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 Where do you get that from, Chrome now has more then 50% of the browser market and is still climbing, Gmail is the most used email service, surpassing Hotmail last year, Docs is still number one, not sure why as I prefer MS's Office online available in Skydrive. There is absolutely no data that suggests Google's web services is dwindling. Google+ maybe but that is a fairly new service and frankly people already have Facebook. I'm not sure about Drive, it's a good service...
May I ask what is wrong with Gmail. I have had Gmail for almost 8 years now and I have never had any problems with it including Spam. Same goes with my Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL account, all of them just fine. Though not sure why I still have an AOL account.
Download an entire countries map including train and other public transit info?
Ooops, do many drugs, I meant to say DrBlank.
People get so excited about cheap crap in general, who in their right mind would buy a 8GB tablet of any make or model is beyond me. These journalists should really be ashamed of themselves for pushing these products upon people. The thing is though these company's pay for advertising on their tech blogs. Like I don't think Engadget or Gizmodo is always unbiased when writing about certain products.
Nokia Maps allows for the same thing, which is fantastic when your out of country and don't want to pay for those outrageous data roaming charges. I would love it if I could use Nokia Maps on my iPad Air as that screen is so perfect for everything.
Each to his own I guess, I predominately look at programming sites and out of all the search engines Google has always found the answer to my question in the quickest and most accurate manner. I really dislike Yahoo, I would use Bing, there is this great little program for my Windows 8 tablet that searches all of the web engines including Wikipedia and custom options all at once and then sorts out the duplicates. I use that more then anything, sometimes Bing or Yahoo will...
I was going off  oflocal shops here, the 8GB wasn't even offered. You had to special order it from Google.
  Right agreed, it's a waiting game thought, like you taught me with the thunderport, first comes the hardware.
That's my biggest problem with the current 27" Apple Display, their asking way to much for it. I would dare say that the margins on that display is about 600 dollars, maybe more, they display panel alone isn't worth more then 150 dollars, Apple is spending the money on the Thunderport hub and metal (which is actually a fairly cheap material in itself) at market cost there is about 12 dollars worth of Aluminum in there.
New Posts  All Forums: