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They released Office for iPad and now OneNote, what more do you want from them, geesh man.
Yep, Steam is releasing their entire catalog for the Shield.
Thank you but it was more of a selfish gesture, I want to play games too! It's hard not to do anything, this is something I know they would appreciate, I was going to donate money to the ward anyway, this way I can not only see what my money is doing but this actually might be a start of something new for me. I'm not working right now and I'm getting kind of bored. If I can strengthen my relationship with Nvidia which I'm off to a great start by the way, I think this...
I really like OneNote, I have even canceled my EverNote subscription because it, which was a days worth of work exporting everything. I think I've accumulated over 1GB of notes. I'm really hoping that the new iPad gets an active digitizer now because of apps like OneNote. I've absolutely fallen in love with sketching out ideas and writing everything down with my Surface Pro 3 but it's way too big to carry around. I don't want another Samsung Note as I'm done with Android...
Avalanche of dis-interest, what here on this site or in general, how did you come up with this conclusion, just because you might not like something doesn't mean others don't, the Rappo keyboards are extremely popular, mostly do to their price but their still outselling similiar Logitech models almost 3 to 1. Though I am not a fan of their products their larger keyboards aren't bad at all, I would still recommend buying either a Microsoft Wedge or Logitech K810. The...
I made the mistake of buying a Rappo e918, it seemed to be the perfect size to operate my the ChromeBox that I have connected to the TV in my bedroom. Holy moses what a piece of crap, not only was it down right impossible to type without pecking, the attached trackpad was as useless as takimg an enima for dirahea. You can see the appeal of such a small keyboard but Roppo needs to spend a little more time in development. I bought this to replace it
Is that the modern solution to a Chasity-belt.
Okay, then explain it to me.
I don't need the entire file system, just my home directory.
I don't care to hear someone bad mouthing any platform. 
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