's...
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