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Thank goodness there are still companies out there who cater to us tools.     Nothing to see here, move on. I just wouldn't be able to live with myself if I was responsible for making any of you look like jack asses by using things like this, please, stop looking, I said I couldn't live with myself, you know because image is everything.
Oh wow, neat, I want it!
 I know right, must be a young person who doesn't appreciate how far we have actually come with video technology. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone using their iPad in public to take videos or photos. I have a Canon 5D II with battery grip, a Canon 100mm - 400mm lens with the 2x extender to make it 800mm. I'm a tiny little bald women(cancer), I look absolutely ridiculous, I know this, the people around me know this but not once do I ever feel like an idiot,...
Apparently the Justin Bieber generation does as it's not swag. What people have forgotten is that this is what we used to use to take videos with.  Sex tapes were a lot more difficult to make back then as it was almost impossible to hide the damn things. Wow, even your pubic hair has side burns.
 It's a joke silly, you know funny, funny, haha, what did the Joker say in the Dark Knight, oh yea, "why so serious".
 The artists paint brush is just the tool that's used to save ones imaginative ideas onto a format that they can share with others. The iPad, though not as powerful as say an iPhone or as compact, is still more then capable of producing incredible memories, art, entertainment, whatever ones imagination can think of. No one cares if they look like a tool when using an iPad to take videos and why should they as it's a ridiculous notion reserved for the insecure among us, are...
 Oh, don't be a snob, there's nothing wrong with using an iPad to take a video, for one it's much easier to edit your videos with iMovie and then upload them to the web. Since videos are shrunked down most of time anyway the 5MP camera is more then acceptable.
If you have a problem with someones post, debate them cordially , don't ever resort to name calling or bullying. It not only negates you position but gives the person you are flaming a stronger foot hold into your psyche.
New Posts  All Forums: