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Kind of a refreshing outlook on Chrome OS, especially here. Especially surprised not to see the usual list of disgruntled anti-Google bashing. I really like Chrome OS, I have been using it since Google sent me an CR-48 development machine all those years back. Boy has the OS matured into something special. I also use a ChromeBox for my TV, a great companion, would dare even say a lot more useful than say an Apple TV, Roku 3, Google TV, etc. In fact we no longer subscribe...
You do know who your talking to right? I'm watching the Interview right now, funny movie.
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Windows mobile is actually gaining popularity in most European countries, I still carry a Nokia 1020 but I'm also getting very impatient waiting for a new version.  Microsoft has stalled to a crawl in releasing newer versions of their flagship phones, the last being almost a year ago with the release of the Nokia 930 and Nokia 1520. 
 Your joking right, there is an absolutely enormous amount of artists using their notebooks to draw on, what year do you think this is. Though I have and immensely enjoy my Surface Pro 3 I think the new Lenovo Helix 2 has it beat, better battery, better pen (uses a Wacom), lighter, when attached to it's keyboard it feels like a real laptop and it contains another battery in the keyboard itself extending battery life to a little more than 12 hours.
They will most certainly start making smartphones again in 2015 but just smartphones.
I got my Mac Pro today, first thing I did was yank out the CPU and RAM, a little time consuming but overall a simple endeavor. Vvvrrrrooommm, fastest darn thing I have ever owned. I also installed CentOS, a RedHat clone but is compatible with the Mac hardware, actually a little more so as it can use both graphic cards simultaneously. I have been watching the temperatures closely do to the Xeon 14 core, however since it's 10 Watts lower than the 12 Core it shouldn't be a...
I just tried the new version of Here Maps for Android, it's no longer a crappy HTML5 version but a complete rewrite that looks and feels like the WM8 version which means the iOS version got a rewrite as well. If this is the case than it's a really good app, free map downloads which means you don't have to be connected to the net. Defiantly worth the install now, the new version, not the crappy old one.
The only proper Nokia Map app is in a Windows Phone, and is actually really good, even include transit info like train schedules, the Android and iOS versions however are very poor implementations, hopefully this new iOS version will follow the W8M version, anything else would just be a waste of time.
DED, if you think IDC is incorrect than stop using them as a reference in your stories when their numbers serve you. Also I've seen first hand more and more schools here in Switzerland using ChromeBooks, am I imagining this, so Zurich, Luzern and Zug school districts aren't going with the ChromeBook. There is plenty of market for both platforms to survive seccesfully, and there was defiantly no need to go into such detail as to why ChromeBooks aren't actually doing well in...
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