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I said I was the asshole not you. Whatever you call call it Solipsismx, you come off as very impatient towards anybody that you don't see eye too eye with. You know that I have been suffering as of late, I am no where near to having all of my facilities available to me, it's very apparent to the many mistakes I have been making all over the place. I switched AMD with Nvidia for goodness sakes, it's frustrating, humiliating and I do 't this k I should be reminded of it...
 That's one thing that's kind of nice here in Switzerland, we don't have roaming, just when you leave the country, which is not really a big deal considering how small out country is, you can go from one end to the other in just over a few hours. Man were tiny, but we have big hearts and big wallets. You want to hear something crazy, a typical Mc Donalds worker brings home about 3,800 USD a month that's our lower class.
Okay, fair enough and I'm sorry, I truly didn't remember the specifics of what I posted, what I do recall is how hard it was to find any site that could tell me when Apple started using Corning glass once more, prior to the iPhone 5 Apple used Lens Tech International, hence all the confusion, I mean no where on Apples or Cornings site does it mention that they use Corning. Anyway, thanks for making me look like a asshole for being confused, appreciate that, though I guess...
Yeppers, sure was, that was me, all the way, but I never said they didn't use it, just that it was pretty much worthless if you dropped an iPhone. It turned out the problem with iPhones cracking is do to the metal frame, it doesn't absorb shock nearly as well as a polycarbonate housing. The guy at the iKlinic in Luzern showed my daughter and I a really neat cutaway of the iPhone, walked us through it, said if Apple wants to keep this design they really need to start...
Do you have proof, links, documents, secret communique, you do realize the Apple still uses Corning don't you, why are you so ready to throw them under the bus so soon, especially before a replacement product has even been introduced.
....and legal prostitution, yes we have it all.
That was probably the limitation of the server you connected too. When I use switch.ch, a mirror for many opensource projects, I easily push the theoretical, MS OneDrive as well, that's why I praise it so much, their the fastest cloud service I have ever used, helps that they have a brand new data facility here.
In Switzerland as well, nutty fast and cheap, I pay about 55 a month for unlimited, 150mbps, more like 110, but still, no cap and I always have at least 20GB+ downloaded a month. U.S. is years behind us.
I've been a hold for the last 12 years, see no reason why to change anything. 
German sheet porn, the bad sheet in the family, get your sheet together, sheet for brains, your breath smells like sheet, I just sheet my pants, please stop with all of these sheety puns Relic, you piece of sheet.
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