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Yeah, not only is it really good but it's also free to use, along with Excel and PowerPoint. Just go here and click on the app you want to use. People always ask why I have a ChromeBook, why not, the web has everything that I could possible want. Put the browser in full screen while using iCloud and it's like you have a Mac.  
 How are you with foot massages.
 Yep, that's how I decide between mescaline and acid.
 I weigh less then 35 kilos, if my dog didn't sit on me I would float away. You win! 
Oh I'm sorry Hill60, I just saw your post. That's a really pretty watch, I've always liked the Seamaster Aqua Terra.
Huh? Who sells their Phablets at a loss, certainly not Samsung. Just because other companies don't have Apple's extremely large margins, almost 70% for the iPhone 5s doesn't mean that there producing products at a lost. Pretty random thing to say.
 Why, does it really matter what phone people use. I know it's interesting to debate the merits of using an iPhone over a Android phone here but seriously do you actually care. Those UI inconsistencies in Android you mentioned are from third party skins, when using a pure Nexus or Google Play device the UI is very consistent, the new L build is even more so.
 iOS is defiantly fastly becoming an OS that I can finally embrace. I'm however still waiting for a proper file manager that I can use to not only logon to all of my Cloud storage from a single app but my NAS and local data as well. I use a file manager as my starting point when I use devices like my Nexus 10, instead of going to a specific application to open up a file I go to the actually file itself and then select the app that I want to use to open and manipulate. When...
New Posts  All Forums: