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I don't know, I haven't seen it up close yet. Why are you so quick to dismiss it without seeing it up close either? I don't get people like you, everything is crap until Apple deems it not. I have absolutely no doubt that Apple will also have a curved display in the next 3 years. This is the way technology is moving, every single display manufacture is now researching this technology and will have an example on the market by next year, Samsung and LG being the first.
It's just an idea, not meant to be taken seriously. This phone doesn't exist yet, you do realize that but I have no doubt it will in some form or another come to light in the future. So it's interesting to watch what companies are thinking of. The Nokia development site where I got this video from has a forum attached to discuss the cons and pros of the design and GUI UI. Bringing users into the discussion is not a gimmicky idea, I think all manufactures should do this...
I looked up every phone Sony-Ericsson couldn't find any but I'm with you, I remember seeing a phone like this once before. Just can't place it. Curved phones are kind of cool looking though, I like the look of LG's new one. A little big for my taste though. 
 I never said such a thing, I simply posted the only other company I knew of that had ideas for a curved display like Samsungs. If Apple had posted a video along the lines of Nokia's idea I would have posted that. This is a friendly forum, we talk about technology from all walks of life, not just Apple. This thread is also about curved displays, not Apple's lack of it, don't let your silly undying loyalty to Apple cloud your mind so much that you can't see that there are...
I don't know if it's done correctly it could be a really cool idea, here is Nokia's take on it.  
 Why not, they have a very large 3G network with now over 40% of their population using cell phones. They also have one of the fastest cell phone penetration in the world. It would be safe to say Android is in a few of the phones used. I know your comment was meant as a joke I'm just busting your fuzzy dice. ;)
That might be but they are an absolute pain to take apart. I had a 17" Macbook that I sent to Apple for repair and it came back dented in many places around the seems. Apple of course replaced but I can only imagine independent Apple authorized repair shops probably dread them.
I do, well I should say we do as I'm in a all mommy group. We use those toys to edit, add background, produce, just make the tracks sound better, I guess is all all I'm saying. To record the music we use my iPad 4 attached to a Mackie DL 1608, using Auria. Right now the only DAW controllers I have is the Notion Zero SL MKII (which is a incredible useful machine and can't recommended it enough) and a Akai APC 40(which isn't mine, it's on permanent lone from someone who...
Yea, I'm not a professional by any means of the definition. I have played piano, 30 years (12 years with our local orchestra), Guitar 22 years, flute 18 years and I sing. I make music for children and the church we belong to, I don't need much to do that.
I've seen one at a expo. It's a pretty neat setup but for 2500 I would prefer a Surface Pro, Ableton Push and a Novation ZeRO SL MkII, which I already own.   This and this,Plus this,with this, ...and probably this as well ....is still cheaper then 2500, I can take my show on the road when I need to and still retain that touch screen goodness.
New Posts  All Forums: