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Me to, Beats headphones are just overpriced fashion accessories for children and teenagers and young adults.  A pair Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro's is so vastly superior then a similar priced pair of Beats that it is almost comical.
 Why would you care how much Apple paid for Beats, the price could have been doubled and wouldn't have affected Apple in slightest.
 Awwwhhh, here, just wipe those tears away, feel better, no, then plop yourself right here, play Lincoln logs with my son for a little and I'll make a loaf of my famous chocolate fudge cake with nuts, no need to thank me, it;s my doodie. Puntastic!
 Flash runs great on my Surface Pro 3. 
 Funny and so true, that video sums up every Christmas Eve party that I have ever thrown. Always, and I mean always resulted it me putting on impromptu concert turned Karaoke session for my guests with exactly those type of songs in that video. Hey Relic grab your keyboard, no, oh come on, ugh, then I start playing Beethoven just to piss them off, noooo play something from Fleetwood Mac, no U2, no the Cure, fu**! My parents always told me that it was important to learn an...
They have a desktop app as well.
Oh I'm sure, I only mentioned I liked the DataQuest by me because it's close to where I live in Zug. My husband takes the kids all the time to the Apple Store in Zurich, I've only been twice myself. Nice store, to many Germans working there though. I personally still prefer to purchase everything online from Digitec in Zurich or StegPC in Luzern, better prices and they both ship same day if ordered before 13:00.
Like someone mentioned before, Spotify, best way to listen to entire albums before purchasing.
Surprised you haven't done that already from using Apple Maps, I kid, I kid. Siri, "Destination please", "SeaWorld", "calculating, Turn left now"!  Okay...........    Bllluuuup, Bllluuuup, "you have now arrived at your destination", bllluuuup, guuulllppp. "Crap"!
No, you can listen to as much music as you want for free on the Desktop and tablets, though every 15 to 20 songs they interrupt with a 30 second ad spot, after your song is done playing of course. You pay for premium to get rid of the ads, higher quality though the free service sounds just fine, and the ability of listening to music on your iPhone. Have you seriously not ever use Spotify before, if not you should at least try it once, fantastic service, iTunes Radio can't...
New Posts  All Forums: