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Regardless, it's still faster, I'm getting 7.5 to 8 hours of battery with my Nexus 8 so it's a mute point. It's not the 8.5 to 9 that I'm getting with my iPad Air 2 but it isn't bad either.
I would love that to but I highly doubt we'll see anything like that for a while. Thankfully they're are some really nice convertibles out there to fill that need.
It's behind the A8x, it beats both the A8 and A7, so why is that pathetic, out of the all of the ARM CPU's, it's the second fastest. Why does it have to beat the A8x to be considered a decent chip and your also forgetting that this is Nvidias first iteration, the QuadCore version will be released in Q1 and will be just as fast as the A8X, if not faster, the single core benchmarks for the Denver shows this. The only reason why the A8 is faster is because it has an extra...
I love to code, keeps my mind sharp and it's a lot of fun. I'm not really sure what an hour's worth of class can do for someone though. This sounds more like a, look what you can do, than an actual learning experience. Still cool, I wouldn't mind participating. Personally, I never really enjoyed taking classes for programming, they just move to slow for me. I learn by doing, download some code, grab an O'Reilly book and go to town.
I thought Apple already had this, wow talk about late to the part. Regardless, I still prefer using SBB's app, the acronym for the Swiss train system. It's easy, you can pay for tickets in advanced, they offer discounts, especially great when people come to visit and need a rail pass, I can put them on my account to save them money. It's still nice that Apple finally added support for this though, this might do well in places where local transit doesn't have a dedicated...
There is also Huawei and Lenovo, both making huge strides in the mobile market. Have you seen the new Huawei Ascend Mate 7, pretty nice phone for almost 300 dollars cheaper, would take that over a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 anyday. Even the new Xiaomi M4 is a much better buy at only $450. Samsung just can't compete at these prices, especially when these phones offer a more enjoyable experience with the build quality to back it up.
I paid about 300 for mine, I'm still in doubt the Mac Pro will utilize it though. Where exactly would it go, the Mac Pro is already pretty packed tight and even with out the fans the Pi is a fairly large card. It's a pretty neat piece of tech none the less, I would recommend grabbing a used HP Z Wokstation from eBay if you want to play around with one, installation and support is fantastic with them.If your interested in seeing how the new Intel M's perform check out the...
Hahaha true, true......
Doesn't really matter though, the term is still used when discussing other mobile stores as well. I know when I tell someone about an app for Android, Windows, BB, etc, I always refer to it as the app store, regardless of platform, though I do add, Apple, Android or Windows in front of it. The term has defiantly become ambiguous. Those who just use Apple's store though understandably don't see it.
Not a Mercedes, I would go down on a guy if he had a Porsche though.
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