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Just build a Hackintosh, they work just as well as the real thing and you can customize it to your needs. The MSI Brix can be configured with an i7-4770, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Iris 5200 for the same price as the top Mini and it's as fast as the top iMac, excluding the discreet GPU. It's smaller, faster and runs OSX just as well. 
It's not Apple, their just aren't any 16GB SODIMMS yet.
I wouldn't say the rest of the PC industry isn't quite ready for it, 4K is the newest and greatest resolution, 5K is nice but just a novelty at this point and how long did it take for Apple to even release a 4K monitor for their Pro series where something like a 5K resolution would have made more sense, oh wait they don't have one yet, their still using a Sharp in which they charge an extra $500 on top of retail for, heck the MacBook Air is still stuck at 1366 x 768. So...
You got a lemon, it happens. I say sell it and just buy a new one. If you can't afford a new one than go to eBay but why put yourself through this any longer. If there is a wide spread problem I wouldn't hold my breath in anticipation that Apple will acknowledge it, normally it takes a class action suite for that to happen. Most likely there is already a law firm working on one right now, do some research, maybe you can join in.
Wave of the future for TV's that connect to the internet, you can easily turn it off though Tallest. Menu > Setup > Display customization > Viera Connect Banner > Off
 One of the biggest changes to Windows 8.1 was that it fixed the small text problem, just increase the DPI to 150 percentage and it will no longer look small. You can also install OSX onto the Yoga 2 very easily as this model uses supported hardware. Also your first post on this forum really shouldn't have been a negative one as it sets the tone of your personality, first impressions and all.
 Cool thanks, it there anyway to do it without using another machine like the Nvidia Shield? http://shield.nvidia.com/tablet-user-guide/how-to-record-and-share-your-gameplay.htm
 I have a Korg MS20 Mini, great synthesizer but I know what you mean about the app, it's awesome as well. Android no longer has a latency problem and more and more audio creation apps are popping up because of it, no where near that of iOS of course. I actually own 3 iPad Air 2's just for music creation apps. I need three because unfortunately you can't run and play sound from more than one music app at a time in iOS, it pauses the app once it's in the background. So if I...
It took a long time but the Atom is starting to show signs of life, the Atom used in Foxcomms/Nokias IPad Mini clone, the N1 for instance, performs better than the Qualcomm 805 and the iPad Mini it's competing against, which are both bery quick, regardless of the existence of faster chips like the A8x. Here is a nice write up on it, http://www.anandtech.com/show/7789/intel-talks-merrifield-moorefield-and-lte-at-mwc-2014 . 64Bit mobile chips are just now starting to take...
I no longer do it with my teenage daughter but for children under 12, I feel differently. Their internet activities should be monitored regardless of how liberal your house hold is. This is just my opinion after raising two children and seeing first hand what kind of materials and links are shared when their at school. Children don't need to be expose to animal porn or cyber sex at the age of 11, beleive it or not but a large majority have already been exposed to these...
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