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Interesting, thanks for the heads up. Haven't seen any problems with them yet but I'll be sure to tell my kids to unplug them at night. Would you happen to know the make of the machines that have this problem. I own a Samsung ChromeBook ARM and Samsung, i5, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD ChromeBox. Both of witch seem to be fine but I still don't want to take any chances.
Not much, really though how many here needs more power then a Core2Duo. The person with the best CPU benchmarks win.
I just didn't want to brag, I also play in local festivals every year, which I enjoy more. I don't get payed most of the time, I do it because I really enjoy playing for people. That's all that really matters to me. I know lot's of professional musicians though and I know what equipment they use. That's why I posted what I did.
I read and comprehend what your saying just fine, an external SSD is a waste for what you intend to do with it. You can purchase a 15K Hitachi drive and insert it into any number of external RAID cases. Almost every manufacturer sells their RAID systems without hard drives. It's up to you though, if you sleep better at night with a SSD drive then go for it and no they do not last longer then a magnetic mechanical drive.
I thinks it's time for this post. I would like to apologize if I have been a little on the conniving side these past few weeks or always depending on your views towards me, I really didn't mean it though. I am frustrated, angry, sad, in a lot of pain and mostly frightened. I still haven't excepted my fate, I want to grasp onto every last bit of hope that there is. At this moment though, I weigh next to nothing, I am breathing and eating threw a tube, I have lost almost all...
Actually three friends but I really do like ChromeOS. I have a Chromebook, yes and I bought a ChromeBox for my bedrooms TV. They make perfect dumb terminals and media players and of course not to mention surfing machines. Since you have never used one it's very unfair that you've called foul on me. Shame on me, no sir shame on you for commenting on me using a product that you know absolutely nothing about. Reading reviews vs. actually using a device is a very big...
It is a memory hog when compared to other browsers but it has the most efficient memory management of them all. Does memory really matter, every device I own has more then enough memory except well maybe for my iPad, it still blows my mind that Apple considers 1GB as acceptable nowadays. Great CPU though, wow is it fast.
Why will lying on your back change anything, have you ever played a racing game that uses motion control, does the playability change when your on your back. I understand that just because Apple filed for a patent doesn't mean it will happen but in this cases it's the logical next step in mobile evolution. It will happen, I have no doubt about it, please research what company's that produce displays are doing. Drop a current iPhone and it will most likely crack, so what's...
Wait, is this a good idea or bad. ;) I think it's cool, not sure if Android is the best OS for it, I would like to see it on a Jolla Phone, which I still haven't received, urrrrgggh. Company says it's shipping by the end of this month, I would really like to see one more MeeGo's phone before I go, my Nokia N9 is still my favorite phone of all time.
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