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Switzerland is one of the only countries that offer this.
 I'm really done here Jungmark, I shouldn't have ever commented in the first place as I have very strong feelings about people with children and other obligations who decide they had enough with it and take their own life. But it's not my place to judge, it's his creator, I just feel really sad for the friends and family he left behind, so again I will bow out, I'm sorry if my comments made anyone angry or feel uneasy. Though I will say this, it really seem your making an...
Chromebook is a single word , we don't say Mac Book, it's MacBook as it's the name of a product, just being picky.  I will defiantly be buying one of new Acer ChromeBook 13's that you mentioned above, 380.00 for a powerful ARM Chromebook with the new Nvidia K1 32BIT CPU, a 1080p display, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 13 hours of battery and 2 years of 100GB Google Drive storage is just too cool for me to pass up. Plus I can install Ubuntu, Debian or Arch Linux if I want and...
 Fair enough and to be honest I really don't want too explore the reasons why. I'll bow out here, with no further comments on the matter. It's a very touchy subject and I don't want to come off as heartless anymore then I already have. We lost a great comedian and we should celebrate his body of work and wonderful personality he so generously shared with the world. To his family I offer my deepest condolence.
I think it was the alcohol and he just didn't get help as depression and alcohol are a deadly mix.
Why now, Solipsismx, is my logic, he must have felt like committing suicide in the past, what stopped him before. 
 I know Suddenly what I said was harsh but if you noticed we're just talking about Robin, well he's gone now, his children are still here, and; Zac, Zelda and Cody must be going through absolute hell right now, you want to know what depression is, seeing what the children from a father who committed suicide go through. The rest of their lives, their going to be haunted with questions, "what didn't I do too help my father, did I not call enough, visit enough, what."
 Well I have cancer, breast cancer to be exact and though there were times where I begged God to take my life and even threatened God that if he didn't  do it, I would, the thought of what my actions would do to my family stopped me. It would have been very easy for me to have OD'd on morphine.  Look, we all have our weak moments, some more then others but Its when we are at our lowest point that defines who we are. I fully understand that Robin suffered day in and day...
Neat little video, I really enjoy using my iPad for music creation as well. I'm hoping Apple will start to see the advantages of allowing more then one music app run at the same time and in the background. Till then though AudioBus 2 has been a God send.
The platform is still in development, maybe we should reserve our criticism till the product actual ships to the general public, i.e. when it's on the shelves at your local computer store.
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