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There is plenty of room.
Isn't that the truth, once you've paired, say a mouse, keyboard, wireless SD card reader, headphones and display I can almost guarantee at least one of those devices will start to act up, the bluetooth headphones most likely. As I'm always having problems when I try to use my bluetooth speaker when I also have a mouse and keyboard connected at the same time. Hopefully this will change with further advances in wireless technology but like you said, doubt it at least not in...
Though it's exactly what every single reviewer has said about the MacBook. If you can live with no HDMI/Display Port, SD Card reader, at least 2 USB inputs, than this is the machine for you. I personally love the simplicity and own a wireless SD Card, USB reader from Kingston, the MobileLite and for connecting to a display I use the EZCast which supports Airplay. Though I wish Apple would just support Miracast or even WiDi out of the box as lots of monitors and TV's...
Thank you for the kind words. I don't come here much as often as I used to because I'm back home. To much to do in such little time. Though I still take it easy and only do the things that my body allows. I have been driving a whole lot, I don't know if you read one of my earlier posts but my entire familiy pitched in to get my '71 Porsche Targa completey refurbished down to the frame, I mean you can eat off of it. The engine was also replaced with an S type of the same...
Unlike Apple or Google Maps, Nokia Here allows the user to download an entire countries map data for free. Not only that but it has a fantastic navigational system, that includes local transportation and best routes for walking. It's also free to use so don't take my word for it, try it yourself, you won't be dissapointed.
Of course not but that logic doesn't make any sense, now those who payed the same amount for an Android tablet as an iPad, defiantly have them for a while. I still have and use a 4 year old Asus Tranformer SL101 (running Android 5.1.0), still a fantastic device for document creation, especially now that Office for Android has been released.
Every major OEM has multiple Windows tablet on the market so I'm not really sure what your referring too.
If only you could do that to people in real life.
This isn't some conspiracy against Apple.
The iPad or I should say iOS still needs a lot more work in my opinion. First and foremost, iOS needs to able to run multiple apps in the background and not just those select few, it's really about time. Better inter-app communication, when the Share function is selected every app that is installed on the system that understands the apps protocols your sharing from need to appear and not just those that were hardcoded into the app. Example, when I install the Box cloud...
New Posts  All Forums: