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The iPhone is defiantly a factor but I think it has a lot to do with the influx of cheaper Android phones that are just as good as Samsung's.The S5 for example is outrageously over priced for a plastic phone. There is nothing wrong with using plastic, Nokia's Lumia series is of very high quality but Samsung seems to think that a thin piece of plastic will suffice as long as the specs are premium. Also, TouchWiz is just horrible, I have never used an Android device where...
It's poohfection.
If this isn't the perfect PSA; calling on all parents to beat their children more, I don't know what is.
I'm sure any service that makes these custom ear fittings would be more then happy to accommodate the C5's. You will probably have to send them in along with the mold of your ears (which I recommend your doctor do) so they can use the right drummel bit to make them fit on top of the C5's. They have a larger then average output canal.If your feeling handy you could always make your own.I play the Violin semiprofessional so I need a decent in ear monitor not only for when...
No worries and thank you, I can be frustrating at times, just ask Marvin, I have been fighting breast cancer for a very long while now. Here's a nice little thread about me if your interested.
Excuse me, your barely a member, how dare you to me too stfu, if you want to debate something then you do so cordially and respectful. Your blocked.
Oh gosh, I forgot the link, I always provide a link, ddduuuhhh, Agent 99; "sorry about that chief". I specifically use my Shure E535's for music creation so I don't want to carry them around to often in fear that I might loose or break them, especially when they cost 600 bucks with the custom ear fitting . I use a less expensive but still very impressive sounding Bowers & Wilkins C5's for walking around, which has a remote and microphone that not only works very well with...
Google has stopped scanning emails and Adsense is disabled nor can it be re-enabled for education, no matter what.  http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2014/04/30/google-stops-data-mining-students-email/http://googleenterprise.blogspot.ch/2014/04/protecting-students-with-google-apps.html
Agreed and the zero ads policy is pretty great, even if the schools were to use normal laptops the children would be exposed too ads if the school allowed access to Google search, on a Chromebook there is none, this is defiantly a good thing.
Your right of course, it's just that soggy35 is getting a little too obsessed about this. I actually never recanted on the whole Google doesn't track kids things, I stood by that they didn't from the start, though I was using the latest data from Google's education site which clearly states this. Nor do they display ads, you threw me for a loop when you said they search emails though, but a quick search showed they they no longer do it any longer. I hope Google also gives...
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