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 Autonomous driving cars would defiantly get rid of all that mayhem your talking about. Like it or not Benji, this is an inevitable future, that is if the zombies don't get us first.
 He won't like them until Apple releases one themselves, it's the nature of the beast here on AI, hate everything that isn't Apple until it is.
+1, I've wanted a stylus for the iPad since it was introduced. Don't worry though, once Apple releases one they will change their mind. They always put down technology that Apple doesn't currently offer until they do, then it's the next best thing.
We did the same thing with the ChromeBox in our house, cable is dead.
As I stated in a earlier post the virtual keyboard is also very good, so using it on a airplane wouldn't be a problem. In the hospital I use my little MS Wedge keyboard mostly but the Surface keyboard fits fine on the hospital tray as well, that's the versatility of the Surface, let be tablet mode, laptop or desktop you'll be able to find a comfortable position to do your work in. I'm not saying it makes a better iPad or MacBook but those seeking for a single device it...
 And when Apple finally comes out with there own it will be best thing ever, right. What a load, my Nokia 1020 charges just fine with it's pad, I have never had to position it any specific way. Why don't you guys actually use one before commenting, they work as advertised.
  I have to say I am very impressed with what the likes of Xiaomi and Oppo have brought to the market. Normally I always gravitate towards a Nexus device for my Android needs, this time around though I'm thinking I might go with the Oppo R5, with only a 4.85mm thickness it's kind of intriguing. It's not as fast but to be honest most of these mobile cpu's nowadays are quick enough to do what I want too anyway.  
Why, it's an inevitable conclusion. Fossil fuels are running out, so in the very near future when all cars are electric, especially within a metropolitan area, autonomous driving cars specifically taxis's will more than likely become reality. I have no doubt that the streets will contain some sort of grid layer, where cars will draw it's power from, very close to how wireless mobile phone charging is accomplished and than at the end of each month you will receive a bill,...
 Your right, I should have compared it to my MacBook Air, it's very comparable now, the older version was a mess, specifically the trackpad, so when I bought the Surface Pro 3 I purposely didn't buy the keyboard since, I use either my MS Wedge or Apple keyboard for everything anyway. One of the doctors here also has a Surface Pro 3 so I asked if I could use it for the day, which he graciously offered. I liked it immediately, especially now that it attaches in a way where...
The weight is just fine, do to my current predicament I barely weigh 54 Kilo (120 lbs) and I can hold the Surface 3 comfortably for a fairly long time. Yes the Surface Pro 3 is best when used on a hard surface, as the rear stand is a adjustable, you can lay it on a table and adjust it with just a slight angle making it idea for drawing or other graphic orientated tasks. All of these negative comments about the Surface Pro 3 are unfounded, it's a fantastic device. The...
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