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The same feature exists in Windows 8, you can even add a broader definition search by adding sites like Wikipedia to the function. Windows 8 isn't such a bad OS for education, the amount of software available for Windows is quite vast. I know the iPad has a lot as well, just saying that the opinion of Windows 8 not being up for for this task is just biased crap.
I haven't used the HP Tablet yet, shame that it didn't work out for them, schools don't have the money to make such bad decisions, I'm sure HP will rectify the problem, hopefully. Why did they go for such an expansive model, Dell or Asus would have been cheaper. I'm still dubious about using tablets in a classroom, a good old hard back worked for me and I see no reason why it shouldn't for my children. My daughters school is trying out Chromebooks and iPads in the...
Aaaahhh sweety, I'm sure you were loved by your teachers as much as we adore you here.
 Outside of the cheating student circles who could use one for their exams, I don't see anyone wanting one of these, from ANY manufacture. There's being nerdy and then there's just being a nerd.Man these things are ugly.
Is Apple's design truly unique, I don't know and I honestly don't care or have zero interest in who wins this lawsuit or any of them. Both sides are being babies. Apple copies, Samsung copies, they all do it and we are better for it. it's how these companies advance in design and technology, leapfrogging each other. Apple looked at what was and is and made it better, yay for us. I miss the 80's and 90's, before all the suing. Apples has made enough money to last them for...
Why do you guys care so much about this? Does it it bother you that much that Apple isn't in the number one spot, they certainly are for brand recognition, profitability, brand loyalty, ect. I highly doubt that these Android sticks or whatever you call them have anything to do with Androids market share. Outside of the US, Europe, small parts of Asia and Australia, cheap Android phones have the market. You can't expect a household with a annual income below 12,000 dollars...
Oh no doubt, I have never gone wrong with them, if you want to use Linux, BSD, Windows or any other OS for that matter a Lenovo Thinkpad is defiantly the way to go. I still have a Thinkpad X61 that looks and operates like the day I bought it, I still keep it around because it's the perfect test bed for my mad scientist whims.
Haaaa, funny story, I actually play along to that episode, my kids love it. Here is the sheet music for those who are also interested in playing along.
I'm really happy to hear that your wife recovered and thank you for the kinds words. It was my mother who forced me to take up piano when I was 6, thankfully I enjoyed it enough to continue and learn other instruments on the way. You should hear my rendition of, "Some Where Over The Rainbow" on my Ukelele.  My daughter is learning the Cello at the moment and I really miss playing with her after dinner. I have many silly hats that I like to where now, I have a Where's Waldo...
New Posts  All Forums: