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Wow, I didn't know you had a Samsung Note Tallest, how do you like it, that pen huh, pretty cool.
Or this.....Code:switch ($phone == 'Apple') { case true: Println("Boo it's an Apple phone, shame on you") case false: println("Yay it's not an Apple phone, you haven't been brain washed yet")}Swift is basically C so this should work tooCode:println (($phone == 'Apple') ? "Boo it's an Apple phone" : "Yaay it's not an Apple phone")
There is nothing to upgrade, the OS is advanced and the hardware is new, not really sure what your point is. Have you seen BB 10.3 in action, it's really quite nice.
Probably, I just wanted to have a different discussion then bending iPhones. It is odd but that's what I like about it, that and I absolutely adore phones with keyboards. Just something new, Swisscom sold their pre-order stock in 24 hours. I'm sure there weren't that many to start out with but still encouraging none the less.
Pretend Apple never released the iPhone, hard to do I know but is there a phone on the market right now you could see your self owning. I have pre-ordered a BlackBerry Passport, in a sea of common shapes and sizes it's a relief to see someone coming out with something that will make people do a double take when they see one on the street. I personally want one for remote server administration, writing scripts, reading, surfing, everythingthe Passports unique 1:1 aspect...
I have a Xeon Phi in my HP Z60, as well as two Tesla cards, they were all bought used from eBay but out of the two architectures I definitely prefer the Tesla. A misconception with the Xeon Phi is that you can just simply plug one into a your computer and it will add more power, no, it's actually a self contained computer running it's own OS, a Linux variant called uOS and no other OS can be used. To use it's capabilities you have to write your code to specifically utilize...
It is silly, why would you even try to bend such an expensive phone and where is this guy getting the money to buy all of these phones, I think someone needs to investigate that aspect of the story. I'm sure there is a rival phone manufacture behind it.
The S5 and Note 3 were both put through the same test and survived without any incident, Consumer Reports even said in their report that the Note 3 took the most weight out of all the phones tested until it broke, 150lbs. I'm sure the Note 4 and Note 4 Curve will fair the same. Their plastic phones so they have some elasticity in them, they'll bend but won't break unless a very large amount of force is applied.
Haha, that was cute. On a side note, my son told me that the two iPhone 6's at the Swisscom shop have been bent. Can you believe people are now bending display models. I hope they caught the idiots who did this and made them pay for them. So now shops have to watch over their demo units, this whole debacle is getting out of hand.
The use of ARM in desktops is will most likely start to appear in 2015. The Opteron A1100, though categorized as a server CPU is as powerful as the i5 found in the Mac Mini, though the development kit isn't cheap, starts at around 1100 for the PCIe board the you can insert into any current desk to computer, the full version with 16GB of RAM however runs in in the mid 2,000's. It's a start though and by mid 2015 we will most defiantly start seeing an influx of these type of...
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