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 The MacBook Air 11" weighs in at 2.38 lbs and the Surface 3 is 1.75 lbs, when the keyboard is connected then yes, it's heavier as it then weighs 2.4 lbs, but in a sense the slogan could work. 
What ever the reason for not increasing the memory size it defiantly has nothing to do with battery life either, which was really my point. I own and use three different mobile phones all running separate mobile OS's and all three have 2GB of memory, their battery times are more then adequate. All this talk about memory sucking battery life I decided to test them yesterday and today, what else am I going to do, I'm just lying here. Anyway, my BlackBerry Porsche has a 1800...
 It should work without admin. The Surface doesn't have any stickers so its not a problem, just desktops.
Absolutely, which is why I would have liked to have seen Apple at least start to update their memory with the iPhone 6 Plus. Doesn't matter, I have no interest in the iPhone anyway, the iPad however, now that I hope finally get's a 2GB upgrade, more so than a new CPU.
Not sure what MDP is, maybe male double penetration, MBP is obviously MacBook Pro.
RFID payment systems for public transits, specifically trains is just fantastic. I thought London now uses a similar system to what we have here in Switzerland. We have a SBB transit app installed on our phones, when the conductor comes along he just scans the barcode that the app displays.
Wow, first, I was playing devils advocate to a silly statement, there was no need to respond. Twit, twit, really, I make a small spelling mistake and you call me a twit, have you read your post, English is not my first language, heck, it's not even my third but even I could tell your response would make a 5th grader cringe, punctuation is your friend, use it and it's iPhone, not Iphone, not iphone, iPhone, see, pretty annoying isn't it, I would probably suggest you think a...
I use this one to do quick ROM backups, if you have any questions that the thread I posted doesn't answer feel free to ask and I will walk you through it.However for more in depth backups this is the must have program, Titanium Backup it's defiantly a very powerful app.What phone do you have?
Just tell me when your jogging in my neighborhood, I need a new watch, mmmmoooowwwhhhoooooaaahhhaahhhaahh.
New Posts  All Forums: