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 Funny, your trying to be insulting but those who actually use the Nokia 2520 no better and are actually more worried about making sure that they have another one at the ready in case God forbid something happens to their beloved. Yes, it run Windows RT but who cares, there are more than enough apps to make the device useful, has a full version of Office including Outlook and here is the big thing, unlike Android or iOS, you get a full desktop web browser with Flash,...
 Fair enough, I know I will never own one though. Will most likely be buying them for my kids and the rest of the children within the family. I can bet money on them ending up in a drawer some where.
 I would serious consider buying a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga, not the IdeaPad version but the business model version. Awesome laptop for the price and functionality. I wanted a mid-tier laptop to use with Linux, really needed something where I could switch off EFI and just use legacy mode. I was just going to grab a Lenovo ThinkPad T440 when I came across the ThinkPad Yoga 12.5. Things amazing and I would defiantly grab one over before I would a MacBook Air 13". Built quality...
Wow 4 GPU cards in an external Chasis, I have a single Tesla card in an external ThunderPort Chasis but I couldn't imagine ever needing 4 R9 280x's.
 I get about the same memory usage with FireFox than I do with Chrome, Midori has the lowest memory footprint for me, I don't use Safari because it's only available for Apple gear. Extensions are a big reason as to why people are having memory problems. I just use AdBlock and the add to Google Drive or read later function and I have zero problems.
Why, it's a nice look. Personally I think it looks nicer than iOS but again iOS has been around for a long while now and probably should go through a makeover.
I honestly don't get it, putting the horrendous battery life aside, lack of a wireless charging option and with it's just okay looks I have never not wanted something from Apple so bad. As a woman, why would I want to own a piece of jewelry that everyone is going to own as well in the next few months, where is the exclusivity. I'll mess around with the idea of getting a Smart Watch when you won't be able to tell that there is actually a Smart function on top of the...
 It's not like you couldn't still use your better designed, economical Stylus, having one built in just means that you will always have access to it, if you forget the other, loose the other because it's a loose peripheral, just need one quickly to jot down an idea free hand, etc. I use the small one that's in my ThinkPad almost exclusively with OneNote, saves from hunting down my primary which is a real nice Bamboo Pro Pen with carrying case that I use with PhotoShop and...
Is it, most of the devices that I have owned that came with a Stylus was integrated into the unit itself. In fact the only device of recent note that didn't have it this way was the Surface Pro 3 but my new Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12.5 (which be the way is one of the best notebooks on the market today) did, so did my Nvidia Shield Tablet. ThinkPad Yoga 12.5 Nvidia Shield Tablet
There is but you'll have to Jail Break the device to gain it. I actually never understood why Apple didn't just simply leave support for the mouse for the iPad in, we know the iPad's main navigational and input method is the finger, there was no additional conditioning that needed to be done to get this point across.
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