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Why the Acer and not say the Dell or the Asus 8" which both have a digitized pens, just asking.
The iPad is an awesome music creation platform, the amount of midi controllers and keyboards are just staggering.
To add to that I would like to see Miracast, your mention of using the iPad as a TV would benefit from this. Of course there are my usual requests, being able to run multiple apps in the background, multi-user support to split your work and home profiles, able to use a different browser, email client, etc. as your default instead of an Apple app and a built in file manager that can mount all of my cloud and network storge and than be able access these drives via every app...
Ugh, stop saying that I am down-playing the significance of the A8 processor because I'm not. Just because I'm defending other manufactures against your continues negativity for anything that isn't made by Apple, does not mean that I think any less of Apples achievements. As I actually use the things I defend and know what their capable of doing, I think I would have a unique perspective. You can spout all of the tech literature you would like but it still won't change the...
Haha, they tried to convince me to sell after the first stock split, I just told them to forget that I owned the stock, no my exact words were, put in a sell order at 1,000, I actually got excited right before the 1 for 7 split, I was looking forward to the conversation where I would tell my broker to to remove the sell order for 1,000 and put another one in for 2,000. I do most of my own trading now, mostly currencies and commodities, the blue chip stuff is still handled...
Gosh I hope Apple releases a MacBook Air with an A9, that would just be the coolest thing ever.
I had an A9home PC, it was this little cute purple thing that ran RiscOS, it contained an ARM9 CPU, 128Mb RAM and 40GB HD. I got it at a computer fair in Zurich, never really played with it all that much though. I Think I still have it in a box somewhere, I should dig it up, might be a fun thing to play with again.
Check out InteractiveBrokers, you can set aside funds for up and coming IPO's, they even offer simulated trading based on past market data so you can setup your home trading platform without actually making in any orders. Their worth a look and fairly inexpensive to boot. They also have a half way decent mobile trading app, unlike some of the absolute garbage I've used in the past, cough SwissQuote.
That's fine I never said there weren't others in that market. Your also forgetting that K1 has been doing very well in China and India with the Xiami MiPad, Acer Chromebooks and HP is using them in their ChromeBooks, which like their previous models will also sell quite well. I'm not really sure what your deal is with me, this might be an Apple forum but this thread concerns other manufacturers as well. Why is my opinion any less valid than yours. Especially when I...
I know but they will hopefully be listed in 2015, I have set aside 20,000CHF and have it entered in as a pre-order into Eurex. Check with your broker, you can setup something similar to get your buy in fast when it does. I wrote the comment to quickly and skipped a lot, I got side tracked by another poster, I meant to convey getting in early is always your best option, as with Space X but I hit submit and didn't proof read what I had just wrote.
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