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It depends what the user wants to do, the person who buys a Mac Mini is most likely not going to use it for anything other than basic computing, emails, surfing, documents, spreadsheets, home accounting, etc. Something a ChromeBook or ChromeBox is more than capable of handling, I know the term, just a web-browser gets thrown around a lot when someone here refers to a Chrome OS device but their actually much more than that. Web apps have become mature enough now to actually...
Without the whole good vs. bad angle angle forums such as these, would just be filled with boring stories about how people actually use their devices. Doesn't make for a good read or I'm assuming do to their very low amount of comments, the stories about Samsung however which always have a high amount of comments arouse the darkest corners of human nature, like hating things that mean absolutely nothing to us, gaining up on a certain thing without ever actually using that...
I prefer using cpubenchmark.net, that's where my scores came from, it's a much more comprehensive testing platform for Intel CPU's than GeekBench. Doesn't matter though, a person should buy what they feel comfortable with, I personally find the new Mac Mini not worth the money. I would get an iMac or stay with the 2012 Mac Mini.
Well to be fare his problems were from buying the wrong hardware, I've installed OSX on a NUC with a HD 5000 and the correct WiFi which everyone know as their listed on every single Hackintosh guide, it's very simple to do but fair enough, I guess for some, paying extra for  plug'n play trumps a little work any day. The NUC where you only save a 100 or say may not be worth it but saving $640 by going with the Gigabyte instead of the top Mac Mini defiantly is.
 You're probably right, anyone wanting more power will most likely look else where, most likely the iMac. Though you can buy an Intel NUC with a similar performing CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 240GB SSD drive for just $30 more than Mac Mini entry model and that does run OSX perfectly, plus it's smaller in size, perfect for mounting behind a monitor. 
Which is why I don't use an Apple TV, all of my movies are stored on the cloud. It's fine though, there's nothing that the Apple TV has that I want, I use an HP ChromeBox that currently satisfies all of my needs in terms of a TV entertainment system.
I don't understand it either, very frustrating indeed. People around here say it's because Apple doesn't want to focus on specs but they do with certain items. Who knows, what I do know is that I want at least 2GB of RAM in my next iPad, especially for the price.
 Well you made a good choice, I truly believe this is the last Mac Mini we will see, which begs to differ why did Apple even bother upgrading it in the first place. In the end though it doesn't really matter, their are some pretty great alternatives on the market right now. 
 What's even more disconcerting is that you can get one of the new Gigabyte Mini PC's which uses a i5-4570R (score of 6452), with the faster Iris Pro 5200, add 16GB of Crucial RAM and a Samsung 840 EVO eSATA 240GB for $760.00 on Amazon. A fully loaded Mac Mini with the slower i7-4578U (score of 5204) and 256GB SSD costs $1400, so you get a 640 dollar savings if you go the Gigabyte route, which is not only much faster but easy to upgrade in the future, including the CPU. I...
Well that will depend completely on your budget but I think the $1250.00 model is the the best.
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