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Of course not but that logic doesn't make any sense, now those who payed the same amount for an Android tablet as an iPad, defiantly have them for a while. I still have and use a 4 year old Asus Tranformer SL101 (running Android 5.1.0), still a fantastic device for document creation, especially now that Office for Android has been released.
Every major OEM has multiple Windows tablet on the market so I'm not really sure what your referring too.
If only you could do that to people in real life.
This isn't some conspiracy against Apple.
The iPad or I should say iOS still needs a lot more work in my opinion. First and foremost, iOS needs to able to run multiple apps in the background and not just those select few, it's really about time. Better inter-app communication, when the Share function is selected every app that is installed on the system that understands the apps protocols your sharing from need to appear and not just those that were hardcoded into the app. Example, when I install the Box cloud...
It works now, just buy the Apple USB to Ethernet connection kit, Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and your in business.
Not true, the Bamboo Stylus Fineline is absolutely fantastic. So much so that I actually prefer using it with my Surface Pro 3 instead of the included Stylus. It's great, try one, works with the iPad, Android devices and Windows.
That's a good question, I'm sure they're still having some troubles but the Samsung S6 is looking to be a huge success. Which doesn't surprise me as it's a very attractive phone, to bad it's still running that horrid TouchWiz and is way too exspensive. I'm happy to see Nokia coming back into the game though, they will only be allowed to build smartphones as the Microsot agreement prohibits them from manufacturing feature phones for the foreseable future. I reall like the...
That's interesting, I didn't know that. I just recently had a new stereo installed in my early 70's Porshe Targa. I was originally going to go with the Pioneer AVH-X7500 as it's a single DIN unit with a pullout display. The problem was it looked horrible when installed and I really didn't care for the UI and lack of customization. So I had the installation guys order me a really nice custom center console which was something I had toyed with doing for a long while and...
Hey Tallest have you ever tried something like a Minix. I know you hate Android and everything it stands for but a good Android TV set box is a pretty fantastic gadget to have. I reluctantly bought one after a friend recommended his Minix. I'm hooked now, it's awesome, especially when used in conjunction with Kodi, the Android version of XBCM. It doesn't have iTunes but with both the Google Play Store and Amazon Prime there hasn't been a time that I couldn't find anything,...
New Posts  All Forums: