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Thank you so much, I just got out of the recovery room about 20 minutes ago, went in at 14:00. Normally I would sleep the rest of the day but I find myself restless. It has a lot to do with the pain meds, they gave me this stuff called Fentanyl, there's a tiny bag inside a machine, with a cable connected to a button, push the button and I hear kung fu phooey sing Fank Sintra songs. I saw the nurse program it and I memorized the pass code 34672 to unlock and reprogram the...
I like the ChromeBook and their very useful. There isn't much you can't do on the web anymore, I can access Microsoft Office online and iCoud to do my office work, use OneDrive and Google Drive to store all of my files including photos, use Pixlr and Fotor to edit my photos, use Cloud 9 and Shift Edit for my programming needs, use NetFlix and Zattoo to watch TV or Movies online, use Audio Tool and Audio Sauna to make awesome music, use Spotify and Groove Shark to listen...
 Oh I wish it was called that, such a cool name. I get to see a Tab S up close on Friday. hubby and kids took me shopping for a small midi keyboard before they dropped me off at the heliport. I wanted something to play with while I'm in the hospital for the next couple of weeks. Anyway while my hubby was paying for my loot I went upstairs to InterDiscount to check out the new toys, they had the 10.5 version of the Tab S, it's defiantly not the the most attractive looking...
No problemo amigo, I understand where you are coming from too. These articles can be fairly entertaining at times and I am in no way suggesting that AppleInsider completely stop reporting on Samsung or any of Apples competitors, I would just like to see a limit on the number of stories,  perhaps just the ones that affect Apple directly. News about Samsung releasing yet another tablet should really be skipped as their only true purpose is so we can attack them.
Hahahaha!!! Are you stocking me sir?
Yeah I have one, not really impressed, nor have I ever been a fan of dongles especially for something that really should be built in from the let go.
It was a lucky buy to start off with, holding on to the shares for this long has been the easy part especially now after the recent 7 to 1 split. Instead of going through a brokerage company I bought them directly using my personal brokerage account and trading ID. 
 Naaah, not really a feature that I would use unless Apple releases multi-user support. What I want more then anything else is a built in micro HDMI port.
 I don't know how it is the US but Samsung runs their commercials on prime time TV here, Zurich airport also has Samsung charging ports throughout the airport, so does Charles de Gaulle, Heathrow and Berlin Tegal.
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