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There is a print function, you just need a Google Print enabled printer or a little Google Print dongle. Children are also very hard on computer equipment, 10% sounds to high though unless their using a very cheap model. My daughters school uses the HP G3 14's, their built like tanks, might cost a little more but they'll last a whole lot longer. Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell are also good options, if the schools buy either Acer or Asus because of costs than their just asking...
No it's not, their aren't even ads on Google Search when using a educational ChromeBook. Students login into their ChromeBook using an ID number that is registered to the School or as a guest, Google has no idea who is using the ChromeBook, just that someone from the school is. Like the miss notion that you can't use a ChromeBook offline, this is another one that could have been easily debunked by doing some simple research.
Sorry, I completely missed this. There are actually quite a few apps that you can use to record/stream video, here are some of my favorites,ScreencastifyTechSmith's Snagit app and extension comboClipChampMediaCore CaptureThan of course there's YouTube and Hangouts. As far as web casts are concerned, what service do you use now as I'm sure you can also use it on your ChromeBook as most of them are web services. There are also some really decent web based security apps for...
Why, because they use a piece of hardware that you don't like. How can using a Chrome OS device destroy a childs sensibilities. The ChromeBook is just used as a gateway to online or local web orientated educational materials. Really though, who cares what they use if the results are the same, the future of computing is the web anyway as traditional desktops like OSX and Windows will soon disappear the way of the DoDo bird.
Kind of, if you install Linux in a Chroot you can run FireFox, Opera, Chromium, etc. and you can also also install an Android web browser like Dolphin, Maxthon, Firefox, Opera, etc. Why do you need to run another browser. If you want to run a native browser under Chrome OS you'll have to compile it within a custom Chrome OS build, not hard to do but you need to know now how to hack Linux and of course compile a custom Chrome OS image.
Archon Packager for Android, just choose the apps you want to run on ChromeOS, the apps display orientation, click convert and than just copy the file ober to Google Drive so you can easily access it from your ChromeBook. Works great and very easy to use, a none technical person could do it with ease. Archon Packager is available in the Google Play Store.
Their actually really good, I have a Google Pixel II (i7, 16GB, 128GB) and a little HP 11 LTE (Celeron, 4GB, 32GB) v2.
Bringing Android apps over to ChromeOS is as easy as pushing a single button, convert. Have you ever actually used a ChromeBook. Web apps have gotten so good that I actually prefer them now, including software development, check out CodeEnvy or Cloud 9. I program in Open CL, C ++, PHP, Cuda and Python, never once have I felt that I needed to use Windows or OSX to get my work done. I also have Linux installed in a Chroot under ChromeOS so I can have a LAMP server. I hardly...
 That's a huge misconception about ChromeBooks, quite a few apps for Chrome OS can be used offline. You can also install pretty much any every Android app that's available in the Play Store. I have MS Office for Android for instance. Also since I have a LTE enabled ChromeBook I hardly ever loose connection, when I fly I just use the planes network. I now use a Google Pixel as my main notebook, it's a fantastic machine.
Interesting I don't have a problem with Skype on my Macbook, FaceTime though crashes all the time, mostly for incoming calls. My favorite video conferencing software is still Hangouts, hate it because it's a Google product if you must but it's bullet proof. Almost my entire family have ChromeBox's with web cams connected to their TV's with and habe been using Hangouts withoutissues for over a year now. We also share our media with each other such as movies and pictures,...
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