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Misinformed, unaware are the very definitions of ignorant. There are reviews all over the web, a person could easily find one of them for the device they are about to buy, even within Wal-Mart itself as I'm sure they have demo computers connected to the net, heck, head over to the magazine rack to check up on the newest version of Consumer Reports. A person buying something without knowing what it is that their buying is in wrong, not us commenting on their stupidly. I...
Android is actually fairly secure if the user follows proper security protocols. As far as the open debate is concerned, that's a matter of opinion, some require structure and others to dictate to them how a device should be used. For a programmer, tinker, hacker, an open platform can be very awarding, I use an iPad for certain tasks but I couldn't imagine just having an iPad. Not to say it isn't good, it's very good but also has many barriers and is missing some...
If an iPad fits the users needs absolutely.
Agreed, if that is what the user wants there has been some great deals, even $250 for the iPad Mini 2 is a great deal.
 It depends on what you will be using your device for. Personally I use my iPad for music creation for other tasks I prefer using my Windows 8.1 and Android tablet for. There is no such thing as the best device, it's all in the eye of the beholder.
Exactly, especially when an extra 150 could have gotten them something that would have lasted much longer, faster, just a better machine all around.
 I wasn't talking about Android users or even Android Tablets in general. There are some pretty decent Android based tablets on the market, the Amazon Kindle 7 or 8.9 HDX, Sony's Z2, especially their new Z3 Compact, Nvidia's Shield, even the new Nokia N1 for only $250 is stacking up to be a really decent machine, especially for the price. I'm referring to these under $100 monstrosities that serve no purpose other than to give people headaches. Anyone who purchases them are...
 A notebook without a keyboard is called a tablet, definition of a tablet as stated by Webster's; a small portable computer that accepts input directly on to its screen rather than via a keyboard or mouse. Though I do agree on some points, ever since I started using my Surface Pro 3, I know longer want a laptop that doesn't have a touchscreen. Most here will disagree with you though because Apple doesn't use touchscreen panels in their laptops, if Apple doesn't use them,...
Yeah sorry but anyone who buys these things are just plain ignorant and deserve the discomforts. Especially when Amazon now has Kindled starting at 100 bucks. This story is nothing but click bait.
Really, Bing, yucky, there is still no competition to Google's Search as far as I'm concerned, when it comes to programming anyway, I never find what I'm looking for with other search engines. I don't care who Apple uses as their default search engine as long as I can go into settings as change the default back to Google. Though if I can't even change the default browser, email, chat, client, etc. in iOS, it wouldn't surprise me if I got stuck with Bing.
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