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Yeah I know, anyway, I got it today, the Nexus 9, yaaaay, I was scared that there would be a gap between the screen and the metal band that surrounds the body as was reported by some reviewers, nope, thank goodness. Everything fits as it should, must have been pre-shipped samples anyway it's a fairly nice looking tablet. I haven't ran it through it's paces yet but so far I like, especially Android 5. Now I have had Android 5 on my Nexus 5 since the "L" Preview was...
The more I see pictures of the Apple Watch, the more I dislike it, I just couldn't imagine myself every wanting to wear such a thing, it's just so tacky looking, especially the gold version. Though I feel the same way about the rest of the smart watches as well.
Which is fine as it doesn't compare to Spotify.
Completely agree, I also would have a hard time using a device that I just received for important work, especially if I was on TV. The problem still lays with Microsoft though, if they wanted people using their products they should have offered proper training.
 Not just Android but Windows, Windows Mobile, OSX, iOS, Linux and even Chrome OS in the form of a very good web app, which I actually prefer over the desktop version.
Benji, what is wrong with us, we never sleep. It's already 03:06am here which means it's 02:06am where your at. Life of a hacker huh.
 I have a Masters in Computer Science fom Cal Tech and if I ever get better I will go for my doctorate. What does that mean for me personally, I embrace all technology, I don't settle down with any one particular brand, plant my flag and call it home for the rest of my life. I have own(ed) more computers, laptops, tablets, phones in 1 year than most people do in their entire life. I don't hate Apple, they pay for my computer habit for goodness sakes but that also doesn't...
 Using a JailBroken iPad Air 2, open up a terminal, enjoy, OpenCL is indeed on iOS 8, that's why I said, "not exposed to developers", or did you just skip that part thinking you were already smarter than me at that point, it's not available for public use but it's there in all of it's glory from the BSD command line in Apple's private framework directory. I also never said computation on an A5/A6, I'm using an A15, but forget that, I'm not using the CPU but the GPU, GPU...
It has arrow keys, but why do you need them to be reversed. Like most advanced features for the iPad you'll need to JailBreak it in order to reverse them.
New Posts  All Forums: