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So are Beat's, what's your point. 
I don't have one, I use a Microsoft Wedge keyboard and mouse. The Surface 3 is for Ableton Live and FL Studio Groove and for that it works very well for me. Microsoft also makes a plushy keyboard for the Surface;   ......but I just wanted this;  ......for this.....  
 No one believes that and frankly it's getting a little annoying that people are even implying it, it's very, more then clear that Apple is so far ahead in the tablet game that all it would take is for them to lower their over inflated margins by as little as half, and they could effectively wipe out all competition in less then a year. However that would most defiantly bring the feds knocking on their door step faster then you could say, "Dutch East India Company", unless...
This is great news, I also hope Apple does finally add NFC support. I'm not sure how it is in the US but in Switzerland almost 90% of all vending machines now except Google Wallet. The rail system, kiosks, Migros, Coop, Lidl, etc. also support payment through phones. Though Apple is a little late to the game here I have no doubt that they'll catch up quickly.
 No thank you, I have a hard enough time trying to get Siri to dial the correct Pizza service. Piazza Domination Hoes this is Elga, how may I punish you today, yeah, do you guys sell anchovies. I would like to see more IDE's offer better interfaces that incorporate a more visual approach to programming, elements you can simply drag and drop, easily selectable sources like database, RSS, other XML files, delimited files, selectable workable algorithms, etc. Out of the three...
Why, it's a neat device.
Maybe Apple will finally release an OSX based tablet. gosh knows I have been waiting for one forever now.  Until then though I have a Surface Pro 3 for things like Photoshop and Abelton Live, MacBook Air for development, iPad for the many great music apps and a Nokia 2520 for Office, eMail and general surfing. Yes, I could just use either the Surface Pro 3 or MacBook Air for everything but why would I want too, more toys, more toys!
As a Java Enterprise programmer, why would I want to use a programming language that isn't cross platform compatible, isn't that the whole point. No, I see web driven apps replacing Java not Swift, maybe a few will utilize it for specialized apps that require their apps to be ran locally.
IPad, iPad I taw a puddy tat! -13 year old boy watching Basic Instinct ...... I mean, -Tweety Bird
So what you're saying is that now that Apple is winning they no longer need anymore of those; I am a PC and I am Mac commercials.
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