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Don't forget the case;
You knock it but a kickstand would actually be very helpful, especially when drawing or drafting. The version that Microsoft uses on their Surface Pro 3 is pretty fantastic, much better than any of the current cases that are currently available for the iPad Air 2. I'm not sure why you guys think things like this aren't any good, well that is until Apple implements it, then it becomes the best thing since sliced cheese.
@Wizard69 No not yet because it's not available, it's still in crowdfunding. I did give 2000 CHF towards the project though, they sent me a really nice email afterwards. I've been a big Jolla supporter from the beginning. I don't know if you've ever used a Nokia N9 but it was an absolute pleasure to use, still my favorite phone of all time, well the development version the N950 was. When Nokia announced that they were canceling the project I was devastated, especially...
 Hey Wizard, you do know that the new Broadwell M series uses 14nm. New devices using these chips, which are tablets, have shown a bump of over 2 hours in battery life, examples; Dell's new Venue 11 Pro and Lenovo's new Helix 2.
He said nothing about trash tablets, unbeknownst to people around here but their are actually good Android alternative on the market. Anyone would be very well served with a Sony Z2, Sony Z3 Compact, Nokia N1, Nvidia Shield, Asus Transformr TF710T, LG Gpad, Kindle HDX, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2, Nexus 9, etc. Why does it always have to us against them, the iPad is a great product but there is also nothing wrong with using these other tablets and no, these alternatves aren't...
That would be really nice, but I highly doubt it, if Apple hasn't gone this route yet there is no indication that they ever will, not sure why either. It's not missed though, there are still good products on the market with this capability if it's needed.
It doesn't matter, people have their oppinions and there is nothing you can do to change them. I will say that his claims are far fetched as I really don't care what kind of computer people use, especailly Apple products. If there is a post out there where I did say something even remotely to this affect, it wasn't my attention or was taken out of context.
This is a pretty small feature, did it warrant a commercial, especially when other message clients have had this for a while now, I can even send video messages.
No it's not a yes, the statement was to ridiculous to warrant an answer. I use and enjoy products from many different manufactures, not just one, people here just can't fathom that concept because it's Apple or die. Apple is just another computer manufacture to me, I use them when their products serve a purpose, which means I don't just buy something simply because the name happens to be a brand I like. There is also no such thing as the perfect computer, everything that I...
Your email is being tracked regardless of the service your using, there is no such thing as net privacy. Almost every country now spits all incoming net traffic into secure government computers, where the data is later mined and analyzed. You also chose Yandex, a known FSB controlled service, good luck with that whole I'm now safe from the clutches of Google, your jumping from the frying pan into the oven.
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