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I will miss reading these militant, if it's not an Apple it's crap comments. I always wondered who they were directed towards. I always got this image of a bunch of identical looking dudes standing in a circle jerking off while complimenting each other on their penis's. Who cares what gadget people choose or for what reason they chose it. Why do you guys have to be so snobby. There are lots of things an Android tablet can do that iPad can't and Visa Versa. Guess what, I...
~Windows Mobile, you either hate it or love it, I've noticed that there is just no middle ground when people are discussing this OS. I happen to fall in the latter group as I have a Nokia 1020 and dig it immensely, it's also my first Windows Mobile device. It took me about a day to find all of the little nuances and tricks but once I did I was smitten. My previous phone was a BB Z10, a work phone which I unfortunately had to give up after I fell sick and took an extended...
Wow, someone please remind me later not to invite this guy to our annual Winter Solstice Tupperware slash orgy. He'll be too busy complaining how the salad container isn't airtight all the while completely oblivious to the things in the room that are. I'm sure this is a fine product, though I have and love the new Bose portable.
That's not true, I've always had a Nokia in my bag, the Lumia 1020 being the latest and unfortunately the last one. Now that they are no longer making phones, I will switch over to Jolla and their new OS for my personal needs. I really like Windows 8 Mobile that runs my Nokia 1020 so I want to stay with that platform as well, hopefully MS will come out with a decent phone.
Top 20 educational systems in order according to BBC, of course the Fins win, there's nothing to do up there but read, just kidding; FinlandSouth KoreaHong KongJapanSingaporeUKNetherlandsNew ZealandSwitzerlandCanadaIrelandDenmarkAustraliaPolandGermanyBelgiumUSAHungarySlovakiaRussia 
Yaaayyy, I'm so happy. There's actually someone else on this board who's actually used a Windows 8 tablet. I have one too, the Lenovo, I really enjoy it as well and honestly don't understand all the hatred towards this platform. It's the closest to what my ideal work tablet (didn't say home, the iPad still rules their, so don't lash out) should be, as of yet. I have high hopes for Ubuntu Touch, call me a dreamer.
Really, I just upped the UI to 110% and they work just fine. I have yet to use a desktop app that wasn't useable. Not sure what people are complaining about, I do have small fingers though.
Never said they overcharge, just that it's cheaper to buy them In the US. Personally, I actually think all these gadgets are cheap, I used to pay 3000 dollars for a Sony Picturebook and that was before I was making real money. I'm not really sure what your trying to prove.
Huh, I use and enjoy many desktop apps on my Win8 tablet. Must have a special one or you've never used one, I think the latter.
A lot of people don't realize how much more we pay for stuff in Europe, it's almost worth just flying to New York for a day to do your yearly clothing and gadget shopping and of course visit a decent Sushi restraunt.
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