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Presenting the new MaxiPad, I want a white one with a lanyard for easy removal from my purse.
So that whole IBM alliance thing was just a publicity stunt and won't actually produce any business orientated apps. Multi profiles are also very useful to a household that can't afford an iPad for everyone in it. How about separating you work from your home life, your pervy porno life from your father of the year Christin life, there are lots of reasons why a system that can handle multiple profiles is useful and frankly it's ridiculous that Apple hasn't implemented this...
Probably forever, Samsung is notorious for not updating their phones once a new model replaces it. My sister's husband is still waiting for KitKat to be released on his horrible Tab 3 10.1. Poor guy just sits their in the corner rocking back and forth, "They promised, it's written on their website, coming soon but it's been a year, they promised, they promised". We might have to put him down.
Your right and as there isn't a single app or game currently in the Google Play Store that the Nexus 6 or Note 4 could not run with blazing speed. These benchmarks mean absolutely nothing if their isn't actual software that can utilize these phones full potential. The same thing goes for the iPhone, there isn't a piece of software that could slow down an Apple iPhone with a A7 let alone an A8. Sure, these phones take a performance hit because of the use of a higher...
I have no idea why Samsung or any other manufacturer thinks going with a 2K resolution is anything but a gimmick at this point. Especially when 1080P is more then enough. This article however is a little misleeding, if you look at the on-screen benchmarks the Qualcomm 805 performed just as well as Apple's A8. So if the Note 4 or Nexus 6 would have used a 1080P display this article would have been completely different.
 Yes, yes, the Note 4 and I'm sure your going home to type up, excuse me copy and paste what reviewers have said about it, though technically the Exynos 5433 is a based on the ARM A57 design it is not a true implementation of it. Not only was the memory controller hobbled, 64Bit disabled but it doesn't use DDR4 memory, along with a a slue of architectural differences that make it not a true A57. It was a half assed rushed job from Samsung and cannot be compared to...
 Yea and your mother dresses you funny too.
Ugh, do your homework before posting this kind of gibberish and a faster clock doesn't always relate to more speed, again read up.
Sorry, when compared to the A7, what are you talking about, the only ARM processor currently available that even utilizes the A57 cores is the AMD Opteron A1100 and that's a server CPU. Freescale has one in the works as well, also for servers but it won't be available till next year. Outdated before released, yea, I think you need to do some research on the A57, not only is it ARM's latest and greatest but there are no current benchmarks pitting an A7 against a A57, at...
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