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 It's fun to joke but you defiantly don't want to live in a windowless world.
Sit on it and spin. 
 No their letters, it's just the way some Dutch write, seen it before. Well I assume that's an E and not the symbol for the Euro but the accents are all correct. 
Quote: Originally Posted by SolipsismX    Hahaha, Fluggaenkoecchicebolsen is actually an easy word to say. Here's a crazy German one, Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft
 I'll go for a spin, my safe word is otorhinolaryngologist.
 Well yes and no, if you noticed I only bring up other products when their being discussed, even then it's mostly in the click bait stories where every single person has a contest to see how many negative adjectives they can spew out on the subject. I'm just trying to bring a little balance to the conversation by stating not every thing none Apple sucks. I'm also a mega gadget freak and will, have never just used one single company for my needs. It's how I stay sharp and...
 I have one, the ThinkPad 8. Though I like it a lot I will probably sell it now since I have a Surface Pro 3, there is no need for two Windows 8 tablets. Lenovo is a really popular brand here in Switzerland, the ThinkPad 8 is even sold at our Post office, that's where I bought mine, went to ship a care package to my daughter when she was studying English in England for a month, came out with a new toy. So I think the availability, pretty much every computer store small or...
 Yes it does, that would be just silly if it didn't. It also supports AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Exchange Server and custom IMAP settings, so pretty much every service there is can be utilized in the Windows 8 Email client, RTFM. I'm personally running 6 accounts, two of which are Gmail.
 Okay so your upset that one program that is important to you isn't as good as the Windows version but whatever the reason for Quicken not being properly developed for OSX, there are still ways to run the Windows version on a Mac as stated by a few people already. It's silly to get so upset over such a trivial problem when there are so many suitable solutions available to you. There are many programs that currently only run on Window's that I would like to see for OSX but...
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