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They have plenty of buyers, their just not biting and why should they and no their IP isn't worthless. 
Then call him out on it, talk to him and ask him what's up, talk him down off of the ledge.
Thank you so much, that means a lot to me, it really does. I can be a little hard headed sometimes here but it is all in good spirits. I'm uh, I'm scared, I really am, I have started a drug trial but it's a last resort type of deal. I have already been taken off of morphine and have put on fentanyl, as I'm aware this is a drug they give to those who are seriously in trouble. I really don't know what to say, I'm sorry......
 Thank you very much, I have been fighting for a long time though. I was in remission for almost a year when I relapsed. This time however I will most likely not leave my hospital bed. I can barely feed myself anymore and have resorted in using speech recognition to post in one of the last things that I still enjoy, these forums. Well that and there is absolutely nothing to do while lying here in this damn bed.
AAAhh becasue anything that goes up against the big boys is eaten alive, I get it, cute. Still sucks though.
Great, just don't drop it. Here in Switzerland Handydoktor went from 1 to 7 locations in just 6 months. They specialize in iPhone screen repair. Apple's single block of Aluminium drilled, whatever, is making people rich apparently, they look great though.
See, why aren't we hearing about these products. Why is Lenovo pushing their silly crappy phones, they don't make money. Nokia knows this the most. This looks like an awesome phone by the way, shame I never heard about it's release.
He's free to say anything he wants, this is an open forum. If you disagree with what he said then state why. Name calling is childish and frankly makes you look like you are supporting one side of the argument without knowing what the other side is all about. Your judging because you have this silly notion that you have to protect a multi-bilion dollar company who doesn't even know you exist except for the money they receive from you. If he's wrong, debate him, tell him...
Thing of the past.
I was hacked!
New Posts  All Forums: