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 We will have to see what Apple comes up with but I'm not going to hold my breath. At the end of day I really don't like wearing watches anyway unless I'm going out, even then the first thing I take off when coming home is my watch. You guys, meaning the male users, might like them more, so I'm probably the wrong person to weigh in on the issue. The day they come out with a subdermal computer that I can see through my skin, nudge me, I'll be the first one in line for one...
I don't like the idea of architecture designs being patented, since our house is of square design and utilizes copious amounts of glass, do I have to worry about a knock at the door from Apple lawyers.  
 I never said that Apple was first, I just really dislike reading about how everyone wants to always copy Apple. Inevitable, smart watches are already here, have been for 20 years. They've gotten better, sure, but a watch nowadays is still just a fashion accessory and the last thing I would want to buy is something that millions of people have as well. Is the smartwatch actually helpful, I don't think so, I can easily take out my phone to answer a call, read a text, listen...
Calories burned, holy crap you people complain about the silliest crap.
True, but you know very well I was trying to quell the idea that others are just doing this to get ahead of Apple, especially Samsung and LG who have been making these stupid things for a while now, they just won't stop, who's buying this garbage. If Apple makes one, I will hold them under the same stupid category, outside of sports it's just a dumb idea.
Interesting and amusing idea but Samsung and others have been developing and selling smart watches for years now, even if Apple decided to never come out with one the others would still produce them. NO one is copying Apple in this niche market and it's silly to even think otherwise. Fossil (2000)Samsung (1999 & 2009)Even IBM played with the idea (2000 & 2001) yep, that's a password thumb reader. A few Microsoft Spot watches...and company's like Seiko, Casio and Citizen...
Huh, I guess you're right, it is a little ass backwards, I learned size is predicated by the total volume the object takes up. I also think this has a lot to do with who is teaching the class, some teachers believe thicker is bigger, others length, I guess ultimately leaving the decision to the woman to decide. Hmmm, everything always comes down to the penis doesn't it, how do you guys live with that thing.
....and have the ability to run more apps in the background, better communication between apps especially music creation, built in file-manager, more memory, etc. There is actually a very big list of things that needs to be done to iOS before I would even consider using it as my default OS, basically it needs to be OSX with a touch friendly interface. Until such time my iPad will always be just a tool amongst the many that I use, a good tool but never my primary.
I don't think so, too expensive or at least their pro models are and I highly doubt they'll go the RT route unless all they need is a device to access the web, then a ChromeBook would probably be the better choice. Again, whatever they choose I'm sure they'll make it work. My daughters school uses ChromeBooks and you would actually be surprised as to how well they've integrated them into the students curriculum, quite impressive actually. Teachers use what are basically...
The big hand is for hours and the little hand is for minutes, there, saved you the wait. ;)
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