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Is it, most of the devices that I have owned that came with a Stylus was integrated into the unit itself. In fact the only device of recent note that didn't have it this way was the Surface Pro 3 but my new Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12.5 (which be the way is one of the best notebooks on the market today) did, so did my Nvidia Shield Tablet. ThinkPad Yoga 12.5 Nvidia Shield Tablet
There is but you'll have to Jail Break the device to gain it. I actually never understood why Apple didn't just simply leave support for the mouse for the iPad in, we know the iPad's main navigational and input method is the finger, there was no additional conditioning that needed to be done to get this point across.
 It will be iOS, Apple will not releases an OSX tablet unless OSX itself has gone through changes to make it a lot more finger friendly. I would really like to see Apple finally make a Pro version of iOS though, because I got to tell ya, I still don't like iOS. I tried so hard too, but It's one of the most infuriating OS's that I have in my work flow. I actually don't think of it as an OS but an App Shell Menu System, as it seems like iOS apps have more power than the OS...
The price I pay for using multiple languages, I'll try to be a little more mindful of this in the future,
Most likely it's a bad extension that is the culprit, at least that is the case 9 times out of 10 when Google Helper is eating up memory, I recommend doing a little house cleaning, remember, once you log into Google, Chrome will automatically install any extensions or apps that you had before your new MacBook, hope this helps.
I'm defiantly done with using Android on a phone, especially now that I have a BlackBerry Passport, just couldn't imagine using anything else at the moment. Best phone I have owned in a very long time.
Kind of a refreshing outlook on Chrome OS, especially here. Especially surprised not to see the usual list of disgruntled anti-Google bashing. I really like Chrome OS, I have been using it since Google sent me an CR-48 development machine all those years back. Boy has the OS matured into something special. I also use a ChromeBox for my TV, a great companion, would dare even say a lot more useful than say an Apple TV, Roku 3, Google TV, etc. In fact we no longer subscribe...
You do know who your talking to right? I'm watching the Interview right now, funny movie.
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Windows mobile is actually gaining popularity in most European countries, I still carry a Nokia 1020 but I'm also getting very impatient waiting for a new version.  Microsoft has stalled to a crawl in releasing newer versions of their flagship phones, the last being almost a year ago with the release of the Nokia 930 and Nokia 1520. 
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