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The same thing here in Switzerland, Spotify is part of my contract. Actually that's how I was first introduced to it, when I got a new contract the guy told me it included Spotify. I really didn't pay much attention to it until I tried it, have been using it for almost 2 years now, great service. I can't imagine Beats or Apples streaming service offering anything more than what I'm already getting with Spotify. Their web interface is also really good, in fact I use it more...
Eureka, I gotUsing a custom ROM CyanogenMod with root enabled makes it is easy to just copy over Open GL 4.5 to the Nexus 9. XDA users have even posted the OpenGL directory from their Nvidia Shields so that Nexus 9 owners can use them. The beauty is you don't even have to remove or alter the currently instslled OpenGL ES in any way, as a game like Trine 2 just searches for and than uses the desktop version of Open GL when detected, bypassing OpenGL ES altogether. The...
They already did, here is the case for it. And of course you can't forget the accessories.
I was thinking of Googles NewsStand for iOS, I just started my iPad in anticipation of correcting you, nope, your right, I'm wrong. There are so many of these damn apps out there I'm honestly confused as to who is making what.
Ha, thanx, he's just happy that the watch band had some length to it, as it helped him greatly during the tricky removal process. You know, I just wanted him to know and really feel how much I appreciated his gift by maximizing his investment to the deepest way possible, ah, ah, I mean fullest.
Privacy and privates, best of both worlds.
Apple's News app is just okay, I think I tried it a couple of times and never went back. I really prefer FlipBoard and Feedly as their just absolutely fantastic apps. Microsoft's Windows 8 news app for their Metro interface is also a really good app, if you have a Windows machine running 8.1 or 10 preview I highly recommend you trying it out, you'll be fairly impressed.
Good post, your absolutely right. I personally don't find ads very annoying anymore as I have fully customized the kinds of ads I want to see. Those that aren't, I just ignore them, well I also pretty much ignore even the ones that are geared for me. Sometimes though a good sale will popup so their not all bad. Funny or more ironically, if you want a completely ad free computer experience and have a child, get the ChromeBook education version. All ads are disabled by...
I hate popups, even when I disable them a few occasionally get by, redirects as well are very annoying. If any advertiser does either of the two I black list them for life
Oh great, my husband will now know when I'm faking it. Wait, you know what, I was wondering why he bought me an Apple Watch and keeps asking me to wear it during relations, that sneaky bastard.
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