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 Everything except the Nvidia K1, graphics and multi-core benchmarks are faster, single-core the A8 defiantly trumps everything. Only the Manhatten test has faster frame rates at http://gfxbench.com. The A8 might hold the crown for fastest single-core but the new 64bit Nvidia Denver will be the one to beat next year and we will have to see how fast the new Qualcomm 810 is. The iPhone 6 is super fast though, holy moly.
 It has multi-tasking and it's good, it just can't run many apps in the background, which I believe is because of the limited amount of memory. I'm hoping the iPad will eventually change all of this, I would actually pay an additional 300 for 2GB of RAM and be able to run at least 3 of my music creations apps at once.
Thank you so much. It's forums like this that keep my mind from going crazy.
 Ooops, I meant 3:2, check out some of the threads for the iPhone 4, 4s and 5, I spent a day or so going through some of the old stuff and the amount of people who said that not only was 16:9 useless for a phone but also refused to use any phone or tablet with that resolution was pretty pretty staggering. I know you were probably talking about others who buy Android phones but I personally don't have any insecurities with inanimate objects. I've also never had any...
 The Note will also come in a 4GB version, never again will I ever buy a Samsung phone because of TouchWiz, it's just horrible. In the Android world there are just two options, a Nexus phone or a Google Play Edition. Try the iPhone, you might like it, you'll never know till you try right.
 Oh you're right that is quite an upgrade, still would want 2GB before I would buy one though. I think you are being a little overly biased about Android phones as they defiantly haven't lost steam, there is still a whole lot of meat on that bone to be picked at, specifically now that 64bit is coming to the platform and the almost complete rewrite of Android 5. Yes, Apple was of course first in that area but so was Android in other things, 1080p has been in use for a while...
 I think they could have at least offered 2GB in the Plus version to start. Then bring up the smaller one to 2GB next year. Whatever the reason ultimately turns out to be though, 2GB would be enough of a reason for me to wait till next year for the updated model and hopefully by then I would be able to do more with the NFC module then just for the payment system. A redesign and a little faster processor is not enough to warrant an upgrade from the iPhone 5s, which is still...
That's nothing, you should see the amount of toys I have for my mini studio. The OP1 is an incredible piece of tech, even if you do not have access to the Internet you can still use the built in FM radio to capture songs and then beats or melody from that, well you saw an example of that happening in one of the videos I posted. Then with the absolute magnitude of pre-programmed midi sounds and beats , there is nothing that you couldn't accomplish with this thing, including...
Yeah right, 3 GB is defiantly a waste at this point. I can't wait for modular phones, need memory, just pop a module with more in, need a better camera, just pop one in and so on and so forth. 
 I haven't heard of a memory crisis, I still think it has to do with costs and maintaining a certain margin. The new iPhone 6 obvious costs more to make so once the prices for the components normalize we should see a 2GB in next years iPhone 6s. A good reason to wait as far as I'm concerned.
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