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  The Porsche is actually a gift for my husband, he's been their for me so much lately so I wanted something to say thank you. He carries both an iPhone and a BlackBerry Z10, he say's he can't live without either one, so I figure he would enjoy this more then his Z10. I know he likes my Porsche P'9981, so I went for it, the little bastard was hard to track down though, geesh, talk about an exclusive item. I finally found a store in Milan who had one, what a f*****g snob...
Then this is what happens, others start chiming in about something that is not only incorrect but didn't bother to do any research themselves, it's so much more enjoyable to fire first and then let God sort'm out later.
Yes it does, I use OneNote offline on my Nokia 1020 all the time, where do you guys come up with this stuff. Once you sync for the first time in, iOS, Android or WM8 it syncs everything to your local file system, when that is finished your free to work offline as much as you want, then once you reconnect it will sync with the cloud, OneDrive would be the dumbest app of all time if you couldn't work offline.
Of course you can create Notes offline, that would be ridiculous if you couldn't. All you need to do is login and sync once, this creates the necessary local structure and then your good to go. This is all covered in the manual, I would try reading such things in the future before going of on a rant.http://office.microsoft.com/en-001/onenote-help/can-i-work-offline-HA104035289.aspx?CTT=5&origin=HA104033710
So can the Android version but the Windows Mobile 8 version is much better at audio. You can always insert the audio after recording it from another app. Audio notes are pretty important to me too.
Why? It looks nothing like the current line of MacBooks, it's black. Besides, Apple only goes after companies that actually pose a threat. Not some tiny geek company.
Something like this;  This is the object of my desire now, I will defiantly be picking up a Passport when it's released. I am actually excited about this one, first time in a very long that a gadget has actually made me feel impatient about waiting. The new iPhone 6 is of course another device that I can't wait to see, but the Passport is something I know that I want, without question.  The new Blackberry OS 10.3 update is for a lack of better words, friggen cool. One of...
But next week when the data is favorable to Apple, IDC will again be in your good graces.
If you leave it to the manufacture, then yes, most Android phones last 2 years. If you update it yourself, 5 plus years, no problem. Samsung and LG both have plug'n play flashing software, its as easy as plugging in your phone, download a Rom and click flash. There is no longer a need for special software or hacking, any Joe Some can do it. For instance the original Android phone the G1 has a few Android 4.2.2 ROMs available and their actually working on a Kit Kat release...
hehehe dirty little boy…...
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