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Yeah! It's $2.50 an hour and 14 is considered to be of adult age in China.http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-19965641
An iWatch operated butt-plug, EXPAND your horizons with the new Butty. Demo it now at a Apple Store near you.
You better hope so, Apple devices contains parts from Samsung.
That would effectively end my usage of OSX and the thing is, I have no doubt Apple is heading in that direction, oh I'll dread that day. Okay, that was a little melodramatic, I would be a little sad for about 10 seconds, say a nice farewell outloud and then just move on as I can switch OS's faster than I can a light bulb as everything I do on a computer is cross platformed. I also maintain multiple systems just for a scenario like that, well, that and I'm also a uber geek...
I still prefer Flipboard when using a tablet and Feedly for my phone. Apple's News app really didn't add anything new that improved on the way I read my news. I also did a test to see which app used more data overall when viewing the source, Wired. Apple News was lower than Flipboard but that was to be expected,Feedly on the other hand collected almost half of what Apple News used, so it's still the better app to use on a phone if data is an issue. Still a nice app overall...
The problem is there isn't a single app in Google's store that could slow down a Samsung S4 let alone a S6 or Note 5. At this point people are just throwing their money away upgrading to the next iteration. In fact with Samsung their actually moving backwards, by eliminating the only thing that was good about their phones, removable battery and SD Card reader. When it comes to Android phones nothing is better than a One Plus Two, really, spending the extra 300 for an S6 is...
 I have a Fire TV, it's in my office, though it's the first generation. I did just update it to Fire OS 5.0 though, so it is using the same version that's in the new one and I also have a Minix Z64 in my bedroom, so that's three that I have personal knowledge about. I didn't buy the Shield because it made me feel elite, it's the same price as the Apple TV for goodness sakes. I bought it because of the feature set and frankly it's really a good system, I would argue one of...
You can limit the amount of allowed apps that are running in the background with Android, it's also not set to unlimited, default is between 3 to 5, depending on memory size. You can also disable the running of background apps all together. Sorry but I prefer this approach to Apples, I'm in control. I need certain apps to run indefinitely until I the user stops them. I also get a full day's worth of battery with this concept in place so what your saying is an exaggeration.
Why is it so important to own an Apple TV, especially when there are just as good if not better TV set-boxes on the market. Why not buy an Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, it's only a hundred more and than you'll be able to view your 4K videos.
Same tablet, there is only one 7000 model. Now there is a Venue Pro 8 but that is a Windows tablet. I purposely wrote 7000 to distinguish that, the Pro means nothing in this regard. As far as choosing a 50 dollar for anything, I personally wouldn't but if your business is that strapped for cash than I guess there is no other choice.
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