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Don't really care about the iPhone as I have no interest in buying one but I'm defiantly hoping that the new iPad Air has an additional 1GB, I would be more comfortable with 3GB though.
OneNote is one killer app for the Surface, I use it a lot, it's just fantastic.Here is a little video about how the Stylus performs on the Surface 3 with apps like OneNote Photoshop, worth a look see;
CTRL, ALT, DEL still works the same way, if the Task Manager is already opened just use ALT TAB to switch between apps, or swipe from left, it doesn't matter if the program is frozen, you can still always swipe down to close it as master gestures are not part of the program but system.Changing icon spacing is still fairly simple to do, using regdit;Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER - Control Panel - Desktop - WindowMetrics, then double-click on each of the IconSpacing...
Wow, I've never heard of that before, a locked background image, who in their right mind does that, how tacky. That would defiantly piss me off, it's almost as bad as those damn stickers that Intel, AMD, Nvidia, etc. put on new computers, especially notebooks, I friggen hate that with a absolute fiery passion.
The new Surface 3 is extremely thin for a tablet that contains an i5 or i7 processor, here is a comparison with an iPhone, cool huh;Right now I have to say OneDrive is my favorite cloud storage, the speed at which I can upload and download my files just absolutely blows everything out of the water, though it has a lot to do with that MS servers are literally just 20 miles away from where I live, even when I'm in Germany or France though it's still faster then competition,...
Sorry for the delay, thank you so much. It's been a bumpy month for me, I died a couple of weeks ago in the recovery room after surgery, I was even pronounced but I guess I wasn't ready as my little black heart fluttered back to life. I don't remember much, one of the ICU doctors managed to brake two of my ribs performing CPR on me, ouchy. As I don't weigh anything and my bones aren't the strongest right now, I break fairly easy. A feisty 4 year old could kick my butt...
Just don't buy direct from Apple, many third party Apple vendors offer such deals, here in Switzerland, a store by the name of DataQuest offers a 30 to 100 CHF Apple Store gift cards when a new iPhone or iPad is purchased. I actually prefer shopping at DataQuest because of such offers, they even sell used, refurbished and display models, upgrading components such as memory and storage is a fraction of what Apple charges, not only that but their a lot more aggressive with...
Silly, I was explaining the ad to the person who didn't get it, I never said Samsung's product was good or first, heck, I don't even think Apples Watch is all that decent so I would defiantly not say Samsungs is. You're jumping to conclusions, you worded your comment to me as if their was no such thing right now, it was hard to understand.
Thanks, I'll poke my head in once in a while. I agree, a mechanical watch with a clear LCD display on top is defiantly the direction I want to see smartwatches go.   https://kairoswatches.com/
Samsung already did it 5 years ago with their S9110 and their new S Gear, the one being compared in the Samsung ad has a 3G module for stand alone phone functionality. Samsung S Gear (3G, see the sim card placeholder in the back)Samsung S9110 (3G 2009)
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