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Smoke, no, the CPU is fast enough but what I'm interested in is the GPU. It's the only out there that supports CUDA. I'm not sure how much more clear I can make it that I'm interested in GPU computing, especially using ARM. Also Nvidia didn't just end the K1, their focusing on Denver as their custom SOC. The new Quad core version will be released in early 2016 and preliminary benchmarks show promise. Though again, it's all about what I can use in my GPU projects, i've...
Initial GeekBench benchmarks have been released, though it's still one of the fastest Arm CPU's on the market, you just can't compare it to the Intel i5 or i7 found in the Surface Pro 4, though I'm sure it get's pretty close to the Intel M CPU found in the MacBook. Which begs the question, will we ever see an ARM based Macbook. I would be all over that, we'll if it also had a touchscreen or at the very least support Apple's new stylus as I will no longer be buying another...
Haha,it sure is weird looking. I Think without the keyboard it's a nice looking tablet, that keyboard though yuck. I do have to say though, if I made my living with Photoshop, it would definitely be on top of my list. Dedicated GPU, 16GB Ram, 3000 x 2000 resolution, Stylus, the works. I just wouldn't want that ugly ass keyboard.
Just open the second eBook in another reader, Nook is free and actually pretty good.
As a programmer and musician, I find that the Surface Pro can pretty much do it all and do it very well. Though I honestly don't use their keyboard much. When in tablet mode I have no problem using the virtual keyboard and when it's sitting on my desk I prefer using Microsofts Wedge Keyboard and Mouse combo, like Apple's bluetooth keyboard and mouse, it's just a better typing experience. I'm also using an external monitor. I just placed an order for the new Surface Pro,...
I thought it was a cute jab, nothing evil about it just fun. I don't think of the iPad Pro as a convertible though, just a bigger version of the iPad a tablet. Plus, iPads have always had custom keyboards so it's not like their being hypocritical. A person in the market for a convertible laptop/tablet I don't think would even consider an iPad as a viable option. Unless of course that person was an artist or music creation enthusiasts.
I'm not really getting this new Surface Book but I'm definitely grabbing a new Surface Pro 4, I'm honestly hooked, the Surface Pro 3 was my favorite but now it's going to be the Surface Pro 4. I was contemplating on waiting for the rumored 14 inch model but since I already have a 20" inch Panasonic, tablet I'm just going to pass down the Surface Pro 3 to my daughter, sell the unopened one I have as a backup and buy two more Surface Pro 4's. This has been a good year in...
Actually, the Gnome Desktop environment also does everything in the video down to the T. Including grouping apps into different virtual desktops, even the animations. Still, nice to see it in OSX, will come in handy for my Macbook with it's small display. Not so much on my 30" 4k monitor, I don't even bother using multiple desktops. I'm sure those who use an iMac 5k won't be using these featured much either.
What does Split View do, windows already snap to the left and right of the screen. Will it also include an app switcher like in iOS 9, that would be useful.
You've never been to Beijing or Hong Kong have you.
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