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Thank God, about fucking time, I'm defiantly buying two. It's a real shame no one here is going to buy one though, you know with that whole anything above 1GB destroys battery life, kills children in far off lands, causes plague and locust to poor down from the heavens, etc.
Lovely, you know there are lady's present. What about the Apple Watch gets you so excited if you don't mind me asking. Besides just being another gadget, what do you envision your self using it for?
I just added a little comment about the keyboard.
I can't comment on the new iPhone 6 plus as I have yet to put one into my pocket but the length of it will probably be where the problem lies. The Passport actually fits into your pocket without exposing much of the phone itself, as in a person would probably think it was a wallet before a phone, the thing is almost a square. Look I don't want to argue, I'll use less descriptive adjectives in the future. I was just trying to say that if you can put a passport into your...
Did you even read the comment I was replying too, he said the Passport couldn't fit in your pocket. Again, you know what I was trying to convey and even though it's thicker then a real passport or as flexible, it feels just fine in your back pocket. Your making this out to be more than it actually is.
Sorry Phil, I didn't forget about you. Yea, we'll talk more in private but I would love to meet up with you soon, you can show me the real Amsterdam or any other city that you prefer, I've never been to Rotterdam. The little Bose is actually a really nifty portable speaker, it's amazing how much bass they pump out for such a small unit. It's also a much better speaker then the Beats Pill at the same price. I have absolutely no doubt that you will go head over heals for it,...
@SolipsismX You know what I meant, it can fit in your pocket and it's no more uncomfortable than any other large mobile phone. You didn't have to jump on me for something so trivial.
 Your assuming a lot without actually having had used or even seen one for that matter. Do people carry their passports in pockets, yes they do, well guess what, this has the exact same dimensions of a passport except for the width, hence the name, even though the width is a little thicker it's not enough to make it uncomfortable and no it won't break, it's built like a tank. Android apps are resolution independent, so if an app can be used on a say a Samsung Tab S with...
Switzerland is tiny too ;) We should get together the next time I'm in Amsterdam.
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