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On a more serious note, every picture, every video your mother has of you has been viewed at least a half dozen times by her. If not, send some of your baby pictures to me and I'll add them to my weekly viewing slide show. Your parents might not show it all the time but they love you and miss you very much, especially when your not around. These recorded memories are very important to them especially when time is a factor. Why do you think I jumped all over those who...
How can you say that, kids spend 18 years of their lives making ours a living hell. Showing videos of them to their spouses pooping in the neighbors pool is one of the only tools of revenge we have as parents, well that and telling them how and where they were conceived using very descriptive adjectives.
 HTML5 brings it's own set of security flaws as well and because it's a collection of technologies rather then a company controlled monolithic block like Flash there is more that can actually go wrong with it and no one to blame when it does. Flash is still a very viable solution, I have still yet to have seen an HTML5 site that rivals a well designed and programmed one written in Flash. I personally use and like HTML5 and eventually sites will stop using Flash all...
Just tell me when this model comes out.     Sarah Conner? You owe me 200 for last night, rrrruuuuunnnn John! and bring mommy her purse, da da daaa da daaaaa, da da daaa da daaaaa
There was never any track to this story too derail in the first place.
Don't want Google to know that fuzynkut69 is your online dating profile name for furry-connection.eu huh. Don't worry your secret is safe with me, still on for Friday right, don't forget I like it ruf.
Oh yaaay, another Nokia fan.  
No just to us, hahahhahaha, I kid, I kid. 
No, I'm not, it was what two years ago when the iPhone 4 only had 5MP, did you not use your phone then to take pictures, did you not say that your photos were as good as a phone with a 8MP camera. Look, you utilize the tools you have, I commented to your post because you said a parent looks like a douche (a device used to clean out a woman's vagina) when taking pictures of their kids using an iPad. You don't find that comment just a little ridiculous, your judging a person...
Doesn't matter, Samsung is a hated company around here and to be honest, rightfully so. I never had problems with any of my Samsung phones either but I always used an AOSP ROM as I can't stand using Android unless it is unmolested, especially TouchWiz, yuck!
New Posts  All Forums: