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iPhone users will single handily be responsible for the reemergence of the Fanny-Pack. 
I personally would never buy a Samsung phone as I hate, hate TouchWiz or any Android distro that is skinned heavily. However there is absolutely no game that is currently in the Google Play store that the Note 4 will not be able to play and play well. My two year old Nexus 10 has an Exynos CPU and a 2K display resolution and I have yet to see a game which doesn't run on it with at least 30FPS. Even games like Modern Combat 5 will play without so much as a hiccup, even when...
Have you every asked a bee to hold still and say cheese, not a very a easy thing to achomplish, especially when their always so beesy.
 Though the Nokia 1020 isn't the fastest shooter it has gotten a lot faster with software updates. Also when you shoot in normal mode, i.e. turn off full resolution it becomes a lot faster. I'm not sure what you meant by, put up with the rest of the phone as the OS is very intuitive, fast and actually fun to use. Have you actually used say a Lumia 930, I think in all honestly even the most staunch iOS user would like it. Though it's like anything else, if go you into it...
Wizard, can I wait till I have a little more hair and gained a few pounds. I don't mind doing it, but I also don't want people knowing just how bad I'm actually doing here.
  Hmmm, let me see, I'll need to look for some large ones but here is a small serious of flowers that are pretty. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=9117381FE9E7ABEB!30446&authkey=!AFDbY433NyV17kY&ithint=folder%2c If you view the page with desktop mode you will get the shot info.
I love the pictures my Nokia 1020 take;
Any other comments about Windows 10, dislikes and likes, which menu system are you using, tablet mode or desktop? I haven't installed it yet on my MacBook Air, should I bother?
My point has nothing to do with Android, sure I own a Shield or I should say my son now owns one as he is the gamer in the family, my comments are about the current crop of ARM chips and how well games perform on them. If the Samsung Exynos chip found in the Note 4 was also used in the iPhone 6 there wouldn't be a single game it couldn't handle and handle extremely well. I also never talked about a healthy ecosystem in Android, you saw Android in my post and assumed I was...
How do I recreate that, that is a really bad bug. I normaly mount my drives via the terminal and assign a custom name to the drive using a SMB parameter . Though I also just tried using the finder this time and the name appeared just fine. Was this a Chinese Windows 10 install?
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