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At home as well, as I'm sure most children have internet in their houses. An iPad wouldn't be much of a improvement when it comes to offline, most apps require an internet connection as well, including the educational apps. Most schools don't even allow the students to take these devices home, iPad, ChromeBooks or otherwise so this is all just a mute point anyway.
I would just create a small script that looks in the directory, if file(s) are larger than x, than delete. You can do this in the command line with just two commamds, "ls -ltr" and "rm -rf".
Oh give me a break, I said I'm rarely offline but when I am there are plenty of apps that work offline and you can also install Android apps like MS Office. I also know about offline capabilities because I actually own one and am a uber geek who plays with her toys. I don't understand your question about kids, my children both have unlimited LTE, costs about 40 per child, maybe less I need to check
So the iPad would be better than. Believe it or not web apps will replace traditional installed desktop apps. Web apps have become very powerful and useful in the last two years and their isn't much you can't do online. Development, no problem, head over to Codenvy and see for yourself how powerful their cloud IDE is, music creation, try AudioTool and than try and tell me that's its not the coolest thing you've seen in a while, Office, MS Office is online and it's...
Why don't you just use Adobe Reader for PDF's, eBook reader, try Calibre. I don't think they will fail, in fact I think their getting a lot better. I absolutely adore their Office online apps, free to. OneDrive is still the best cloud storage service that I've used to date. The Surface is also a good product, I'm actually hooked on them and can't wait for the Surface Pro 4. In fact I would much rather have a Surface Pro than a MacBook Air.
It's only free for those who have Windows 8.1. I like the direction MS is heading with Windows 10 and I truly believe it to be the best version so far but if they do go forward with a subscription service I won't be purchasing a plan. If it comes with a laptop that I'll just use it until the plan runs out.
What a bunch of BS, why are BlackBerry's crap, simply because you don’t like it. Have you even used the new Passport for any extended period of time, I highly doubt it because it's an absolute gem, in fact it’s the best phone I have owned in a very long while. BB OS is not the same OS that was used in such phones as the Bold, it's a completely new system and in my opinion is a lot more powerful than iOS. Hard to swallow, well get this, not everyone wants an iPhone, I...
Web technologies are getting better all the time and frankly I have yet to run into a wall where something couldn't be done. I miss understood what you were looking for originally, it's important to keep up to date with these new technologies. Study, study and than study somemore, because if you were up to date you would know about, getUserMedia(). Below is a link to get you started. Where there is a will, there will always be a way. Happy...
There is a print function, you just need a Google Print enabled printer or a little Google Print dongle. Children are also very hard on computer equipment, 10% sounds to high though unless their using a very cheap model. My daughters school uses the HP G3 14's, their built like tanks, might cost a little more but they'll last a whole lot longer. Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell are also good options, if the schools buy either Acer or Asus because of costs than their just asking...
No it's not, their aren't even ads on Google Search when using a educational ChromeBook. Students login into their ChromeBook using an ID number that is registered to the School or as a guest, Google has no idea who is using the ChromeBook, just that someone from the school is. Like the miss notion that you can't use a ChromeBook offline, this is another one that could have been easily debunked by doing some simple research.
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