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Changing the resolution of an Android phone, that has been rooted, is an arbitrary task, edit a few lines in a config file and a reboot is all it takes, heck there are even apps that do this for you. So creating a system function that detects the optimal resolution settings for each program and dynamically changes it would also be a fairly easy thing to do. However your idea would never work or at least with any desirable results.A modern LCD display contains a certain...
[quote name="razorpit" url="/t/182846/apples-mac-mini-receives-long-awaited-update-with-4th-gen-intel-cpus-price-cut-to-499/90#post_2622108" If you are a Chromebook user then you're in the wrong forum... [/quote] Not if you also use a Mac or iDevice. It is possible to use other competing platforms along side a Apple as foreign of a concept that might be around here without being a Troll.
No, though there are custom BIOS firmware's available that make it possible to run Linux on them. Though the better option would be to just install Crouton, an application that installs Linux along side Chrome OS, you can run both in the same runtime using the Chrome OS Kernel which is Linux anyway. A few of the older Samsung Chromebook models were able to run OSX but as their no longer available, so it's irrelevant.
I take the Passport as kind of a one off phone anyway and as I use multiple platforms I will always be able to find something I like in one of them. I'm hoping that Apple will eventually give me the few features that I believe are still missing. I know most here think that iOS gives them everything they want and believe me I was seriously looking at the iPhone 6. It wasn't until I was playing around with a DJ app on my iPad that stopped those plans. I created a Beatles...
I wouldn't mind buying 3 and networking them through ThunderBolt. The base model is more then enough to create a cluster. I'm actually tempted, I have been looking at used Blade systems on eBay but their just so big and energy consuming. I think I just might start with three and buy more as time go's by. The base model probably uses the new Intel Core i5-4350U @ 1.40GHz, http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Core+i5-4350U+%40+1.40GHz gives it a CPU rating of 3604....
Well this will make Wizard happy, can you upgrade the memory yourself or is it soldered on like the MacBooks.
Cool, wouldn't buy one, but very nice none the less. I see publishers and graphic artists going nuts over this one. Also very attractive looking.
A network login still requires a profile of some sort on the device, without one the responsibility of authentication falls on the app which is an absolutely sloppy way of doing things. Can you imaging having to login into every app that utilizes a network for it's information. No the authentication would have to been done once upon login into the iPad and for that, you need profiles.
The official Apple MaxiPad carrying case;....and then once a month;
The ChromeBook is not struggling, it's actually one of the few products that is doing well in a market where most everything else is failing. Just because you might not like something doesn't mean you have to make up stories just to make a silly point.http://www.cnet.com/news/chromebook-sales-set-to-nearly-triple-by-2017-gartner-says/http://www.informationweek.com/mobile/mobile-devices/chromebook-sales-surge/d/d-id/1297921
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