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Well that will depend completely on your budget but I think the $1250.00 model is the the best.
Yes actually, no problem, I always check the compatibility list against the spec list to see what's compatible and what's not, the X51 is a rare one in which everything seems to work as is, even the video card has the proper drivers for the Dell as the iMac uses the new AMD R9.
Oh no doubt, it's just something that I prefer doing. That way I can share my media collection within my family.
 It would have ran it just fine, the reason why the Mac Mini doesn't have it is because the Iris Pro 5200 is only available for the quad core i7-xxxxmx series of CPU's, just like you need to choose the i7 dual core option if you want the Iris 5100 instead of just the HD 5000 that comes with the i5 options.
I hope so, I still ordered one of the new ones but I wanted to buy 2, holding out to see if their is indeed 2GB before I bother with the other  one. The reason why I'm buying so many is because I'm tired of waiting for Apple to allow multiple apps running in the background. I really need to run three music creation apps at the same time, so much so that I am willing to buy multiple iPad's to do it, I got the idea from Will.i AM's studio, he had to do the same thing to get...
Bing really isn't very good, especially when searching for code snippets. No. I will use Google Search for the foreseeable future as I haven't come across anything that even comes close to being it's equal. Good luck with the whole rebel thing.
 You know what I was referring too. I don't rent or buy movies from iTunes, I still buy BluRay's and then rip and encode them myself. After that I upload them to either my Google Drive or OneDrive to watch across all of my devices. I don't mind using a streaming service like Netflix or Spotify but I have no interest in purchasing media that I can only use with one program, especially a program that isn't available on all of my devices. I use the iTunes store for purchasing...
 Well those are arguments the individual will have to make when purchasing one. I personally believe the 2014 Mac Mini lineup has just to big of a performance hit to be considered a worth while update, especially over the previous generation. The only good that came out of this is that 2012 models will be marked down. I for own didn't realize just how fast the server edition with the Intel Core i7-3720QM @ 2.60GHz actually was until I made the chart above, with a score of...
Well that they took the time to post a story about iCloud being able to handle every file type. I didn't understand why this was news worthy.
But the i5 in 2012 was also in the lowest model so it's not a fair comparison. Apple should have added a quad core option and charged 200 for that, not the current anemic i7 dualcore, which isn't even the fastest dualcore i7 that's available. No, the whole line up is a mess and defiantly not worth what their charging, I believe this is the last of the Mac Mini, why did they even bother.
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