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That was probably the limitation of the server you connected too. When I use switch.ch, a mirror for many opensource projects, I easily push the theoretical, MS OneDrive as well, that's why I praise it so much, their the fastest cloud service I have ever used, helps that they have a brand new data facility here.
In Switzerland as well, nutty fast and cheap, I pay about 55 a month for unlimited, 150mbps, more like 110, but still, no cap and I always have at least 20GB+ downloaded a month. U.S. is years behind us.
I've been a hold for the last 12 years, see no reason why to change anything. 
German sheet porn, the bad sheet in the family, get your sheet together, sheet for brains, your breath smells like sheet, I just sheet my pants, please stop with all of these sheety puns Relic, you piece of sheet.
 Same here, you should really think about grabbing one of these for 192.00. Even if your not much of a tinkerer, it still makes for a great mini Linux computer. Jetson TK1 Development Kit
First, no, Android is not inefficient as it could be but it's also not processor hungry either. Second, your talking about ART, which stands for Android Runtime, handles app execution in a fundamentally different way from Dalvik. The current runtime relies on a Just In Time Compiler to interpret bytecode, a generic version of the original application code. In a manner of speaking, apps are only partially compiled by developers, then the resulting code must go through an...
 There is no use talking with someone who is a hardliner on any subject, they will always be right and you will always be wrong. Just don't interact with him any longer on the subject, you'll just get frustrated.
No, I thought it was sentimental BS and I'm a chick. (Relic scratches her junk and then spits on the ground, what!)
2nd that! I do that all the time, just look at blunder I did with confusing AMD and Nvidia, ddduuuuhhhh I don't know which brand of Silicon Dioxide melted into a disc called an Ingot then covered with a photo resist film of the circuitry, washed to reveal an etched surface of the circuity layout which a 6 layers of copper and circuits are added, that I'm using.
...... to loose any and all, not gain. 
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