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Unless of course it favours Apple, then by all means it's justified.
Actually what he should have said, you shouldn't be doing it online, which is sound advice.
MS Office online is free to use, just like iWorks and Google Docs, Office 365 is a different offering. http://office.com
The app is their to view and to do quick changes, you have to use the online app to get full capabilities. 
Google Docs supports graphs, where did you hear otherwise?
Guys from the boys, it costs 30 bucks a month for the full Monty, the entire Adobe catalog, sorry but if you're upset about the pricing you're either only upgrading your licenses once every 6 to 7 years or your pirating the software. Office 365 costs the same the same if you broke down the individual Adobe packages.
Okay, I think this is just nitpicking now.
Really, wow, I can write pretty much any program using just VI and a 10" tablet display. I've even written 1200 lines of code using nothing but a Nokia N950 during a 12 hour layover in Tokyo. I hate writing code on huge monitors, though I don't need a visual stunning IDE, I do it in my head, not bragging here as I'm not alone, every single decent programmer I know uses either a MacBook or a Lenovo ThinkPad that is 14" or less, the Air and X series being the favorites.
Well if this was a ploy to lure everyone in to comment on it seems to have worked. Not sure what you mean by real work, as I seem to remember doing real work on my first Titanium 500 which contained a CPU that is no where near as powerful as the slowest ARM cpu that Apple sells in their iPads today. Overhyped, by who, you, certainly not anyone here, yeah sure, we all want a 12" MacBook Air Retina, but I mean it's kind of overdue don't you think, pretty much every notebook...
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