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That would be really nice, but I highly doubt it, if Apple hasn't gone this route yet there is no indication that they ever will, not sure why either. It's not missed though, there are still good products on the market with this capability if it's needed.
It doesn't matter, people have their oppinions and there is nothing you can do to change them. I will say that his claims are far fetched as I really don't care what kind of computer people use, especailly Apple products. If there is a post out there where I did say something even remotely to this affect, it wasn't my attention or was taken out of context.
This is a pretty small feature, did it warrant a commercial, especially when other message clients have had this for a while now, I can even send video messages.
No it's not a yes, the statement was to ridiculous to warrant an answer. I use and enjoy products from many different manufactures, not just one, people here just can't fathom that concept because it's Apple or die. Apple is just another computer manufacture to me, I use them when their products serve a purpose, which means I don't just buy something simply because the name happens to be a brand I like. There is also no such thing as the perfect computer, everything that I...
Your email is being tracked regardless of the service your using, there is no such thing as net privacy. Almost every country now spits all incoming net traffic into secure government computers, where the data is later mined and analyzed. You also chose Yandex, a known FSB controlled service, good luck with that whole I'm now safe from the clutches of Google, your jumping from the frying pan into the oven.
Mplayer is the closest alternative but I've always used VLC. http://sourceforge.net/projects/mplayerosx/
Same reason why it took a while for Apple to pull any of it's offensive games, example; Baby Shaker, some things get through the cracks. http://www.thatvideogameblog.com/2009/04/23/apple-pulls-baby-shaker-game-from-store/
There are no ads within the Gmail client, you might get ads as an email but ther not sent from Gmail. I have had the same Gmail account since 2000 that I use sspecifically for acquaintances, not a single piece of junk mail because the address isn't used on public sites. Also just install AdBlock Plus and you will never see any adds in Google Search or in YouTube videos.
What ever SolipsismY.
ChromeBooks aren't for everyone but those that have one, embrace and really do enjoy them. My daughters school is using them and it's really fascinating to watch just how fast they've been integrated into the curriculum. My daughter can retrieve her homework online in case she misses school because of illness, almost all of the tests are now given out via their ChromeBook, it's pretty neat. I like mine because of it's simplicity, it always works the way it's supposed to,...
New Posts  All Forums: