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Haswell is defiantly the next CPU. I would like to see support for 64GB and a 512GB SSD option.
Oh gosh I loved my 17" Macbook, I used it for Logic mostly. I was really disapointed when they discontinued it. Oh well, my Macbook Air connected to a NEC monitor is more then adequate now for my music and programming needs.
 Really, I'm so afraid I will break it. I've upgraded my iMac though, the glue part sucks, your right about that. I used a plastic knife for clay to do it.
Why a SSD, there are much larger mechanical drives. Do you really need the speed for backups or even data. It's not like you can't watch movies or even do high end video editing with a 7200 RPM drive. Heck get a 15K Hitachi drive, still cheaper then a 600GB SSD. I totaly understand using a SSD for your system, external not so much. Not when you can buy 4TB drives for so cheap.
For eBooks, that is interesting, I never heard of this brand. How long does the battery last and why is it so damn ugly, holy crap.
People are very emotional when posting around here, no worries though the second Apple does release this or something like it everyone will be on board, Apple will sell millions, it's just the way it is. Until then, gimmick, who needs it, stupid idea, etc. Seat belts, notebooks, more then one TV in a house, heck the telephone are examples of things that people thought were just gimmick's. It takes time for people to adjust to new ideas. Apple will have a wrap around...
I'm sure motion detection will come into play here, it will detect which side is up, easy enough. Why is wrap around dumb, having two apps opened at the same time would be great. One side Safari the other SMS, ect. I would be into that. Like they said, Apple has filed a patent for a wrap around screen. I'm sure it's coming, especially when the competition is also pursuing such tech.
I always thought that is one thing missing from my Macbook Air is a SIM slot. Actually the hotspot feature doesn't eat up to much battery life but it is still very convenient to have a 4G connection built into the laptop itself. Every notebook I have owned since 2002 has had one except for my Apple notebooks. The Macbooks with a Express slot were great because you could add a cellular modem to them. Not sure why Apple has such a aversion to tech like NFC, 3G/4G for their...
Then go if you do not like it, you've been here all of two months,you have zero clout and absolutely no one will back you up when it comes to me, especially not now. So deal with it! This is the last post I will see from you as you have been blocked.
Ooooh, this is defiantly a cool idea, I want this.  
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