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Why, it's a neat device.
Maybe Apple will finally release an OSX based tablet. gosh knows I have been waiting for one forever now.  Until then though I have a Surface Pro 3 for things like Photoshop and Abelton Live, MacBook Air for development, iPad for the many great music apps and a Nokia 2520 for Office, eMail and general surfing. Yes, I could just use either the Surface Pro 3 or MacBook Air for everything but why would I want too, more toys, more toys!
As a Java Enterprise programmer, why would I want to use a programming language that isn't cross platform compatible, isn't that the whole point. No, I see web driven apps replacing Java not Swift, maybe a few will utilize it for specialized apps that require their apps to be ran locally.
IPad, iPad I taw a puddy tat! -13 year old boy watching Basic Instinct ...... I mean, -Tweety Bird
So what you're saying is that now that Apple is winning they no longer need anymore of those; I am a PC and I am Mac commercials.
 I always wanted a Jeep, in fact before I husband brought home a Rang Rover I was pushing for one of those big 4 door Wranglers,  I think it was the Sahara addition, I would have even chosen the Dune color. My husband is kind of fruity when it comes to his cars, like when we went to the LandRover dealership I gravitated towards the Defender, four door series with all of the outdoorsy accessories and he to the RangRover that had the special picnic and bar kit in the back...
 That story was just a silly observation which turned into rumor, especially when it was based on a 30 dollar accessory. Oh my gosh it doesn't have Dalvik so Google must be ditching Android all together. People have bee speculating that Chrome OS will overtake Android as Google's next mobile platform for a while now, again it's just rumors with absolutely no solid information to back it up. In fact it's Chromium OS (Chrome OS's development build) that has been receiving...
 Can't be that hard to find, I just a did a simple internet search and it brought up many stores; Best Buy, Walmart, Fry's, Costco, Sams Club, Sears etc. Have you ever actually looked?
Okay, everything you said makes sense, I'm sorry. Still going to start my own corner though, hhmmmm Relic's Attic, nooo, Relic's Box, oh hell no, Relic's Delusions ..........................
I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm hanging in there, still raising hell with the nursing staff so that's a good sign. I have a new roommate, a very lovely little girl. Though I'm not a very big fan of the amount of people she has visiting her and apparently nor is she as she seems more relaxed when they aren't there. A very awkward situation when your family wants to visit, thinking they are being supportive but all you want to do is rest. Especially when you don't feel...
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