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Hah, I think this is too funny, It's not just Apple, things like this are always blown out of proportion, I have never had a single virus or malware on any of my devices but if you believe some of these articles out there, like many on this board do, you would think that PC's and Android devices are all riddled with them. Simply not true, those that follow proper security should allows be safe.
 Sounds interesting but that's something Apple will probably never add, the only company who is really investing in anything like that right now is Nvidia.
I do that all of the top me using Viber between my Nokia 1020 phone and Nokia 2520 tablet, works great. Unfortunately it a Windows 8 only feature right now but I'm sure iOS is in the pipeline.
 Though I have yet to own an iPhone I still feel the same way, I sure luv me some tablet. I now have 7, yep 7 of'em little buggers (3 of which are iPad Air 2's) tablets and each with their own special purpose; 1.) Kindle 7" HDX, 64GB RAM, LTE with an OtterBox case. I use this little go as my eBook reader and content consumption apps like; FlipBoard, Pinenterst, Feedly, TED, etc. 2.) Nexus 9, 32GB RAM, The newest addition to my tablet armada and is for development,...
Really, I still get Safari Tab reloads when using forums, I did see a big improvement within Chrome though and 2GB is defiantly a benefit for OS Experience,a Cyndia app that adds full multitasking to iOS, i.e. the ability to run multiple apps in the background, which is huge for me, it's like going from Mac OS 9 to OSX huge.
A big reason why I never use a service unless it's available on multiple platforms, right now that service is Viber.
Poo Nice try, but by now you know that I'm a gadget fan and would own multiple devices regardless. I'm not looking for the ultimate device anyway, it's a fools errand as it will never exist for me.
You guys say that about every judge who passes judgment in favour of the plaintiff. I'm sure she knows a lot more about the law than you do. The case isn't over, it will be up to a jury to decide. How much money are we talking about here, if it's anything above the costs of her phone bill during the period of time she was without messages, which less be honest here, couldn't have been more than a few days till she got all of her contacts into the new phone, well it is...
New Posts  All Forums: