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Ugh, do your homework before posting this kind of gibberish and a faster clock doesn't always relate to more speed, again read up.
Sorry, when compared to the A7, what are you talking about, the only ARM processor currently available that even utilizes the A57 cores is the AMD Opteron A1100 and that's a server CPU. Freescale has one in the works as well, also for servers but it won't be available till next year. Outdated before released, yea, I think you need to do some research on the A57, not only is it ARM's latest and greatest but there are no current benchmarks pitting an A7 against a A57, at...
+1, I think Spotify is great, I've completely stopped buying music because of it and has saved me at least 2,000 CHF a year putting my kids on it as well. My daughter especially, she used to spend a little over a 100 CHF a month on iTunes purchases, now, I can't even remember the last time any of us have actually even started iTunes.
 AndroidCentral and AppleInsider are defiantly the two extremes aren't they, absolute polar opposites.
I'm sure we will see a 64GB version eventually depending on it's popularity.
There are no tests yet, what are you talking about, the Nexus 9 will be the first 64bit chip running a 64bit OS, wait to those benchmarks are released then we can revisit this. The Note 4 is hobbled to 32bit and Qualcomms first 64bit chip was made for mid-tier phones so it's not fast, their 810 however will be.
Those benchmarks won't be easy to convey as it will need to be done on a per app basis, the overall system core won't change unless the benchmark app is specifically written to take advantage of Metal but then they'll have to do the same for Nvidia chips as they also have low level programming performance advantages. Games like Modern Combat 5 on say a Nvidia Shield trounces every other Android tablet on the market by a huge margin, it's even faster than when I play it on...
Not true at all, Qualcomm, Nvidia, even Samsung as early as 2011, specifically Nvidia said 2015 was the year they would start releasing 64Bit chips. They are right on schedule. Besides, it's never to late to introduce new technology and Qualcomm and Nvidia have already released their first 64bit chip and Samsungs new Exynos 5433, though gimped is still technically a 64bit processor
 There are two Note 4 reviews on Anandtech, one based on the Exynos model the other Qualcomm's 805, though neither overall as fast as the A8 the 805 did much better, especially in the area of graphics performance, where the Exynos failed miserably. Here are some of the Note 4 GPU benchmarks based on the 805  This is a good test because it shows how an actual program would run, as you can see the high resolution really slows things downSame test done offscreen though shows...
 Honestly though who cares about benchmarks at this point, most phones and tablets are extremely powerful, a few numbers above another doesn't necessarily improve anything, it's all about software. iOS is fast and from what I've seen of Android 5 from the last few months as I have it installed on my Nexus 5, it's also fast, Art is much, much faster than Dalvik.
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